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Changes To Hagistead’s Zoning Area

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A/N:This is to inform people of the changes so there aware, Also this will be going into an ammending post by Natalie Pinkadow of Act III 

Since the original layout that Amelia Skymoon had in mind haven’t gone in and we are now perfectly ready to in act them.

The Main Settlement of Hagistead, will hold Amelia Skymoon’s home and other government and bussiness buildings, Solar Energy only! (Lulu Docks)

Each of Amelia’s Children will have a settlement (Small Side Village apart of something bigger) in there own Location whether or not the person lives there in Hagistead

Alida’s kids (Inflamed & Angel (Me)) have move into the Northern Forest which will also host the Market of Hagistead (trading booths)

Andrew’s Daughter and Alida’s Oldest (Bella and Natalie) is a further settlement past the Northern Forest called the Isles of Netty just a housing and Fishing area

Abigail’s 3 Daughters got a settlement north not drastically north of Lulu Docks, Called Karma Docks where ship and boat companies will go.

Mikayla’s kids were in a snowy northern land called the Silver Meadows which will support the ruler and her family’s safety so the guards Academy is between there and the isles

Courtney has a settlement for her kids, called Dragonfang Eryn more North East.

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