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Chirstina Harbour (Patragoldble) Locking Down

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“With all these warnings signs, for Hellifyno Time it’s almost been year since the two void crisises” Myles would say to a transmission being broadcasted all over Hellifyno

“Chirstina Harbour will be going under water till this all blows over and all its citizens will be advised to go into your bunkers, Patragoldble..the region which the nation occupies will be going on Lockdown and will not be participating in the war going on Cadenziera till further notice” Myles said

“All Citizens have been asked to set there devices to a certain channel till further notice and outside communication is strictly forbidden till further notice” Myles said pausing “I apologise to my allies, but my communications will be shut off and all diplomatic missions will be postponed”

“No one is allowed to leave Chirstina Harbour or enter it” He continued on as he began to push Patragoldble under water with his magic

“This ends the transmission, good luck to the people of Hellifyno against whatever this is..May your ancestors be your guiding light” Myles said before ending the transmission

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