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Chronicles of a Would Be Overlord I: Real Estate

spooky house in the woods
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In a cold, lonely woodland on the isle of Persistence -far enough away from the main cities to keep out of trouble but close enough to make supply runs cost effective- a long abandoned funeral home has become reoccupied. A manor with a stonewalled garden long since overgrown sits alone in a field of long forgotten graves.Time had worn away the names of those who remained beneath their headstones. The forest had all but reclaimed this place, so much so that even so near to a cliffside it remains difficult to detect. Here, a tall man garbed in a dark, imposing cloak is weaving spells from a book bound in human skin. The graves long since abandoned shifted as necromantic magics stirred the denizons from their graves. Some were risen as skeletal warriors, and those who still had enough flesh were returned as slow but determined zombies. The servants got right to work fortifying and preparing this new base of operations. It was in a way, as perfect a site as they could hope for at the moment. It would be a while before he could build a proper Fortress of Doom, but it wouldn’t be much of a move to get to more fertile harvesting spots, such as the Sanctuary Caves, or the sites of long forgotten battles in the War of Persistence. His informants had done well… He would need to reward them. After all, if Galdranhendur is to become the supreme overlord, it’s best to make sure those who aid him are well kept so as to avoid unnecessary threats…

“This will make as fine a lair as any to begin my schemes…” A fanged smirked spread across his face. “I certainly won’t be wanting for company any time soon either. It won’t be long before my… DOOM-mate arrives… I’m never going to say that again.”


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