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Cattie’s Diary Entry #90

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March 5, 2021

Well… It happened. Finally! We uhm… well… for lack of better words, we are one. I am so happy, I cannot begin to describe how elated I am! Not to mention… Yesterday, we were sitting in the booth and Jason proposed to Ashley, and it was the most romantic thing in the world. I couldn’t stop looking at Adryan, though. He is my entire being… My whole world. 

We had come back to the room last night to talk and well… “sleep” and I told him that seeing them commit to one another made me realize how much I really loved him. He agreed… and he said he wanted to be committed to me forever, and he gave me a ring as well! It’s beautiful… It’s silver and it looks like two vines intertwined with one another with an amazing red dragon eye diamond in the center of it. I love it so much!

I woke up a bit early.. and went out onto the roof to recount last nights events and I still cannot get over what happened. It was so romantic and private and beautiful.

Now to help Ashley with her wedding, and then to figure out ours… Do we even… like want a wedding? If we do… big or small? Private or Public? Wait a while or Immediately!? Oh man, I’m starting to see why Ashley was freaking out yesterday. 

Wish me luck…. Thanks… 

~Catalina Rosenblad “Cattie-Brie” 

P.S. Oh my god… I’m going to be married… 


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