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Changes to Paracosm’s Location [Important]

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The location page/chat for Paracosm is undergoing changes as of February 3rd, 2019. We ask all new and current members to read the following information. A message regarding these changes is provided at the end of the post.




NOTICE: By requesting/continued membership, you agree to follow the location rules (provided on the chat page above the chat box in a link, or the info/rules blog provided). You will also understand and acknowledge that this is a location chat for a specific region in Hellifyno. To read up on Paracosm, please read the blog post in the link provided.  This is not a general rp room or an ooc area. If you wish to have a roleplay in a personal setting/world, please go elsewhere. Failure to comply or violation of the rules will result in your removal of the site. Major violations will result in a ban for you, as a player, regardless of character being portrayed.

A Message From Magicia:


Before anything else… I know what I’m about to say is going to sound very bitchy and prudish. Please know that I’m not trying to be elitist or exclusive, even if it might seem like it. I’m just trying to do what is best for Paracosm and those who have worked so hard on it (myself included). This wasn’t an easy choice to make. I hope to make it temporary until we can find a better solution.

Paracosm was created as a result of one of the major story arcs and has since earned its place on the Hellifyno map. I am very proud of how far it has come, and grateful to those who have helped world-build the island. Together we have created a unique region with its own economy, wildlife, carnivorous eldritch hivemind, etc. It provides a special storytelling area that developed from Rolepage’s major story arcs, and we hope to eventually incorporate properly into future ones.


However, as of late, our location chat has been met with quite a few problems. Many players have come in and completely disregarded our location rules and the setting that my fellow members and I have worked so hard on establishing. Instead of being treated as the major Hellifyno region it is, in comparison to Twine or Ar’Elis, it has been used as an ooc room or for general roleplay involving settings that have nothing to do with what Paracosm actually is.


We do understand that some of these players have been newcomers to the site who simply have yet to adjust to things. However, with us laying out the information about the location so that it is seen at the top of the location whatever page of it you’re on, as well as providing easy access to our rules/information section, we can’t help but feel a bit hurt to have everything ignored (as well as our constant requests within the chat to read the rules).


While my hope was, and still is, to have Paracosm be easily accessed by the public and utilized for site-wide storytelling, it is difficult to continue dealing with this. We here in Paracosm will continue working on figuring out a solution to these problems. For the time being, however, we have agreed to change the privacy of our location to Membership Only.


We welcome all to request membership and continue sharing their wonderful stories and characters with us. However, this is a specific Hellifyno region. We hope you will understand our wishes to have our hard work acknowledged and respected as with any other city.


Again, I don’t want this to be permanent. I wish to share Paracosm with all of you and to continue to include it in our story arcs. I just need time to wrap my head around things and work with others to find a way to move forward.





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