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Coming Live from Magibook…?

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“Is this on…?” said Yayoi Kise. In their bedroom within Ange Ushiromiya’s house, taking control of Jessica Ushiromiya’s shared laptop. She had taking her time to activate the web-cam feature and film their “vBlog” video. And if you are worried about their “alternative forms”, don’t worry: The girls are in their human form, as if they have never died into hell yet. The web-cam had been turned on, setting live for the girls to finally speak!

“Hello! This is Jessica Ushiromiya reporting live on….”

Her mind felt air-headed for a moment, since this live footage was NOT rehearsed.

“M-Mind Milady. Skipping the opening, we will begin our introductions! I am Mami Tomoe, Lady JESSICA’s sevant, friend, and a lover of tea and lady-like fashion! I have a “room mate” that happens to love cakes and treats, so we both are getting along as well. Now to the rest of the girls~?”

Jessica finally got her spot-light back as Mami left the camera scene.

“Yo! My name is Jessica Ushiromiya! I’m the daughter of a wealthy father who owned a HUGE house! Don’t even get started on my inheritance…. Or if i’m single… ‘Cause i’m TAKEN and I want a normal life outside of the big-house! Right now I’m pretty much role out as the “ring leader” of my other two friends…. Hehe… And… Umm… I guess that is it for now? Hehheh….”

Jessica then scoots out of the camera’s filming area, leaving the next space for Yayoi to come in.

“Umm…. My name is Yayoi Kise…. But call me Yayoi-chan…. I-I’m a bit shy and love to draw manga and superheroes..! I have a group of wonderful friends, but we were all split up thanks to the engulfing darkness… Umm.. A-AND I’M NOT A CRYBABY! S-So don’t call me that, okay?”

Yayoi was about to be in tears when Jessica adviced her to scoot up so she and Mami can fit the filming zone.

“Well everyone! I guess… We will get along with you real soon! I hope… OH YEA! And if you want to know about our “public” chronicles so far, here is our blog archive! Enjoy reading! Team REMIX signing off!”

Then, the vBlog you saw earlier had went offline.

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  1. Seraphina Kelian 9 years ago

    Sera both cursed and blessed both the silence of the calm castle and vampire hearing. At home she could cry in peace because there was always so much going on there was no way to pinpoint her over the noise of the pack and castle. Here… she was ashamed to be sobbing into her pillow and to know that it had been some prolific that Dimitri had to come to her. She had wiped away the tears as quickly as she could, but it was no use. Dimitri took her in his arms and she melted, feeling like someone had just tossed her a life line in the sea of confusion she was currently drowning.

    She listened as he spoke and when he kissed her, that bolt of spark of shared souls passed through her and made her feel again. She sat up and looked at him, studying his handsome face.

    “I am sorry I upset you. I never meant to make you think I didn’t want you. That I didn’t chose you. Because I have, and it scares me a little because I know there is no going back, but you are… my choice. In this world or others apparently…”

    She took his hand and entwined their fingers. “Why do you want a human heart so badly, my love? They are fragile things.”

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