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Captain’s Log – Star-date 18MAR19 – 13:01:45

Captains Log
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This is the beginning of my log. Admittedly, I should have started this when the Gabe took flight about three months ago; but better late than never right? I need some sort of chronicle of the amazing shit I do, so when I eventually do kick the bucket this log will prove my epicness. 

Now I’m going to skip everything I’ve done up until this most recent encounter, but there’ll be a future log with that greatness. 

For now, let’s talk about Olde Watch and what they’ve done recently to Hellifyno and the solar system as a whole. First these sneaky bastards took their leader, colored him up with a fake identity, then had him lead this /Space Initiative/ through a fake company. At the time I thought it was for the best; I mean progress is progress right? But no, these devious bastards did it so they could claim the moon without the planet responding. 

Then these… Fascist fired a fucking nuke to the edge of our solar system. It hit the last planet and brought forth an asteroid with a bajillion fucking zombies on it! But not just any zombies, magically infused with nothingness zombies that made them able to survive the void, but survive reentry and landing too! To put a zombie down, one had to render it completely useless; like pulverize or disintegrate; with nothing in between.

“At this point the world leaders still hadn’t responded to the Olde Watch who /openly/ claimed responsibility for the slaughter. Now I’m just a lowly ship Captain and Scientist, politics aren’t really my speed, so I kept my head down and followed the general consensus. Instead they merely reacted by working together to purge the undead that roamed the world, while dealing with new weather patterns, tsunamis and other changes thanks to their hostility.”

“Now this next part gets kind of tricky for me. So I’m just gonna spark notes it. This crazy redheaded kid named Alysha who they say is more soulless then a normal redhead somehow magically led the zombies to attack one of the remaining cities. Olde Watch took full advantage and came through with their anti-magic missile to attack the magical Tree of Life? I’m not completely sure, but what I do know is that because that happened my long dead niece was revived.”

“Olde Watched socked the planet again, hard, and yet once again they try the route for peace and love; but this time lead by the Scion. Whatever, if peace is somehow going to happen against people who hate magic, then Anthem would be the best to try it… But I knew that Olde Watch didn’t really want peace, they wanted control, they wanted the complete ability to police their magical neighbors without complaint.”

“I knew it was bullshit before the bullshit factor was confirmed, but it’s nice as a scientist to have confirmation. So when Anthy first called for the peace summit, Olde Watch had agreed to it and wasted no time in using the non-aggression ceasefire to pretty aggressively occupy the first planet and the last planet; effectively surrounding us on all sides.” 

“3,527. That’s the final body count onboard ALL Corp station thanks to suicide bombers who had pretended to be civilians. Fanatical suicide bombers that yelled out, empirically “FOR THE WATCH” before they exploded and dooming thousands of people. The cherry on top here is that Olde Watch claims that they don’t support /this/ terrorism, and it was done by a /rogue cell…/”

“So when ALL Corp issued the mayday that they were under attack, the situation was still ongoing when the Scion arrived to talk the talk of peace. They publically dragged out a scapegoat and offered to murder him without a proper trial, though luckily Anthem saw through the bullshit and requested they not kill him for such a reason. Then she tried, oh she gave it her honest and complete attempt at trying to mend bridges long since burned; but the Hope of Hellifyno was set up to fail before she even started.”

“I knew, logically, Olde Watch had shown absolutely no desire for peace. I couldn’t blame them either, years of persecution and having to deal with magical apocalypses that they had nothing to do. But to set up a trap under the guise of peace after hurting the world for the better part of a month? Unforgivable.”

“An asshole by the name of Croc took the opportunity to put a helping of hot lead between the eyes of General Commander Krieger. The meeting went straight to shit, and the fucking Olde Watch chipped Anthem and some others with Anti-Magic like animals. This fucking nanite is breaking her connection to the world, to her magic and passed lives, and to herself. These non-magic racist fucking bastards hurt little Anthy, and that defeated and depressed look on her face lit a fire in me; a burning blaze that I needed to work hard to keep hidden as it motivated me to take a bigger role in the situation.”

“Admittedly… I caught Croc and imprisoned him, but he got out. What can I say? I’ma scientist, not a warden. If we had our normal staff, he wouldn’t have gotten out. But no use crying over spilled milk, he’ll get what’s coming to him eventually…”

“Olde Watch claims that they were interested in the idea of peace, that the bombing was condemned by them and the unexpected assassination forced their hand. I don’t know how anyone believes that load of shit. They already twisted the talk of peace to aggressively expand in peace; that is empirical fact. While the talks happened, I was busy keep the massive space station from crashing into the planet; victim of a supposed rogue cell. Bullshit.” 

After some research after the peace summit trap I learned that Croc had worked for the Olde Watch regime, for a previous Krieger nevertheless. Considering that this was open and public information I knew I wasn’t the only one to know this; but when I heard the Croc’s monologue it all made sense. Of course I took the ravings of a madman with a grain of salt, but it tied the recent series of events together so nicely and brought the Watch into the light.” 

“Now that brings us here and now, on the cusp of full out war. I’ve convinced the Ladies of Paracosm and Twine to support my plan. The fleets of both Kaito and Aero of ALL Corp are ready and primed for vengeance.  I’ve elected assistance from Kaler and his Sun Station.”

“Today we start burning Olde Watch of the face of our solar system! Today instead of reacting we’ll grab the initiative and hit them hard and sudden as they have no leader. With the Allied Forces behind this, we can’t lose. After tonight they’ll learn the fury of the Kishimoto clan; you can’t just fuck with one of us and showcase such disrespect and think you can get away with it.”

“Anthy promised them a reckoning, I am to deliver. You want to know who watches the Watchmen? I watch the Watchmen. End log.”


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