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 Wow. It has been a while since the apocalyptic war. I really do miss my old friends, especially Kiken.  So much has happened lately. I’m now officially engaged to a wonderful man and a concubine to a dear and sexy man. But after all that, I’m starting to drift away from my other friends here. I still wonder whether I should leave forever. I can’t really. I’m an secret admirer to a special man that still has feelings for me. So I will be visiting here now and then from MoonStar Valley so I can see everyone again.


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  1. Tye Sampson 9 years ago

    (Anyone is welcome to join in, just keep things logical)

    <Tye Sampson sits at the head of the rough hewn stone table in the caverns beneath consequence, as he looks out on the council of war before him. An unlikely collection of characters to be sure, but still some of the most clever minds and powerful beings in the world.> 

    I’ve already put out a call for mercenary troops. Each of you can negotiate pay with the provisional treasurer, however payment at the moment will have to be in Hellifyno bonds, since the planet does not yet have a steady source of income. I appreciate those of you who have come in good faith, such as Mr. Breaker and Mr. Thanos. Of course we will arrange individual deals with each of you.

    What Carol is saying has merit. The Pryor army relies on a phalanx box formation which is nearly unstoppable on a level playing field. However the great weakness of the phalanx has always been disruption and disorder. If we can create a landscape which makes it impossible for them to keep their ranks straight, we will be able to shatter their formations and pick them off one at a time.

    Cameo and Mr. Suphonn will have to work together along with support forces to ensure that any battlefield that we meet the Pryor army across is a death trap of tangled thorns and nature magic. The individual Bozrah soldiers are very thick muscled, with a low center of gravity, so it probably won’t  harm them, but if you work with the other attack forces you should be able to create easy targets for our soldiers to take down. 

    As to Mr. Breaker’s plan, the problem is that the Pryor army is very difficult to infiltrate. Regiments are raised together from youth, learning how to fight in formation, learning to trust and rely on one another, creating army units that are like small families. It’s unlikely that you will be able to fool the Bozrah soldiers into thinking you are one of them.

    However…. I called you here for another reason Mr. Breaker. There is a significant Slayer settlement on the surface of Hellifyno and I have conscripted several of their battleships for this war. However I do not trust their soldiers. i need someone who is familiar with Slayer technology, but who is not an actual Slayer, to run the fleet. We can’t trust their soldiers not to turn on us in battle. especially since there is a decent chance that they are the ones supplying the Pryor forces with anti magic. That’s where you come in.

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