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Cloud 9 Radio: Papa Nine’s Ponder Minute

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Heavy metallic stomping and explosions can be heard in the background of the broadcast. 

“Welcome back to Cloud 9 radio! You probably suck, but that’s okay cause there’s a lotta dick in this world, and that makes you important.”

*magic friendship dust sound effect*

“4l50 pl3453 d15r394rd 7h3 84ck9r0und n0153. W3’r3 uh… W3…”

“We are doing some spring cleaning.”

“Uh… Y35, y35. W3 f0r907 70 d0 17 1n 7h3 5pr1n9 50 7h47 15 why w3 4r3 d01n9 17 1n N0v3m8…”

“So anyway. Our topic today is ‘Should guacamole be classified as a smoothie or a salad?’ We have in the studio with us A Random Science Guy to help us clarify.”

“Yes. It’s very nice to be here on my own volition. Also I hope I will be able to help as I am actually a mathematician, as I told you a few times while I was being… invited.” 

“No need to be humble now. Avocados. Fruit or veg?”

“It’s actually a berry.”

“533? Y0u kn0w y0ur 8074ny 4f73r 4ll! ^___^”

“It’s just a very known curious fact… Can I uh… go home now?”

“There you have it, nukahs. Guac is a fucking jam. Thanks for being on the show, Professor Binoclard.”

“That’s not really m….!”

*pneumatic tube sound followed by muffled screaming and the thunderous discharge of the orbital deployment ejector*

“W3 c0n71nu3 w17h mu51c.”



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