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Broken Bird: To many of us are broken birds

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Tap, Tap, Tap. Her steps made soft tapping against the cold wood floors of her home. She could hear the gasps of the servants as they saw her, and moved out of her way. Tap, Tap, Tap, the sound of her silver cane overtook that of her steps, leading her way, her hand trailing the railing. With the sound bouncing of the silk curls upon her shoulders, she walked down the steps. A soft smile set upon her face, for she was born anew in a sense, for this new world, for her new beginning. She craved for a family, a lover, someone to be there, she already got one, a great mother. Such things caused her smile, a soft tint of lipstick upon her face. Lifting her head up as she felt the soft rays of the sun shine through the window, she listened to the birds, and she spoke softly. Oh how she awaited the day she would fly, once again. She awaited the day her sister Ans, would find her way again. Even if she mocked her, called her a disgrace, she loved her sister dearly. Both under the same father, she loved her. She thought about the good friends she gained after falling and the good she still must do. She smiled wider, oh how she awaited..


Is it foolish?

to be a bird with a broken wing

but yet still believe you could fly?


To still try when all else tells you

that your foolish, it’s worthless,

you should still be broken.


How can you tell me that?

That even me with this broken wing…



Just because you accepted it,

and accepted that you will no longer

fly doesnt mean I should..


I want to be free, happy, and up

in the skys is where I want to be,

but yet… you still argue..

if I’m being foolish… you saying its impossible..

is you being more foolish than me.


You say I’m to young to understand, that

never will I fly. I tell you otherwise..

Its because I’m young that I know, have

faith.. that I will.


Day after day I try.. to no avail.

You laugh in my face,

tell others, make me out to the media,

“dumb broken bird trying to fly”

Still I wont give… … never will I..

I… will… fly…


Trying to fly my other wing is now gone,

broken like the first, slayen you may say.

Now you dont laugh, you look at me

with the sad eyes of an elder.

didnt know you could feel anything

with such a cold heart.


You tell me to give up, now I’m a slayen Bird

and I will never fly. I say wrong.

I say I will prove it,

I will fly…


I pray, I mediate, I do whatever it takes to

fix my wings. I do it all, the pain does overwhelm

me at times, but i must notgive up.

I do give pass out but yet .. i awake

still the goal in my head.


I try one more time, all your ideas of me failing

I never let it show, but each time it got to me,

How can you let me feel this way. Its my dream yet…

yet… you… you put me down…


I take off, and leap.. I fall…

This is it. I give up, tears coming to my eyes.

You were right.


Walking home upset… alone…

I walk past a smiling face,

the first smile I’ve seen in months,

you tell me.. not to give up..

I can do it…I can really do…

you believe in me…


Such a small thing as a little faith ..

got me running again.

I take off.. and guess what…

I flew.


To many of us are broken birds..

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  1. Zeke & Vielka 9 years ago


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