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Caveat Emptor

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The Crimson Weapon Alchemist and Captain of the starship Gabe-I-El had decided that she deserved some well needed rest and relaxation /not/ in the vacuum of space.


 Kurai Kishimoto stood at 5’4 with the most brilliant, thick, voluminous red hair that fell just passed her shoulder blades. Her eyes were pretty unique, as they were a solid yellow color without the features of a normal human eye; but she was far from blind. Her short, willowy figure was mostly garbed in a long, rich purple trench coat; leaving her creamy, alabaster legs bare to brave the winter winds save for the open toed, high block black heels that guarded her feet.


The tapping of her heels against the stone sidewalk was barely heard over the sounds of the howling wind around her, but the Kishimoto woman determined approached her destination quickly. The redhead was very familiar with these streets as in her youth, she frequented a certain late night rave club more often than not; but it had been so long that she wasn’t even sure the locale was still open for business. With her hands in her pockets, the Captain was determined for a night on the town.


L’Obscurite was a discreetly placed townhouse half way along one of the side streets that spread like a web from the main drag of the western district, and the newest establishment to open following the calamitous nightmare of the FaE incursion.


Far away from the pimps, the johns, the street walkers and dealers that made this region of Consequence popular with the party goers and the thrill seekers- the seedy and the urbane. This particular establishment had been open for many weeks now and was proving to be popular and was establishing a core of discerning and very wealthy clientele.


The only sign that there was any business happening at all was a downlight above the strong steel door that glows an eerie blue and bathed the worn down step at its threshold with a light that would allow the doorman to review who was knocking and make a decision. Most were familiar by now. Most had membership. But there was always one or two passing traffic that would knock, perhaps out of curiosity, perhaps had been recommended and word of mouth was how the Madame of this joint liked to advertize.


 “Let the product speak for itself” she had told the business book keeper- and in the weeks since its commencement- it had.


Cielo was sat behind the desk in the lobby, poring over the weekly bar profits and thinking it was looking very healthy. The space was discretely decorated. Neutral colors- a combination of European post modernism given the chairs that screamed the designer- Hindsvik, and cubist modular leather that would have been just as at home in one of the high- brow law firms uptown. Splashes of color adorned the walls. All original art. Some she had owned for years as she would happily patronize a local artist as well as attending the auctions and obtaining works that were by well established producers.


The eye would be drawn into a massive space with a bar along the back wall. A piano in the corner, appearing more the cabaret lounge than a place to select the flesh one required for the night- sumptuously decorated in leather and smelling faintly of cigar smoke.


Most importantly- there was not a scrap of neon in sight. Cielo had wanted this place to offer an alternative to the escorts and the window ladies- let the more established houses ply that trade. If you were making one’s way to the L’Obscurite- it was because you could afford to buy only the best.



Those golden optics broke the darkness as she searched this her surroundings for sides of her old location. It would seem that two years was far too long without a visit, as she stood in front of a building that now seemed to be some form of store, closed for some private event, or that’s what the sign in the window said at least. She cursed under her breath and wished they would have updated their online listing, shaking her head as she shivered lightly in the chill.


She pulled both hands from her pockets and they each held an item, in one hand a sliver metal case that looked to hold cigarettes, in the other a matte black zippo embroiled with her family’s crest. he opened up the case to reveal an assortment of a dozen joints, finely rolled in cigar paper and packed together tight. Kurai pulled one out with her lips, putting the case away and flicking open the zippo with one hand.


She lit the doobie with a small, wind resistant flame; puffing on it a few times as she now eyed the streets around her to see what was going on. Across the way, down the street a bit she noticed a single blue light pointed downwards towards a steel door. She stood back and watched from her position a bit, bringing that joint down to its end as Kurai saw very little traffic enter and exit; but there was a doorman and the clientele just gave off that it was a fancy shindig.


Probably under dressed for whatever was happening in their anyways, her inebriated curiosity did get the better of her as the Kishimoto woman wandered down that way just to see what allure was so mysteriously guarded behind the threshold. Soon enough Kurai would find herself in front of the door herself, knocking a few times until it opened.


Then she’d ask of the doorman, “Seems like a pretty interesting operation going on in here. Just kinda curious if there’s some kind of party I could crash.” The spaceship Captain was also the Chief Science Officer of Kishimoto Incorporated, her personal finances were pretty impressive when she wasn’t out tinkering away all her money.


From dusk til dawn. That was the operating hours of this place. And there were already the regulars filtering in on their way home from the office, to stop for a drink and a little honey before going home to the passionless wife and their bratty, entitled children. Here- they were treated as Kings. They all were Kings, and it was part of the reason they kept coming back.


Cielo was aware of some movement from the door as the broad built doorman in black slid from his stool and checked the screen that was attached to the wall. It gave a sharply defined view of the steps and the street outside. But, other than top greet those regulars that were saying hello- she was absorbed in the task.


“Boss?” comes the heavily accented voice of the loyal and dependable Islander that she had poached from the club she used to work at. Danny was a favorite and there was no question he would be coming with her when she left.


Cielo looks up from the desk top screen, a fashionable pair of spectacles perched on the end of her nose and her one concession to age and the degradation of her eye sight. The tiny woman of dark aspect peers over the top of the lens to Danny, an eyebrow arched in query.The huge man stands aside and taps the screen with his finger.


 “Newcomer Boss- never seen her before.”


She has no hope of seeing from here and so, wheeling her chair back from the desk, the petite woman, petite and yet exuding a powerful impression of control and ownership, saunters across the space and scrutinizes the screen. A moment or two of consideration, assessing the attractive woman that stands on the steps.


A shrug and then “Sure- let her in. But keep an eye” before offering a smile to the doorman and sauntering past him into the bar. It was starting to fill up nicely and would be like this til around 8pm. A lull then where the ladies and gents that were working could relax a little, and then pick up again when the bars along the strip were starting to close and then it would just be work work work until the doors were bolted around 5am.


Cielo slides up onto a bar stool- offering an effusive greeting to a local politician, a discrete waggle of fingers and a seductive purse of her lips into a kiss to a regular that had followed her from the same club that she had stolen the doorman and now seemed more than enamored with the twins, of which he had one on each knee.


“Sparkles please Robert” she requests of the barman, who immediately opens a bottle of Kristal. “I suspect it’s going to be a sparkle kind of night” with a warm smile that would have melted the most flinty of hearts and ensured that all who met her, remembered her with at least a fondness, if not a desire.


With no answer right away, Kurai crossed her arms over her jacket covered chest and waited for a moment. She was in fact a stranger, she was likely being sized up this moment from either a camera, or a keyhole satellite, it was hard telling not knowing just what she was getting into. The scientist thought, for a fleeting moment, to walk away and go into one of the more open and obvious joints where she’d pay a fee and get a stamp on the back of her hand.


 But locations like those is where she lived in her youth, when she wasn’t out up to her own more mischievous deeds during the morning hours. The redhead was just coming to that decision when the door opened up, answering her growing curiosity with a sense of wonder. With permission she’d move pass the doorman, showing him some ID if required as well; stopping in the lobby and taking in the location carefully. It was, in truth, quite discreet to the smart Kishimoto woman; who get the feeling that things might not be as the seem.


Still the neutral colors were something intriguing, but the artistic paintings that adorned the walls really caught her featureless golden eyes until she saw something familiar, a bar. She nodded, her delicate alabaster nose wrinkling lightly from the acrid smell of burnt out cigar; it wasn’t bothersome more so surprising on unsuspecting olfactory senses. Still pretty ignorant of her location, the starship Captain headed over to the bar and perched herself on a stool; undoing a few buttons on her coat for comfortably.


“G’evening.” She stated to whoever was handling the bar. “I’ll take a Strawberry Sunrise please.” Then when the bartender returned with her drink, she’d finally say. “I’m kinda new here. Could you tell me when the party starts or…what services you might provide here?”


 It seemed pretty low key for a dance club, or an underground gambling den; and it clearly didn’t look like what it actually was.



The doorman takes the offered ID, places it in a scanner then hands it back. He appeared friendly enough, giving Kurai a wide smile and a respectful nod.


 “Captain” he acknowledges. “Welcome to L’Obscurite” and with a sweep of his hand directs her to the bar, but she was already walking past him- the lure of that particular facility proving irresistible to the grounded space traveller.


Cielo was sipping upon a flute of champagne and saw the stranger approach, studying her with a gaze that was obscured by thick lashes and instead would watch the interaction between the woman and Robert. He was of course, excellent at his job and cocktails were a specialty. His expression brightens considerably at the request.


“Coming right up” Robert replies with an enthusiasm that makes Cielo smile and as he occupies himself with pouring ingredients into a shaker with the rattle of a scoop of crushed ice, Cielo decides it is time to introduce herself.


“You are looking for a little…distraction?” Cielo inquires, the softly spoken words cause the visitor to turn at the unexpected interaction.


What she would see is a smartly presented, petite woman in a tailored shift dress of darkness that would scream bespoke, given the way it hangs in delicate folds from the swell of her breasts. Above it, the pale field of decolletage would sparkle with a tear drop diamond that hangs from a placement of platinum, matched by like from each ear. The sable hair that was her glory was piled and the curls pinned into an upswept do that were punctuated by ringlets that framed Cielo’s face.


But it was the eyes that would hold the attention.


Wide and bright and gleaming with a shade that were surely brown but in the dim light appeared fathomless pools of stygian depth that overshadowed the rest of her delicate and feminine features.Robert was already sliding a large slimline device across the counter to Kurai who, at a glance, would see had a block of thumbnails of smiling men and women- a tap on any, would display face shots, body shots and tasteful nudes of each of the professionals open for business tonight.



“Forgive me” adds the dark eyed beauty that was sliding from her stool and moving closer to Kurai, a pale hand outstretched in greeting. “Cielo”- pronouncing that name “Chay-lo”. “I am the proprietor of the L’Obscurite. Anything in particular you are looking for?” 



She nodded in reply to her title, not withdrawn at all when it came to interacting as her curiousity was making her anxious to know what L’Obscurite was; so she sat at the bar. Kurai smiled sweetly at Robert as he knew exactly what she wanted, as there were worlds and people out there who didn’t. Another reason why even though she wandered about the ‘verse as a traveler, Hellifyno would always be home to her. Her hands rested upon the bar counter, tapping one finger after another in order as those melted pools of gold wandered once more.


 That was until the incredible beautiful woman alongside her asked her a fairly….intriguing question.


Even without definition there was no question that her optics travelled up and down the brilliantly dressed woman, and it was in that instant that Kurai instantly felt under dressed for the occasion. She had no earrings or piercing in, and that was out of sheer habit as it was safer when traveling space not to make your face a conductor or put on a helmet. But each of Kurai’s arms sported two black bracelets, one at the wrist and the other on the forearm; but they appeared to be to simple looking to be ornaments.


 “Looking to blow off some steam, yeah…” She replied ever so softly to the madam before Robert placed a display before her that made her right eyebrow quirk in inquiry. She moved to tap upon a particularly nice smiled man, then both brows went up in surprise as she was presented with quite the collection of photos that painted clear as day what she had stumbled into. Then those empty pools of melted gold shifted back to the smartly dressed woman, grabbing the outstretched hand as she introduced herself as well.


“Captain Kurai ‘Kur-Eye’ Kishimoto, of the starship Gabe-I-El.” She added with a nod of her head. “Wellmet. I, uh, well this is a bit embarrassing but no. Honestly I was out this evening looking for a two year old club down the street that doesn’t exist.” Her eyes briefly gander back over to the touchscreen display, then back to Cielo.


 “It’s not there and saw this place on a whim. I have to admit as well… I am PLEASANTLY surprised.” Then there was the smallest of coy smirks on her face as she idly scrolled through the selection, both men and women as Kurai had no qualms about either. “Of course I got to wonder what the price tag for a distraction might be.”



“Captain Kurai” Cielo acknowledges with a press of fingers against that of the woman. “You must have been gone a long time and if that is the case- let me welcome you back to solid ground and unscrubbed air”


 The Madame tilts her head to Robert and says “The cocktail is on me” indicating with a raised finger that first drink was free.


A nice gesture perhaps, or perhaps good business sense. Someone who had been away for so long would have an accumulation of credits and in space- not only was it a place where  no  one would hear you scream- it was damned boring, with lots and lots of emptiness in between the odd flash of occupied and class M planets. truly- there would be not a lot to spend ones wealth on.


And so now, there was a bright smile worn upon those crimson painted tiers, a flash of white enamel. This was the kind of place that- if you really had to ask the price, chances are you couldn’t afford it.


“The remuneration is all upon the profiles” Cielo advises, touching the edge of the device. Kurai would look down and see numbers- very large numbers. “But it all depends on what you require and how long you require it for.” Cielo was exuding warmth and welcome.”or- you could merely stay for a drink and be welcome to do that.”


 But with a typical case of “Caveat Emptor”, the space that one took up at the bar, no matter how few the drinks, would be charged to the card slipped across the counter to Robert nonetheless. This was not a charity- and if one just wanted to get drunk, then there were a wide selection of bars and clubs along the strip that would service the good timers. 


“Natural wind and not fabricated food. Mmmhhh.” She added with a slight smirk on her face, impressed so far with how Cielo demeanor as the spokeswomen for her fine installation. It wasn’t like the Captain to spend her hard earned finances frivolously, aside from the occasional fine bottle of liquor that came back on board the Gabe with her.


 But Kurai’s interest was peaked so far, especially when her first Sunrise was free. That was definitely a smart move as she grabbed the thin stocked cup with two fingers.


“Well thank you most kindly, madam.” The redhead held that glass up to her, before sipping upon the mixed orange and strawberry, with tequila and lemon juice with fruit around the rim. There was a ginger sip pass plump, pink lips as she tasted the sweet liquor; placing it back upon the bar as she plucked the strawberry off and slowly ate it.


As a Scientist she dealt a lot in finite numbers, so asking questions and receiving information was more a familiar gesture for an analytical mind rather than a fiscal concern. She looked at the numbers and nodded with a smirk, being the Chief Science Officer at a multi-million dollar corporation did also come with a rewarding pay scale.


 “Very well.” Her left hand reach over her chest as a holographic orange plane of light blinked into existence over her forearm and hand. With her right she typed rapidly into into the keyboard hologram, then waved her left hand towards the register as she direct beam, securely wire transferred credits from her to them.“Traveling in the ‘void means I can’t really carry a card, but this should be just the same.”


Whoever looked at the transaction would be greeted with a surprising amount of zeros. It could only mean that this space Captain held a lot more stamina than that willowy frame,  hidden mostly by a purple trench coat, led to believe. Or possibly she might be in the mood to party with a crowd, she was a risk taking thrill seeking adrenaline junkie that would decide such a carnal night. “But as I got time to kill, I’ll take a little time and peruse my options.”



A ping from the device behind the bar had Robert scanning the screen. By the way his eyebrows raised into his hairline, Cielo was convinced that the Captain was going to do just fine at the L’Obscurite. And now that the rather base subject of payment was out of the way, the Captain would be free to do exactly as she wished…within reason of course.


There were the seedier brothels that catered for the more extreme needs- the immoral and illegal needs. Everyone knew which they were. Cielo however- would have none of that in her house. It was a clean and legitimate concern. The profession was dark enough without sullying it with trafficking and the kind of paraphilia’s that would turn any citizen’s stomach. Still- it was kept at a level within the region, dictated by the population as to what they considered acceptable.


“You must have a story or two to tell” said the Madame to the attractive young woman. Cielo had always found the concept of space travel and exploration fascinating, but preferred her fantasies to begin and end with Star trek reruns on the TV. And yet here was a real life James T. And whats more- a woman!


“I would be absolutely rapt to hear one or two- I mean- for instance..” she continues in a conversational tone. “How do you fill all that time in between stations?” sliding a now empty flute across the bar towards Robert and nodding for another.”What is it like- truly- engaging with new cultures- new species! I just can’t imagine” Kurai would feel Cielo’s attention firmly fixed to her and would indeed feel like the only person worth talking to in that space that was filling up with suited men rolling in from the CBD, and pairing off with favored companions. None of this was noticed or acknowledged by the gregarious Cielo who had the capacity to make anyone feel that they were vitally important and incredibly interesting. But this time- Kurai felt it might be authentic. 



Kurai’s range, which was pretty wide considering her usually intergalactic position, was understandable. Her intentions and desires were simple for the night, thus she was more than sure that her particular fancies were more than reconciled at L’Obscurite; the location that made the Kishimoto woman still feel like she was under dressed to be in and thus her coat remained on. Finishing her strawberry, the Captain took another sip as her host engage her with requests of stories of her travels and well; Kurai was more than willing to provide information to the enigmatic, yet allure madam she knew as Cielo.


 “You want to know some stories huh?” There was definitely a light behind her golden pools, remembering some fond times she’s had on board her ship. Though there was something real here, a deeper longing other than the repetition of her continued business. Maybe it was the fact that the starship Captain had too finished her cocktail, requesting another Strawberry Sunrise from Robert with a light wink out of her featureless eye.


“Well, to answer your first question, my time between locations is usually spent reading, or formulating. See I’m also a scientist engineer of sorts, and what I don’t make I spend a lot of time making better.” She admitted to the interested Cielo, wondering just how deep this curiosity into starlight went. “But other than that I do have a lot of time to work out, maybe practice some martial arts.” She didn’t mean like her late cousin who would breathe training, but more like a normal human as she practiced some krav maga and ran some simulation drills in hyperspace.


 “I can tell you in all honesty Cielo I’ve never experienced any feeling that’s ever come close. Not too long ago I spearheaded my company’s expansion out into the stars. I planted our flag on the moon of Miranda, orbiting the 7th planet more than 100,000 kilometers away. As I stood on the underdeveloped rock, gazing out into the stars covering in the planet light, I knew that I had discovered fulfillment I didn’t even know I needed.”


With that she took another nibble of her second strawberry. “Have you ever been out there? You know among the stars?” She questioned with a curious gaze, that coy smirk resting upon her delicate features. “I don’t have any crew assigned to my ship. It’s all automated by my design. So if you ever wanted to see what the universe beyond this world offers, tell me and I’ll show you adventures beyond our understandings.”



Cielo plants an elbow upon the bar, cupping her chin in her hand as she does appear to be listening intently, an enigmatic smile quirking her lips – enraptured. Who isn’t fascinated by the concept of space and its exploration? Could she ever imagine herself up there? No. Despite seeing the advertisements calling for volunteers and workers. Hellifyno was going interstellar, however it would have to do so without this very pragmatic woman.


Cielo shakes her head.


This did not stop her appreciating the romanticism attached to the idea of space travel. It did seem incredibly romantic but when Kurai gave a description of time spent in between planetary stops, it seemed all rather mundane.


“What did you expect?” she muses silently in her mind. “The goddamn clone wars?” but she was hoping for something a little more spacey than reading a book or training. Zero grav tennis perhaps? Zero grav anything!Zero grav sex- I mean- how the hell would that work?



The barely concealed smile at this thought deepens into a misty eyed and distant grin at Kurai’s offer.


 “Ohhhh” Cielo replies. “Wouldn’t that be wonderful- but sadly business keeps me firmly in Consequence” Yes Business. Reminding her of why Kurai was here in the first place.”Well then- I am sure you are in desperate need of spoiling” with a conspiratorial grin and tapping discretely at the pad on the counter before Kurai. “And we have some very beautiful companions waiting to do exactly that!”


 That was some spin, and a very obvious curtail back to the core reason for Kurai’s presence in this place. The bar was emptying out as clients were drawn upstairs for their pleasures. Cielo didn’t get a gay vibe from her- she could usually pick them. And leaning across the counter to tap at that device, brings up a selection of some of the most well toned and handsome human males Kurai would have seen.


“Anything that takes the fancy?” 



Kurai started with the small stuff, getting the boring out the way so she could start on the more excellent part of her adventures upon seeing the look befall Cielo’s face. “Now that I told you that. I’ll tell you that there are zombies out there in the black. Immune to the cold and not needing air. They swarmed my outpost, and decimated the staff there.” She admitted, remembering her latest encounter with the space zombs in question.


 “So I had to sound the general alarms. Moving much faster than the speed of light, I requested aid of the system to come help me repel them.” Now she turned, completely disinterested with the catalog before her as empty golden eyes peered into endless pools of onyx as she recounted her ordeal.


 “It ended with me, a bunch of mercs, a cardboard centurion and a fairy taking control of the outpost.” The redheaded Captain ended with that smirk back on her face, “oh that’s too bad. But business has a habit of doing that too you.” As she too was once based out this very city, not being able to venture too far due to her position.


 But in the spirit of business, she did go back to the data pad before her. She mused, a smile grown on that smirk as she scrolled through; wondering just how extensive this list was.While the experienced Cielo didn’t get that vibe from Kurai is because she saw past race and gender, sometimes even if one came from Hellifyno as her range to be intimate was massive. “Oh, yeah. I think something does.”


 Those sunlight eyes don’t hesitate to make a suggestive glance over the proprietor herself. She did, in fact, made a mental note to subscribe to a catalog or something; as there was quite a exhaustive combination of entertainers that she would always be curious about now.But first impressions and all that was important, and the Captain was also used to familiarizing herself with whoever was in charge; and in this case it was a very alluring madam that ran her ship with a tight watch. Kurai finished her second drink.



Cielo did listen- and also observed that travel worn weariness and a deadening of the affect that comes from undergoing traumatic experiences. Most commonly seen with those service people returning from combat zones.



 Cielo would note the wistfulness and most uncommonly for the Madame, who was effusive with guests and yet still managed to keep the distance from the coal face that was the reason for her changing role in the first place, place a hand upon that of the younger Kurai. A touch which communicated that no- she couldn’t sympathize, but she was here and she would hold bear witness to her account.


She immediately felt awkward for pressing the trade. A nod to Robert to furnish the space Captain with another Sunrise and to refresh the champagne.


 “It sounds hellish” she murmurs in response but is then pleasantly surprised at the glance that Kurai offers to herself. That very serious frown is replaced immediately with a warm smile.


 “Ahhhh…I know longer work actively within the game” her face flushing with pleasure that it seems, despite this, she is still desirable to some. “However…” and a nod to Robert and he turns to busy himself with the device at the back of the bar. He then produces a card and lays it upon the counter before the captain. It appears as any business card. Glossy black field with the name of the establishment scribed upon it in delicate copperplate gold. Unlike others, it had a thin border of gold around it.


 “For our most prized customers” again with that smile. Membership and whats more- gold class. This was usually reserved for visiting businessmen and high rollers but Cielo felt that this woman deserved nothing but the best. It was taken by Cielo and the plain white face pressed against her lips, leaving a luxuriant lip print in deep crimson. “Anyone you see there will be gratis with warm regards from the House and grateful thanks for your service.” 



The Captain frowned ever so slightly at what her hostess had admitted to her. Not in the fact that she couldn’t come abroad within the stars, as a fellow woman of business Kurai understood the iron determined to success, be it in science or sex. No her disappointment came from the fact that the remarkable Cielo herself wasn’t available in which to occupy her time with. Though the Kishimoto scientist saw the logic in that as well, why work when you can manage others to share that burden. Still the starship Captain had seen the starlight behind those voids of pitch black that entranced her so.


“Oh well that’s too bad. You seem quite interesting Cielo.” She pronounced her name carefully, adding just a little inflection at the end of that name. Then she picked up the card given to her.


“Thank you Robert.” She offered her thanks, then scanned it with her left hand as she stored the information to her omni-tool history. After which she’d store the physical card within her jacket pocket.


“Most prized? Well I do appreciate that. Thank you.”


A velvet smirk coupled with a golden side glance as she went back to the screen. She had chosen both a male and female, the male about 6′ tall with tanner skin and pitch black hair. As for the female, she opted for a companion that bared a similar resemblance to the older woman that she kept those eyes for. Maybe one day with some drinks and some space talk, but Kurai was here to forget the space talk. She never normally would spend money on an establishment either, but the Rave club wasn’t there anymore and this seemed to be a rare opportunity for her to let her hair down and not think for a while. 

Cielo glanced down at the two companions highlighted by the space Captain and a bright smile accompanied the words “Excellent choice!”. She could have been a waiter supporting the choice of wine at a gastronomic banquet, it was that simple.


The pad was passed back to Robert who secreted it below the bar. Giggling from a nearby table would illustrate, that for some, the play had already started and as the occupants stood to move to the stairs, a large middle aged suited gentleman with arms draped about the hips of young women who could easily have been his daughters, they were replaced with a beautiful looking man in low slung leather pants whose bare chest would have been the envy of any body builder.


Soulful orbs of brown velvet travel up the body of Kurai and halt at her face. A twist of a smile as he approaches.


Followed by a petite woman – and yes, similarities in stature and coloring to Cielo herself, a tiny size 4 with long luxuriant waves of shiny black bouncing against her shoulders and skin the flawless shade of cream that contrast beautifully with the deep red velvet trimmed lingerie that were her only attire.


 A glance about the room, before she sees Cielo and the client that sit beside her. She steps to the unoccupied side and lays a hand gently upon Kurai’s thigh. Her eyes sparkle suggestively.


Cielo greets them both warmly.


“Karl- Jessica” a hand indicating each of them and introducing them both to Kurai. “Perhaps the…” a pregnant pause that lasted more than a few moments as Cielo appears to consider carefully “…Rio suite?” and with broad smiles from both who link arms with the captain, she is escorted to the stairs.


“A pleasure to meet you” coos Cielo as Kurai is swept off. “I do hope we see each other again soon” 



Interested orbs went over to the nearby party to see that the entertainment had already started, or never stopped in this very well done house of desire; then they headed towards the stairs. Until her eyes feasted upon the pleasing view of the beautiful man with depths of hazel eyes that just melted any concern she might have had without speaking.


 That left her off guard to view beside him to the woman, a most alluring specimen of the female form, leaving the scientist with very grandiose imaginations of studying her very closely and with multiple senses.  Her heart skipped a bit when that warm, petite hand made its brief contact with her thigh, lighting a small fire within her core as she could only think of the reaction between the three of them at once.


 “Hello Karl, Jessica.” She mused as both of her hands were taken and she was brought to the, no doubt, excellent Rio suite to unwind with some much needed shore leave.

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