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Zaire knew she needed to go back to the inn. Or back to the Keep. But she made a detour first, heading to an all-too-familiar patch of burnt grass. She clutched an amulet in her hand, tears falling from her eyes. The Yuki sighed as she approached the spot, her yellow eyes closing as she remembered the house that once stood here. If you looked closely, you could see a few beams and such that the flames hadn’t consumed. She knelt to the ground, whispering in a foreign language.

It didn’t take long for her staff to appear in her free hand. She then lifted her hands, summoning one more thing. A shovel. The rest of what she wanted to do would be done the old-fashioned way. No more magic.

She spent a while digging. Making sure that the hole was deep enough. Once she finally finished, she knelt once more. And she began to sob once more.

“I’m so sorry,” she muttered. “You never even had a chance. And I couldn’t even protect you in death.” She lifted the amulet and stared into it, her breath hitching in her chest. “Little ones. Akira and Mayumi, I regret /everything/ that happened. I regret losing you. I regret…. so much after that as well.” She took a deep breath.

The Yuki cradled the amulet close to her chest, her yellow eyes closed as she let the tears fall freely. But, as she reached to place the amulet within the hole, something began happening. Even with the darkness of the night, the grass began to come back, and flowers bloomed around where the house was. Even cherry blossom trees began to sprout and take shape in the night. In a matter of minutes, the clearing was now filled with life.

Zaire couldn’t help but smile and gently place the amulet within the hole. “The only thing I wish for now is for you to find peace,” she said. “And know that I will /always/ love the two of you. My darling little babies.” She let a few more tears fall before standing up and filling in the hole. As she was doing this, a cedar tree began to take shape just behind where the hole was. And as she watched it, it almost seemed as if the tree’s branches were cradling the grave.

Zaire smiled softly. And as the last bit of dirt was placed on top of the grave, she suddenly began to glow. The Yuki lifted from the ground, and her eyes closed. Suddenly, there was a pulse of energy as she felt wards erupting around the clearing. She dropped back to the ground, and she saw that the same flowers had bloomed over the grave as well.

“Farewell, little ones,” she whispered. And the turned around, heading back towards Persistence, staff on her back once more.

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      would you likke to rolwplay

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