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Character Height Map

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Ah. Here we are! A wonderful day out and about through the swampy portion of the Hells. But whats this? It appears some of our favorite heroes have decided to drop by and show their fangirls (and sometimes fanboys) how tall and short they actually are compared to each other! Lets explore shall we!?



((Okey! I must apologize to Dimitri! I totally forgot to squeeze you in. So! Ive managed something special just for you and BayBay. Enjoi <3)






(I give much thanks and love to those who gave me their character height and stuffs. My intentions are not to harm anyones feelings yadda yadda yadda so as protocal goes, let me know if you dont want parts-o-this up here and Ill comply ^^))

  1. Teery, shut up. This blog was to just make a point. If you’re in  a relationship with someone, why the hells do you need a sexy pic of yourself just to get more.

    Lark: This is probably one of the most shortest blogs I’ve ever created. Anyways, enough to make a point (hopefully).

  2. Author
    Dýrfinna 9 years ago

    Well I dont really know you. ICly or OOCly.

    ^^Id be happy to do one of you though.

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