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Carry on we will.

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Things steadily grew worse as the ground beneath is began to crack and we feared of falling through the ice.

My first blood was getting worse. What i thought would pass as simply insanity, became worse and a plague he’d steadily become among the others. The fire wolves has taken another of my blood and now i question if making Romlephen the alpha was the right choice.

He lead amazingly and he would have continued, if not for his sickness, that ripped and shredded his mind further.

I realize my travels had to be cut short and i was needed to return to my children to further settle things. To ease them all.

When i find Jamison has left, i almost want to break down. I had high hopes for that boy and now the plague that was Romlephen has broken the boy and turned into something sinister with a powerful lust for vengeance after Romlephen had slain his sister.

My first blood has been casted out and i know not where he has wondered off too. I cannot find him.. Is he dead? I had him for a short time after the incident when i found him badly beaten and cared for him i had, but that was not enough. Now he’s gone…

I try to contact Jamison, but i fear that he despises me and has also put me at fault for everything.  i shouldn’t have left. While yes i am proud to say i have found my father,

i now must struggle to bring Jamison back from that ever growing darkness, find my first born and bring him home,  take care of my father as he grows weaker from his disease and elect a new alpha for the pack.

I confirm that Farimon is the next best choice. Sure he’s a brute and tempered, but he thinks before his actions, and has always stepped up to lead when Romlephen went off. He’s a smart man and i trust him.

But i begin to fear that Farimon will backpedal in this revelation.

But even through it all, i dare say that the WaterFronts will get passed this ditch and stride back to power and strength as a pack.


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  1. Terra Ember 8 years ago

    (great creative idea for the dog, so different ^^ good job!)

  2. The Librarian 7 years ago

    Man up indeed. You’re a better choice, Farry

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