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Chapter 2 – Ending the Siege on Thistlemere

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Without warning Anthem was dragged down to the ground by gravity, her instincts kicking in as she bended something of a pillow of air for cushion; which one worked partially as she still smacked up against the ground with a heavy ‘thump.’ “Owwwch.” She stated outloud as she faced the floor, getting those arms underneath her to lift her prone body; Anthem stood on her feet and brushed dirt off of her hoodie.

The Scion looked around, she was inside a forest somewhere on Hellifyno and she didn’t know which. What she did know was that she was deposited in this very wood by her past lives because the cause of the spiritual disturbance, but how was she going to find it? There was a voice in the back of her head, a gentle nudging that pushed Anthem to try something she hadn’t done yet. She’d took a knee, put a hand flat up against the ground and just focus. The arrow on her head glowed faintly as her spirtual energies traveled through the earth, letting her see what she needed to see; the face of Nirvana and the spells tattoo that rested activated on her body.

The Beacon of Hope came back to the physical, nodding in understanding. She turned on her heels and looked up towards the sky and passed the tree canopy, from there she could see a small colum of smoke from a camp fire not to far in the distance. Without any reservation in her heart and her staff in her hand, Anthem started to navigate the forest.

Nirvana had heard her approach, which was fine by the Scion as she wanted to try the peaceful way first. Of course Anthem pleaded her case, having already contacted the spirit of Thistle while in the spirit world to broker a peace towards this senseless violence. Of course, they want the invaders out of the city and the other spirits to stop attacking.

As much as she tried to speak for peace, Nirvana only wanted war. She had lost a battle companion, a shield sister, there was much grief in her voice. There was that final ultimatum, prove to me you are a worthy opponent and I will do as you ask. Thus the fight ensued.

They fought and fought and fought, manipulating the elements of nature while Nirvana brought in reinforcements from the arcane. They caused the earth to shake and tremble beneath them, and the sky to split and release elements on their command.

Though at the end of it, Nirvana had seen all she needed to see to prove that Anthem was as fierce of a combatant as she was a seeker of peace. In accordance with her word, the woman had dropped the summoning.

In return, the spirits stopped their senseless battle, one half of the conflict just disappearing back into the aether. The home team cheered in celebration, then returned back to the spirit world, bringing with them that haunted forest of blood lust and death. Leaving behind what remained of Thistlemere after this savage and relentless attack.

After everything was said and done, the Scion of Hellifyno returned to the city, to help start its repair, heal the injured, before setting back off into the world on her never ending mission.


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