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Complications at home.

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Note: This takes place not long before ‘What really happened that day..’

Anyways, enjoy.

It had been awhile since Elysia had seen her parents. Too long a while, but living with Cynthia seemed like fun. She had it all, a large castle-like mansion in a peaceful forest, the best beds and rooms for ages. So you would expect Elysia would be pleased with Cynthia’s wealth… Well, not quite, she was rather jealous instead.

“Elysia, where do you think you’re going at this time?!” Cynthia demanded, blocking the only exit Elysia knew. “N-Nowhere that concerns you…” Elysia looked at Cynthia nervously, sitting on the steps just past the fountain. That’s right, an indoor fountain. Cynthia smirked, she always used Elysia’s nervousness to her advantage to try and sweet talk Elysia into telling her the truth. “Darling, why not tell me?” She asked, sitting next to the younger Angel. Elysia shivered, she had only caught onto her sister’s tactics three days ago. “Nice try Cynthia, it’s not going to work!” She ran to the door, but to no avail as Cynthia froze Elysia from the waist down. “Hey, no fair!” “Life isn’t fair!” Cynthia chuckled as she thawed the girl out and grabbed her, pulling her into a hug, which Elysia had no choice but to submit to. Just then, Scarlett opened the door and chuckled. “I see you two seem to be strengthening your bond?” Elysia laughed. “No, just a forced hug!” Elysia giggled as she got pinned to the ground by the two women. “I’ll never win, will I?” “Nope!” Cynthia laughed as she looked at Scarlett, who just grinned back.

Kassandra was in her room, studying her book of the Old Religion. “This would come in use to Elysia..” She walked out of the room, only to see Elysia being ganged up on by Cynthia and Scarlett. “Hey now.. Be fair!” Elysia grinned as she backed off, bumping into Kassandra. “There’s no such thing as being fair when it comes to the Lockharts!” Kassandra smirked and grabbed the poor girl. “Ugh, typical, I’m gonna get locked in a room with Kassie… Again.” Cynthia chuckled, trailed a finger down the girl’s neck and collarbone, one of Elysia’s pet hates, and smirked.


Only a short story.

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  1. Seraphina Kelian 9 years ago

    When Logan pulled her onto his lap and she felt his hands on her bare skin, she had smiled and shivered in delight at the brush of fingertips against sensitive flesh. The tiny little bites, quick moments on pain and hot lips drove her desire higher, even though she wasn’t entirely sure she liked it. He growled at her and his grip on her thighs tightened to iron and she gasped in shock as he pressed up against her with his hardness. Why was he bringing up Dimitri now?! In this moment during what was supposed to be special between them alone? She opened her mouth to say that yes, she could close her eyes and not see him, but his hand closed firmly around her throat at the same time his warm lips captured her breast and all she was able to get out before she lost the option to make  sound was a gasp of shock. The strand of rubies at her throat dug into her skin painfully, as he sucked hard on sensitive flesh that had been without tender touch since their night together in the cellar and she arched her back, hoping to relive the slightly pleasurable pain and please him by offering more of her breast. He eased up and caressed the swollen flesh with his tongue only to bite down a moment later, she closed her eyes and tried to enjoy it but… Sera was afraid.

    This wasn’t the same, it wasn’t sweet and tender and loving, this was him angry with her and taking what he wanted. She cried out softly as he slammed her to the floor and ripped the soft shift from her body. She trembled, feeling very exposed. He started kissing her and all she wanted was for him to kiss her lips, give her a moment of safety and love so she’d know that this was alright and normal, but he had other intentions. He moved down her trembling body and she wasn’t sure what he was doing, then she felt his lips on her thigh and her feminine center, she gave a small shocked shout when he capture the secret jewel between her legs and sucked fiercely upon it, it felt so good but also hurt. She couldn’t move, couldn’t get away to have a moment to catch her breath, he kept up until she felt a release tear from her body and it wasn’t the same as before, but she shuddered and screamed, whether in pleasure or upset, she didn’t rightly know. Her eyes still tightly closed, she felt Logan flip her over and then with a rough thrust, he pulled her on to him. She cried out again, it hurt, it had been too long since they had been together and she had been tensing and paid the price for it.  She felt tears slide down her cheeks and she shook, trying to control her sobs. He held her to him and she felt his teeth on her shoulder and heard his words, and with a sob she pushed back against him again and again, wanting to please him, wanting to make him love her like before.

    “I love you too and I am… yours. Please, Logan, you’re hurting me. Please, just love me. Don’t hurt me. I love you, I do. Please.”

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