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Cloud 9 Back on Air

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The electronics of Persistence buzzed with an unease for a second. Those of them that had radio wave input burst into an audio explosion of hyena laughter and bending metal overlayed to a fat bassline.

“Goood morning Hellyfino! Thanks for tuning in to Cloud 9 Radio with your favourite hosts Cubik…”

“H3ll0, 3v3ry0n3!”

“…and me – Your dad. So today we are discussing the topic ‘Be it like it is and does your mom know how to make strawberry cupcakes or nah?’ We ain’t had a proper breakfast since I put the ring on that thing. But no seriously she is chairbound. I’m sorry but she thicc, so I had to give her that extension cord, knowutumsayin. “

“451d3 fr0m 7h47. Ru81kW0rk5 n0w 4cc3p75 c1v1l14n c0n7r4c75.”

“That’s not how ya plug merch, amigo. What Q is tryin ta say is. If ya need yaself a new arm, a second pair of bionic testicles, or a complicated spine surgery for ya disabled mum, hit us up and we’ll bling yo shit out.”

“W3 5p3c14l123 1n r08071c5, 810n1c5, k1n371c5, 3l3c7r0n1c5s, 4nd 8074ny. W3 4l50 d0 81r7hd4y p4r7135.” 

“Also drugs. Don’t forget the space drugs.

And now some music.”


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  1. The picture taken is from Ubisoft ?

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