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Cavewoman IN SPACE – On Planet 2 Continued

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Rawr. Heh. She really screamed ‘rawr’? That was funny. Funniest thing she’d done in a while! Meriem prided herself in staying joyous in the moments when joy could be found.

When she was younger, she’d lost herself to fury and sadness… And in that moment, so raw with all this air, this sparkling, glowing, flowing air, she slipped. Time seemed to flow backwards for only a moment, and yet that moment stretched out and out and out…

She wasn’t just a young woman anymore, but a girl, naked and afraid, running faster than she’d ever run before. She’d heard it before she saw it, crouched over a raw meal that she was greedily choking down; a small morsel, really, of one of the smaller chickenfeet lizards, much smaller than the larger birdclaws that hunted her often. But it attracted the attention of something bigger, much bigger, after a bite-sized snack. An exhalation of breath that stank of so much death that every time she smelt it, dread was all she could feel before nerves of steel took over…

But that kind of resolve was years away. Meriem dropped her food and ran, screaming her head off, and the thing followed, stomping feet bringing it closer. Closer.


A scream came from Meriem’s mouth then as she fell into a pond and vanished from sight, and a scream came from Meriem’s mouth now as she did the same thing again, but it was not on a world far away and long ago, but on a world farther away and present. She sank quickly, but thankfully this was no sinkhole, just murky water that she could swim through.

And swim she did! She dove deep, the cooler water clearing her head of the memory as she just relished the feeling of water on her muddy skin, clearing it away so that it refreshed her. She emerged and tossed her long hair back, soaking wet now, and calmly walking to the bank…

There she stretched out and breathed. How long was she here? Did it matter? There was only breath, and heat, and skin, and water. So wet. She hugged herself as she lay there, smiling to herself. Oh, that memory… Death and survival. Survival. Life. She felt so ALIVE!

It was like her skin was a gentle fire, and she was a freshly caught fish baking over it, becoming so juicy, so delicious. That’s what she felt – delicious. Soft, supple, sweet enough to sink teeth into, but savory, sensual. She couldn’t help but take the time to admire herself, enjoy herself.

Even with eyes closed, Meriem felt like she could see herself. Was it strange that, even in the utter absence of people, of other women or girls to compare herself to, that Meriem had endured that period of time where she wondered if she’d ever be enough for someone someday? Nothing but giant lizards around, and she’d daydreamed about finding a man someday to treat her right, to think she was pretty enough…

Long evenings where there was nothing to do but look at herself in the reflections of water and wonder at herself as she changed. She became a woman all on her own, with a woman’s body, and all she had was herself…

And well, sometimes Gramps…

(To be continued)

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