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Clones and Spirits. (Epic fight between Adam Sieghart and Erarth the Eternal.)

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Clones and Spirits:
An epic fight between Adam Sieghart and Erarth the Eternal.

—–Thundering Scene—–

The leaves danced within the forest. And soon between the trees a shadow passed with a tremendous speed, disturbing the wildlife of the Eastern continent. Soon a river, passing the forest splashed, as upwards flew a long entity. Curling up in the sky it roared, as skies formed a rather hostile set of clouds, which soon enough formed thunderous sounds. The red eyes glared down upon the lands. Villages were nearby. And anger shall be unleashed upon them. Something unclean was about this once saint beast, now spewing malevolence, echoing with the bones of the earth, as it let out another roar, like thousands of men and women singing in chorus, only to later turn into so familiar dragon sound. Chimes danced on the horns. To thing that once gracious and pure mind, had devolved to become a savage predator of rage. On it’s fore head a certain symbol was seen, indicating something of unknown origin. Animals fled, and in nearby villages, people pointed up in stress. What was going on? Was a dragon attacking? A rare kind. The kind they have never seen. Soon a violent barrage of thunders struck a village. This one was efficient. This one was about to take multiple villages at once.
Adam Sieghart
1/06 10:46PM
Just another day; another boring day. Nothing of much interest to keep ones mind focused, and so, the thoughts of this man wandered as he wandered aimlessly. It is one of Adam’s many solo expeditions out into the wilds of Hellifyno, and this time, he finds himself lost in a forest somewhere on the Eastern continent. Well, lost isn’t exactly the right term to use in this situation knowing that he can just portal home whenever he felt it necessary. What even brings him here though? ‘Take me someplace that’ll be fun.’ He recalls his earlier command that brought him here; a foreshadow that he will find something here to entertain himself while away from home. Nothing against his family, but sometimes, a guy needs something a bit wild to keep the boredom of family life from driving a person insane. “Well, I’ve been walking for like 30 mins… Where’s the excitement?” And, as if his words set off a chain of events, he felt the wind around him suddenly blow his bleached hair widly; his red eyes widened and clothing fluttering as a shadow zoomed over him; a pretty large shadow. “Oh, well then.” He mutters looking up just to see the end of something dancing between the trees away into the forest. Guess that’s it. And, he’s off moving in that direction missing the creature rising up into the sky, but that doesn’t make tracking it any harder as he hears that roar from his position jumping clear over that river just to soon escape from the forest line in time to see a village light up in a magnificent display of mother nature’s fury. Well then, poor villagers, but he simply turns his eyes up to the stormy clouds to witness the long large beast. “Oh, the fun this will be.” But, his face is set hard already knowing that this is going to be quite the challenge to overcome.
Erarth the Eternal
1/06 10:52PM
As Adam was yet to make move, the beast did not hesitate, and launch itself into one of the struck villages. Soon enough screams ensued, as the dark emerald scales slid against the wooden buildings, that spread the flames from the impact that was delivered. Buckets of water fell on the ground, as now everyone ran for their lives. The massive jaw snapped, as it grabbed a running woman by her ankle and with a light toss ate her whole. That was the size of the beast, that snaked around the buildings like an over-sized lizard. From it’s snout long, flowing appendages were waving with each motion. It almost seemed that it’s fur was lighter than air. Snaking among the roofs. Soon a child was grabbed, and whist darting into the sky, a cry was cut short in the clouds. It was terror. The dark skies let out a dreadful grumbling, until another lighting bolt struck nearby, setting the forest on fire. There was no rain. Only dark, clouded sky. Within the sparks of lighting, that hid in the clouds, the snake-like creature could be visible. It was preparing for another strike.
Adam Sieghart
1/06 11:07PM
Oh, that thing is quite quick. Before he could even decide on how to get it down to him, the things already snaking its way through the village. He blinks before sighing and traverses forward as it heads back up; the screams of the damned echoing in his mind. Well, it’s his job to help, right? He can’t let it harm anymore people, though, he jumps as lightning strikes the forest scoffing before. At least, this dragon doesn’t bring any rain with its storm. That makes this a bit easier. And, soon, he finds himself within the smoldering village, and with each step by a burning building, bush, or individual, the flames engulfing that particular object leap away as if sucked by a powerful vacuum; a strange magical pull from Adam as his aura flares out around him engulfing the village in his magical presence eating at any flames and soon leaving the village blackened with soot and death. “Alright ya scaly bastard, just come back down and let’s begin.”
Erarth the Eternal
1/06 11:14PM
The townsfolk ran past Adam, as he looked right up at the danger. The dragon may have not heard him, but it was in it’s will to strike the village once more. As soon as the head emerged from the dark clouds, it saw the brave warrior standing among those who fled. And a dragon always knew, if someone was to put on a fight. They were proud and strong species. Thus a red tone formed within the sky, as the beast curled up a little. Soon a wild lighting bolt struck by Adam, as he was saved by the taller building. This time, indulged in red flames in a second. The beast snaked it’s way in the sky, and the thunder roared with it. This man was a fool to cross Erath the Eternal one. The one who passed the realms as an inborn gift. Driven by the nameless one in pursue of power. Soon the jaw opened and a bright light came from the depths. Something was charging for an attack. The green scaly body slightly twisted, presumably, to position itself to stay in place after the blast. Only showing that what ever was coming was of great magnitude.
Adam Sieghart
1/06 11:27PM
Eh, is that giant scaly beast looking right at him? He assumes it is. Guess his manly aura was enough to catch its attention. He mentally chuckles unflinching as the lighting struck the building right near him setting it ablaze, but as quickly as it caught on fire, the fire simply flew from the building as if carried by the wind until seemingly fading from existence; the heat and flames eaten up by his aura and added to his already large reserves; not as if that little flame boosted his ability by much. His smirk slowly devolved into a frown as he notices the dragon’s large maw opening and the reddening of the clouds. Something’s coming. That bright light amongst all the dark clouds signals that, and Adam grimaced noticing the casts amount of people still within the village. This is no place for such tremendous power to be released. Though, he challenged the massive beast, and it’s up to him to protect these people. His dark red eyes shifted into a soft golden tone as golden lines began decorating his skin starting from his fingertips up his shoulder forming beautiful abstract images on his skin that dazzled and radiated in the darkness caused by the clouds with insensible energy. “People are damn annoying at times.” He complains as he takes a deep breath holding his golden decorated hand upwards towards the sky; the lines leaking from his skin upward forming a small glowing disk over his open palm. He’s ready for what is to come.
Erarth the Eternal
1/06 11:34PM
The power culminating in the location was grand. Above Adam, the clouds began to spin, turning the red spots of the ski into thin, long lines, letting couple of bolts touch the ground, setting fire in the local area. Since Adam was prepared to take the attack head on. The villagers had successfully fled in the forest, but the beasts of wilderness may have their way with them wither way. Hellifyno was a cruel mistress. The pupils within the scarlet eyes of the dragon narrowed to a thin vertical horizon of the red suns that glared and aimed at Adam. Soon enough chimes sounded, and there was a silence, before a thick line of condensed lighting spewing flames came directly at Adam. It seemed like a prolonged beam of sorts. The skies thundered, and from the speed, the circulating clouds soon parted, revealing blue sky for a brief moment. It was coming in tremendous speeds, and gave only seconds for Adam to Act.
Adam Sieghart
1/06 11:53PM
He sensed the oncoming mass of lightning before seeing it; the blinding light forcing his eyes close as his body reacts as soon as danger was felt. The golden disc above him ripples once before expanding quickly; the disc now encompassing the sky right above the village as the lightning struck it, but there was no explosion of power struggle. Then, at that moment, the dragon’s attack landing, the disc began swirling and rising up imitating a vortex as the energy from the attack was forced to spin along with the golden energy like it was being flushed down a toilet. What the golden disc is is not a shield, but is is, in fact, a massive portal that sucks the mass of energy into it into a void; a void with transmuting properties and energy that latches on to the particles of the lightning attack breaking them down and basically absorbing whatever enters through the void making the attack practically null and void, but that is not the end. As the attack continues filtering through the massive portal, multiple portals (four in total) open beside the giant golden vortex. “Have ya damn attack back.” Adam grunts out as the light filter out from the four portals before four beams of golden energy explode upwards circling around the continous laser of lightning into the skies aiming right for the open maw of the dragon where they hopefully collide simultaneously with the dragon’s head exploding in a brilliant display of golden light and also causing the beast’s own attack to self-destruct on itself. What Adam’s counterattack was is actually the dragon’s own transformed energy fired right back at it as it was absorbed into the portal and changed to better suit Adam’s needs. However strong Erarth’s attack was is just how strong those beams of golden energy was.
Erarth the Eternal
The clouds moved with Adam’s attack, and soon a small whirlpool of black neared the man, as the light was taken within the vortex in a most spectacular fashion, still stray lighting was hitting the windows. Even flames from the houses neared towards Adam. The stones on the ground shook, and closed as well. It took a while. This dragon was a flying powerhouse of a beast. And it was then, when a massive beam was returned. And that was then, when the beast slightly twisted, and the beam ended. At that point the true meaning of the dragon’s name came true. The reflected attack hit head on. But something was off. As the sound echoed with a strong shock wave from colliding beams of many the beast was flying into the ground. Ghastly looking and pale. it it’s tail was the last thing Adam saw. What was going on? Did Adam hit the dragon so hard it became a spirit? Couldn’t be that easy could it? The clouds above turned from the recent attack, as the remaining flames soon returned to burning the houses around them. Slight sparks passed the ground. Where the hell was Erarth? Clearly the beast was planning it’s next move!
Adam Sieghart
The sky lights up; the massive shockwave hitting him hard, but he remains upright shielding his face with his left arm. His right arm now lies beside him; blood dripping to the ground as many small cuts littered his right side despite him absorbing and redirecting that attack; the golden lines from before slowly diminishing as his eyes returned red. His hand hand is clenched before being slung as he finally moves his arm out the way to see the end tail of the beast fazing into the ground. It seems that attack didn’t do much to deter the beast nor injure it, but now he sees it has a strange ability; something that makes him think of ghosts. That’s not the main problem though. There’s a massive dragon right under him, and he knows not how it will attack him this time. With a sigh, he kneels placing his left hand onto the ground ignoring the nearing flames; his eyes closing as he sends his aura down below into the ground like a sort of echolocation waiting to see if it hits anything large moving to pinpoint Erarth. Something that massive has to disturb something down there, right? Even if it’s changed its body to faze through things, the movement of it may still be detectable. He knows not if this will work, but it’s bettee than beijg completely blind.
Erarth the Eternal
Indeed a beam of power enveloped Adam, granting his traditional strength. Preparing him more and more for the fight. Strangely enough, there was no physical disturbance within the ground. Not even a faint spiritual one. Whilst concentrating on the ground, in the distance the pale creature snuck into the clouds. Whilst the sense seemed to fail Adam, a slight crackling if lighting was forming from within the clouds, soon becoming noticeable. Just above the man, another wave of beam was threatening to come towards Adam. Was there supposed to be two beams? Perhaps, or perhaps not. The clouds echoed the thunders of the upcoming power attack. Being within the clouds indeed had it’s benefit, as sparks of lighting traveled much better, than before. Soon the air was vibrating within these locations. A slightly delayed sneak attack towards Adam was about to be performed. Given the time. The beam was just about to be unleashed upon Adam, however from a further distance, giving slightly longer time to act. Judging from the behavior, this creature was not an underground dweller. It couldn’t see under ground well enough to attack. But well enough to flee. In the skies, well, that was a different story.
Adam Sieghart
Nothing. He could feel nothing beneath him. Had the dragon changed itself into a truly undetectable form? That is concerning Igor Adam, but he worries little knowing that his ability and keen senses should be enough to give him time to defend, dodge, and possibly counterattack. If only he knew that the creature had, once again, escaped into the clouds above, but alas, his mind was too preoccupied with trying to find something beneath him that is no longer there. Though, his ears twitched as lightning overhead crackles and the skies roared with thunder. That’s when his senses barely picked up a gathering mass of energy above, and his eyes shoot upwards. Wait, when did? Another attack?! His mind is startled for mere seconds which could have been fatal if the attack was not farther away, but he was able to right himself rising to his feet. The village is empty, right? All have escaped or been killed which means he’s alone against this beast. That’s perfect. He doesn’t have to worry about anyone else as the air around him vibrates even more than what the dragon is causing. His aura is already everywhere within the village: in the air, the structures, and even the ground beneath his feet. His dark red eyes light up as if a match has been struck; flames leaping from his face as his right arm catches fire appearing more like a demonic appendage than his own before he slams it into the ground focusing commanding his aura to flare. Then, a red circle appears around the village that shows the outer limits of his reach, and as soon as that beam of lightning is released, he brings his arm up, and the village explodes; his aura catching on fire and rising into the sky creating a giant pillar of flames that the attack would collide into twisting and churning(c)
as the two massive amounts of energy collide, and when two huge masses collide, the end result isn’t usually pretty, but whether there is an explosion or not, as the energies hit, Adam had already left the area through a golden portal which then opens in the skies miles above ground which he falls from; his back facing Hellifyno as the energies maybe explode creating a massive crater where the energies had hit. That was close though. Without that wall of flames to stall that attack, Adam would have been fried, but now, he’s free falling.
Erarth the Eternal
Indeed for a brief moment there was a moment of silence, before the world recognized the sheer power of the two forces that collided. There was nothing left from the village, as sparks of lighting went for miles, setting long lines of forest fires, and as the territory indeed was evacuated, nearby villages would even feel the power of destruction. The trees, that were the most near fell. Rivers lost their waters for a brief moment, as it escaped from the sheer, raw and uncontrolled power that had emerged from this collision. But as the beasts beams were prolonged, they persisted a little longer, making a circle, and digging into the heated ground, searching for Adam, who cleverly had escaped from the location via portal. The dragon was blond to Adam’s new location. The tables had turned. Hiding from the open as it was natural, it escaped in the clouds to scout the ground from above, knowing little of Adams location. From time to time a roar Echoed, as it was visible within the clouds of lighting, the beast snaking in tremendous speeds. Naturally. A perfect killer. Another thunder bolt, searching for Adam, but to no avail. Chimes and chorus’s sang, forming into a roar once more, as within the slowly closing hole, the dragon was quick to pass, to scout the other part of the lands.
Within the tarnished lands below, the wood had deteriorated to mere ash. A massive hole, that would become one of the many craters of battles within Hellifyno had formed. This warrior. This human. The dragons snarled, eyeing from the clouds. Where was this impudent daring warrior, who dared to stand against a higher dragon’s breath. Snaking with a trace of sparks, a row of thunders formed between the ground and clouds. As it was per nature, falling into a thunder cloud would be dangerous, but for now, Erarth was blind to the man’s location.
—Pause for 40 minutes—
Adam Sieghart
He’s falling. He can’t fly, but it seems the dragon doesn’t know of his location which is good, but, he’s still falling. Luckily, with a quick wave of his hand, he creates a solid portal beneath him; the golden reality bending creation made solid to act as a platform for himself as his back hits it with a thud. “Ah, crap.” He grunts out sitting up and looking around him. He can hear the dragon roaring in the distance near the area that they literally obliterated, but he also notices just how spread out the effects of their collision just was looking down upon the ruined forests. Well then, this really is an interesting bout. He winced looking at his bleeding right arm. Tch. His eyes move up to the dark clouds knowing that the beast waits for him, but he has an idea. Something to hopefully keep the dragon from doing that weird fazing ability as well. He takes a deep breath standing and holds his arms out as his eyes go golden once more. The air around him grows denser as he forces an aura out from himself different from his fiery aura earlier; golden sparks appearing in the sky around him. Then, a portal opens under the dark clouds as Adam appears floating, though, he seems different than before; his body leaking sand from it. “Hey, but and ugly! I’m right here!” He yells out hoping to catch the dragon’s attention.
Erarth the Eternal
The attention was gained. Knowing not what the Adam’s plan might be, the first instinctive reaction was made once more, within the clouds, from a location just outside the villages territory, a light was nearing Adam, prepared to deliver a flyby of the very same beam, it has been using for all this time. The clouds moved, as the beast snaked amongst the thundering clouds. It was then, when nature decided to join in. The density of the air, and the shifts of the high levels of water particles did create one thing some may not expect, or may have forgotten about. Rain. With a wall, a barrage of tropical rain fell on the ground, and all the parts, that were not affected by Adam as much, were begging to get muddy, granting slight disadvantage to standing units. Sparks of shock formed thunder bolts, now barraging the earth cruelly and without stop. The Light grew lighter as sparks and lighting formed within the clouds, where the dragon was, growing more and more violent. This situation did not bode well. But perhaps Adams plan will work. The drops of rain evaporated on Adam’s shoulders from the sheer amount of force he was emitting. A clash of lighting and wind and water against a man of great power. Chimes echoed in the area, as a sound of a power attack charging up was a messenger of a sure doom. The more the storm picked up, the more Erarth was in it’s element.
Adam Sieghart
Tch. Rain. One of the things Adam hated about the world. Though, the rain will do little to his plans, and the dragon is in for one shocking surprise once that attack is released, but who would have guessed such a ploy unless they’ve faced Adam before as another portal opened, and… another Adam appears next to Adam followed by another; three Adams in total; each wearing a devious smirk. They did not show fear towards the oncoming attack as sand fell from all three of their bodies to the Earth below turning soggy, but they seemed undisturbed by the falling water.
Erarth the Eternal
The lighting bolts tore up the ground aggressively, some landing just by Adam, who stood without giving it a second thought. It was then, when a beam came meters before Adam, and with large speeds, it rose towards the three. The beam enveloped wild thundering sparks to all that surrounded, it and behind it, a wave of explosions from the massive heat, making mud fall all over the nearby location. Like a well aimed lance, the beam aimed to pass Adam, and move forth. In a succession to make a grand line of shocking destruction. The ground became ionized, and soon released a strong electromagnetic reaction to the negative skies, releasing a wall of wild thundering bolts. A combo, that to some may seem as an utter overkill. A beam, that aimed, followed by explosions, and overcharged earth, and finished with a barrage of lighting, striking targets with tremendous speed, indiscriminately. There was little way to avoid this attack, impossible even. Even if the beam passed, and even if the ground left the ground. The last and most unexpected result of the opposite poles was the most destructive part of it all. It wasn’t Erarth attacking Adam. It was nature itself at this point.
Adam Sieghart
As if any of this truly matter though. Even with nature turning against Adam turning the area into a light show that’d put even the Aurora Borealis to shame, it still mattered not, for rather after the brilliant display of both the dragon and nature ends, there remain the clones as if unscathed; as if none of that even occurred. Though, the grounds of Hellifyno itself has been turned asunder, the clones remain unfazed, though, one may notice a strange buzz around them. “That was a lot of energy.” One spoke up as the other clenched his fists and raises them. “Again! Again!” This one yells, and the last one simply waves his hand as if unimpressed. “Is that it?” All in all, they are taunting the beast and it’s magnificent display of power. How did they survive basically being ionized? What is going on? Though, that is a question one will only find out by further interaction. “Man, let’s go guys.” The clone in the middle says before turning in the air and flying away as the other follows. Now, they turn their backs to the beast? How insulting and tarnishing of its pride? Will it stand for such mockery? The only way to make those clones pray is too chase and teach them a lesson!
Erarth the Eternal
Mockery perhaps was pleasant, but still, the beast needed time, to turn and observe from the clouds. It understood little of honor, and little of respect. But seeing that the one did not turn to face, placed Adam as a pray for Erarth. It was then, when a final attack, the supposed killing strike. What happened was this. Flaming lighting formed within the cloud, as the scales of the beast finally rose, releasing the more raw energy of flame and lighting. Fueled by the water, and making it only that much more potent. Strangely the beast did not mock Adam. It was of a practical nature. The first thing that was seen, moments after, was a lance, coming from the dark skies. Covered in golden lighting. And in the mid way, a ghastly cloud started to form behind it. A formation of a spectral gods spear in a dragon form had formed. A risky motion, but surely if striking the enemy once was the purpose, then this was the doom coming from the sky for Adam. Golden jaws with pure light within was shooting, as tongues of lighting began to come from the ground, seeking any place for the energy to escape. The remaining ground exploded, where the pale fingers touched. It was indeed, a scene of epic proportions. A roar of ancient chorus of thousand women and men was heard, as a ghastly chime turned it into a bone chilling roar of pure primordial fury. Aiming at the central figure, to swallow it whole.
Adam Sieghart
And still, one wonders why such beasts of otherworldly power fell for such simply tricks. If its last attack failed to do Adam in, an attack of more power will most likely fail in the end as well, but alas, these clones of Adam are just a distraction; doppelgangers to keep the beast from noticing the collection of energy far away. That glorious display of power is something as the lance appeared from the skies, but it is just that; power. And, all power is is a form of energy, and energy is something that Adam abuses and misuses all the time. Though, from far away, there is the original Adam far away still standing there with his arms outstretched focusing as his aura has built up so much in the area around him that the sky literally glowed bright as if the morning sun is rising. Though, the dark clouds hid this magnificent display, and the clones did their jobs well. Even then, overkill is a term. Those clones turn to face that impeding spear of lightning before they fused together into one Adam made completely of sand; the rain still having no effect on its particles. Then, that sand turned into a golden color before shining brightly. Just like with the last attack, this lance will simply hit the sand clone and, probably to the dragon’s astonishment, that huge amount of energy would just vanish into thin air as if never existing; much like when it’s earlier attack was absorbed into that vortex, this being of sand has a secret. Each one of its sandy grains is a sponge that soaks up energy which is why that last attack on the clones did nothing. And, where did that all that energy go? Well, its rather simple as the sandy abnomoly starts shaking violently as all of the grains suddenly became super charged by the dragon’s power and mother nature’s fury. (C)
Adam Sieghart
And then, it charges straight up at the dragon since it did not give chase. Into the skies the sandy being goes homing in on that giant creature at blinding speeds equaling the lightning crashing down around it as the original Adam closes his hands together; his palms open; his mind remembering back to when he tore the sky asunder permanently staining it with his godly energy. He wonder a if anyone would mind if he did it again, but that matters not as the sky before him explodes forward. Golden energy that tears right through the clouds searing the air and reality itself it seems as the sky seems to curve in on itself as the massive beam soared expanding towards the beast as that absorbed lance attack zooms for it as well. Either way, this attack, even if it misses, continues forward through the sky for miles and miles before rising up into space itself lighting up the skies for kilometers and kilometers turning night to day on some places on Hellifyno and mocking the sun’s pathetic glow with its own. Overkill is a term that would describe this kind of attack. (E)
The goddess looks at the man yawning she was standing on the shadow of a tree. while her blue eyes gazed upon him and his screaming trying to kill a dragon … poor creature they din’t deserve that such a lovely beast should be treated better than has been treated right now.
Erarth the Eternal
Oh, how they toyed with one another indeed. For such attacks to be survived only most keen minds would survive. And sadly, Adam was not the only one. As it was still in itš spectral form, the massive energy blasted into the clones, as a massive shock wave of sparks waved trough the lands, obliterating clones, as they also formed the previous attack, a massive explosion of atomic proportions added with an ionizing wave, that followed with lighting uprooting all the trees that were finding it hard to stay in the muddy ground. It resulted in floods and muddy rivers. This location had became inhabitable. Any people who were not quick enough had fallen to risk of drowning. And then came Adam’s own abusive power, that slammed the place where the dragon should be, as it created a massive crater. From the power, rain stopped for a brief moment, before falling once more. Was it over? Had he had done? No… Of course not. In a further distance a roar was heard, as the spectral figure was reaching towards the clouds once more, and as the tail snaked in the clouds, the ghastly vapor vanished, letting a new wave of thunderstorms. This indeed was a balanced battle, one which was hard to finish with these two colliding powers. Indiscriminately, the Lighting bolts were clearly to throw Aphrodite in danger as well. This was natures fury incarnate. a sound of chorus was heard, slowly turning into a thundering roar, as the snaking figure hidden in clouds, positioned itself, to form a next attack to the Adam, which it knew it could perceive. It needed Time.
Adam Sieghart
That’s it isn’t it. Adam knows not of what is occurring with the beast as he blacks as; his arms falling limply at his side. Such immense power doesn’t come without a price, and this lads price is his body. Of course, the clone simply vanishes as its master loses consciousness rocking back and forth on that golden platform before it crumbles under his feet and he falls. In midfall, his body suddenly begins smoking immensely; random cuts appearing all over his body as blood trails him as he descends picking up in speed before he catches on fire. Then, he hits the ground hard with a sickening crunch and crack; the body on the ground distorted and broken. Then, that is the end, isn’t it? Nothing could have survived such a fall. Will the dragon even notice the demise of Adam? Who knows, but if it does, shouldn’t it come down and claim it’s prize; to eat of this man who tried to conquer it flesh?
Aphrodite was a Pure blood Goddess and the only thing it could harm her was another pure blood like herself. She looks at the bolts of lightning standing still not even moving only appreciating the beauty of nature itself how its power rage upon the land . a lightning was able to struck her but she remain still like nothing happen she was not interested in fighting even when she knew how .. she preferred not to instead she gave a small amount of her power to someone else to do the fight for her.
Erarth the Eternal
For a moment there was brief hesitation, as the dragon circled the location within the clouds. The rain lessened, as the lighting turned into a distant thunder. Trickery was something that was once already witnessed from Adam with the clones. The first tact would be to witness if Adam was surely dead. If it wasn’t another clone. As the time was given, the beast snarled, and soon another pale light was forming within the clouds. The wind took up, as the clouds began to let out lighting bolts from the skies. A familiar attack. Aimed at Adam. But where was he? As a child poking a dead body with a stick, an attack would be performed to see, if any reaction comes from down below. It knew where he fell, but what where exactly and in what state was unknown. Perhaps the beast was tasting it’s own medicine. Soon a sight silence formed, and the slighting eased up. It was time for another destructive attack of a beam of flame and lighting. Dragons were indeed formidable foes.
Adam Sieghart
Well, that dragon is a careful foe as the area and Adam are both simply vaporized. Though, of course, that is not the end as sitting far far away from the fight sat Adam. “Man, it didn’t take the bait.” He mutters feeling his clone fade out of existence. He sits huffing in a tree that still stands frustrated. He never did come out of that portal in the sky. It was all a ploy to try and capture the dragon rather than kill it, but at every turn, the damn beast wouldn’t take any of the baits. And, it’s hard to hit. He has no idea how he can damage it when it just phases through all his attacks. His body is worn as well. Luckily, he isn’t going to suffer the effects from that last attack thanks to how his clones work, but this still proved utterly hopeless. Maybe there is some pattern to things. Finding such things is difficult against an opponent that is constantly barraging you with attacks and never sits still for long. He can’t really even get to it without wasting a bunch of energy since it’s so high up in the sky hiding in the clouds. He folds his arms and thinks while hoping that dragon doesn’t find him too soon. It might just leave for all he knows, but he’ll keep following it to try and figure out how to beat it. No doubt it plans on attacking more villages.
Erarth the Eternal
The ground shook, as the another clone was evaporated, while the red ground made the freshly fallen rain evaporate with each it. A snarl came from the clouds, as lighting began to form in various locations. Time to time in the lighting skies a form of the snake-like creature was visible. Seeking Adam, it wasn’t able to sniff the man out. Time to time a wild thunder bolt struck the ground, while the dense cyclone atmospheric state was forming the center of the storm. After this fight, there may be drought for couple days or even weeks to come. The beast snarled for a long time it sought the warrior, eyeing the ground below. Another snarl came from the clouds, and soon for the dread for it’s opponents, another sound of pure temple chime echoed the lands. And a roar, that sounded like a chorus was heard, millions of women and men singing in one voice, until turning into the all familiar dragon shout. The green bag of scales passed the clouds, and for a moment the search went on. The rain kept flooding the lands. The villages in the area were already beyond any repair. Many creatures and people may have drowned in the floods of the storm whilst trying to escape. The accessibility to the location was very limited due to the barrages of fallen wood, overflown rivers and dangerous mud pits, that could drown careless passer, many of which did fall victim to. Another snarl came from the sky, as the thunder echoed. The sky charged a little, and again a chain of wild lighting bolts hit the ground, only bringing more destruction. Indeed, if two equivalent powers collided, what was the wise thing to do?
Adam Sieghart
How infuriating indeed. The rain isn’t helping him either. His fire abilities are pretty much useless in such a storm, and he doesn’t want to risk doing another grand attack and missing. He can only do that so many times, but how will he distract the beast or whatever. Maybe he can bait it out. There could be a time limit to how long it can phase through things. He rubs his head knowing that the dragon would just try to nuke him again with some crazy huge attack making it difficult to exactly counterattack. It’s just not worth it right now, is it? He huffs and creates another golden platform that carries him upward; any lightning that tries to hit him seems to be deflected by his aura. He’s tired of this fight, and it shows on his face. Find an opening and kill this thing with a barrage of undodgeable attacks. Maybe, Ah, what’s the point of planning? Just hit the damn thing hard when it isn’t phasing through shit.
Erarth the Eternal
The lighting reflected, and that was a dead giveaway. For lighting in a storm is like an eye of the dragon. A chime sounded, as the snake like beast, began moving closer towards the location. Above the clouds, the sun was shining upon the bright clouds. Almost like a paradise above the hell below. The lighting couldn’t reach Adam there, for there was no earth to catch it. Small lines and arcs of electricity passed the top of the clouds. That strong was the charge in the sky. Time to time a sound of dreadful thunder was heard from bottom, but due to the light of the sky, it wasn’t visible where the beast was located, until a certain shift and charge of lighting was seen below. It was unknown as to what attack was charging, since the light from above was less favorable, however, this gave away the beast position. The similar way, it have given away Adams. The chimes sounded again, and soon the clouds began to shift more and more. Perhaps this will be it. Now the question was, seeing that Adam had experienced only Attacks from above. What will be this attack. A new circumstance and a new situation lessened the predictability. But knowing the beasts attacks, there was only a small window of time to act upon.
Adam Sieghart
Adam groans as he feels his hair stand up knowing he’s going to get attacked from somewhere. It’s only a matter of time before lightning tries to eviscerate him. What sucks is that such attacks don’t actually reveal the dragon’s location. He has to basically pinpoint it by the shifting clouds and bouncing lightning, but he’s surrounded by clouds. Tracking such a beast in an area where it fights at its best is difficult enough, but with it’s annoying phasing ability spotting it then hitting it, is near impossible for him with his lack of knowledge, but he knows of a place that may be able to shine some light about such a creature. He hates what he’s about to do, but it may be the only way for him to defeat this thing later on, and so, a portal suddenly swallows Adam whole dodging whatever attack was coming for him as he heads to Kila Toda. There is bound to be a book about Erarth there.
Erarth the Eternal
The portal closed, and a wave of a similar breath of that of the first passed the location. Again, eyeing the situation from beneath, the red eyes showed above the surface of the clouds, whilst the chimes rang within the region. Nowhere. It did seek out for a fine while. Diligently and carefully, before a victorious roar, that started as a crescendo of a choir with thousands of people, young and old until it grew to a traditional dragon’s shout. Another one echoed, before, a hunt was on. But before it a rest. A rest within hidden location. As the lands were wast. The long snake-like creature. Landed in a further forest, soaking wet and flooding, but untouched by the damages. Mind you that was miles away from the epicenter of the battle. And once more, the leaves danced, as green scales passed beneath the canopies. The massive beast was quick and agile even on the ground, and soon enough a lake was found, where it slid in to rest, having feasted on few, and to rest for the strain even if little was felt by the beast. That day, Hellifyno learned of a new roaming Danger. A brother of the undefended dragons. Erarth the Eternal. The god’s spear. And most of all, another kin of the nameless one. That day the land grew that much more dangerous. Be vary, travelers when the storms come. While Adam will be preparing for the next fight, the skies will hold unpredictable wrath to all that are living.
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