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Broken Ties

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        Nothing has changed. Even as the blood drips along the quill onto the manuscript, things remain as they always have. A toxic life that has lead to a repeated cycle of malicious malignant behavior that has driven each and every one of us to the brink of insanity. Even reading the past life that has been lived between the two of us, I can’t help but feel the pain that prickles each and every time I think his name.


       A blessing and a curse. A man that once ruled my life and soul. The one that captured my heart, my being that dwells within this eternal shell. Once so cautious and strong, now he’s broken. A man of the past that no longer truly exists.


       Where is the caring man that could turn so stone cold on the change of his mood? Where is the man that gave the feeling of passion and romance. The one that whisked us away throughout the moonlit ballroom of an ancient museum. Where is the stone sculpture that once decorated the halls of the Giovanni Mansion. Where is it, but gone away from this lifetime?

       Cold black eyes now replace the chocolate brown that once glowed with a warmth. A love. A passion. A need. A desire.

A partner, friend, ally, husband, father. He’s all but disappeared.

A beacon. A calling. A whistling, soft and gentle. A lilting lullaby.

       Plagues and fear. A sickness and disease that mutilates the brain, leaving the corpse of a female. Laying down within broken arms that shake with a dastardly anger. The betrayal of a father. The betrayal of an ex-husband. A betrayal that led to the creation of a monster.

       Where is the warmth that once flooded the entryway. The warmth that was connected with hostility. Someone that could kill millions and then come home to a life of normality. Sensual blood that dribbles between two bodies. Combining them by soul, touch, memories, and a lifetime of struggle to reunite.

       Death that separated. Death that took away memories. A void that took away life.

A lifetime of forever.

A lifetime of need, of sorrow, of betrayal, of gratitude.

Was it all for nothing?

Were they all for nothing?

       A promise to always return. To always come back to each other. Despite what may happen. A love that can’t break. A fuel to the fire. Sparks that fly within the night that can’t be tamed. A love that needs one another to be complete – despite any urges or distractions. A love that speaks.

Come back to me.

Come back to this.

Come back to us…

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