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Change (The Therapy Session)

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Graces walked into a dim lighted room in which it was a prove fact that dim lights helped the patients and helps the patients brain relaxes while they talked. answered questions, or rant about their problems. But what was Graces doing at a therapy session? was it because she was going insane? no it wasn’t. Grace wasn’t losing her head, even though her brain or rather her conscious was talking back to her everytime she needed advice or had to make a tough choice. But none of that matter, what she was really there for had been bother her since she was a child and she felt like the best place to let it out was with someone who knows how to help with those kind of feeling and bottled up emotions. “hello Grace please sit down on that loungeing chair over there.” the therapyist said. “today before we get started im going to ask some randome questions and then we will go from there. dont worry the random question will mkae senes to you or it wont which ever your brain will pick. Graces nods and does as the therapyist insturcted as the thearpyist gave them to her. “oh one more thing before we start. my name is doctor farnsworths.” she introduces herself to grace who smiled “hello doctor Farnsworth. My name is…. grace….” she said as she lays down in the comfortable lounge chair looking up to the ceiling as she knew that the session had begun. “Well grace any last name to go by?” The therapist said as that was the beginning of the series of many questions she had.  {don’t say don’t say our last name grace. Remember remember what your father did….} her conscious said as grace lays there and then sighs “no I don’t have a last name and I rather not think of having one….. for a while.” Grace said. This caught doctor Farnsworth attention, the way that grace to a moment to answer the question the way she did was something that kind of amazed him “really…. do you don’t want to get marry or things that come with marriage?” The doctor asked as  she sat a little forward in her chair. {you married ha! Marriage and kids aren’t for us. I mean look at our life…… what can we give other, we don’t have anything to give.} she cowards more into the chair as she had being asked about her love life. “Doctor Farnsworth….. my life is full of heavy and deep shit. How can I give when I don’t have anything to give? “ graces asked as she was one by one dogging some of the questions and turning them on the doctor. “Well you do have something that you can give but you don’t want to see it and I believe that why you are here to day grace. Look I don’t want to sit around and ask you questions about your personal life all day but that is the first thing we have to get through if you really want to unlock whatever you’ve been keeping in on the inside. Before I go farther into the question I need to tell you something. You are suffering from a mental thing called brain alter. It’s different then the other mental illnesses that you have heard of. Your body is being inhabited by two people at the same time, both of them are you but one side of you is another personality and the side I’m talking to has another personality. If that makes sense. Anyways both of you are using one Body and that’s not how it suppose to be, so you are dying…. I guess you can say that the illness part of this amazing thing that’s happening with your brain.” The doctor explained, took a moment and went on. “We aren’t just here for questions but you have a big choice. Which side of you is going to be the operator of the body full time….. while the other is just going to be a background. When I say that they will be away for a bit and then when your ready you can switch back or something. Sorry if I’m being vague but I’m still figuring these things myself.” This caught graces attention as she sits up a little “so that’s what’s been happening….. my mind has been alternating between two me….. and now I’m dying….. dying all over again. Look I have two many people in this life that actually care about….. so I’m not going to chose death, I think whatever’s inside me wants out and I own them that.”  She say {aww thank you…} her conscious said “what the hell ever?” She said to herself which catches the doctors attention more “are you talking to your other half now? If you are then…. then I want you to let me talk to her. I know… I know it’s not ideal but it’s all you have if you want to save your own life…” doctor Farnsworth says as she sits up a little bit more as she was very intrigued and interested. Grace stood up and shook her head “no…. I’m not ready….. not yet anyone’s. From the looks of it….. there is no telling what my other half is capable of….. so no. I’m sorry but that all the time I’m spending her.” She said as she walked for the door “I just….. just…..” graces speech slows down and then her body drop to the ground in a position of Sleep stability. “Sorry grace but I’m not done releasing what’s inside you.” The doctor said as she stands up and breaths in the air. The air smelt….. which can only mean one thing……


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