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ALL Corp for starters,  is now selling magical crystals!!!! By courtesy of Twine and it’s Beautiful Mother. They are available in every ALL Corp hub and are available for a limited time while supplies last. Hurry on down and get yourself a crystal to control fire… Water…  Read minds.. Control earthly things and last. But not least .Healing crystals!! What better gift for your death bed bound loved ones. Or for your romantic lover! 

ALL Corp is also selling a lovely project from Madooga Co. LLC called the maid in a can!! It is a tiny fwuf maid in a can. Inside it holds a dried price of fwuf with a blood packet and all you have to do is poor the blood onto the fwuf and like magic you have a tiny maid. Perfect for anything you need a tiny maid for. The weaponized version is also being developed. Called the fwuf grenade. More details later. And these maid in a can can be found in any ALL Corp hub!! And it’s not a limited time. Supplies arnt limited!! So come get as many as you want!!

Next on the list is ALL Corps military. Ooh wee. Let’s see. Currently the ALL Corp fleet consists of the dreadnought whose captain is the president of our wonderful corporation. And that’s currently above the skies of Twine. Two battleships. Currently over Parcosm. A few smaller cruisers also above Parcosm. About 70 thousand troops divided about 30 70 and set down on both islands.. Protecting them from what happened to consequence. There are more cruisers on their way from sister ALL Corp controlled planets but they won’t be arriving anytime soon. 

The ALL Corp space station is currently on lock down. Resort closed. Staff ensuring to make sure everyone is off the station for their safety. If needed it will serve as a life boat for as much of the planets population as possible. So it is currently being converted into a help center.

Don’t worry people of Hellifyno. ALL Corp is here for you! 

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