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Confirmed Slayer Weaponry

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Originally posted October 23, 2009 at 4:34pm

Through studious reporting and aided by intel slipped to us from Synful, we have compiled a list of the weapons currently in use by the Slayers. We hope this information will help keep the Resistance safe and make sure everyone knows what to look out for.

Anti-magic Gas–This is the key element to all Slayer weaponry. In its pure form, this gas is almost instantly lethal to any creature of magical origin or any who possess any type of magical power. Pure humans and normal animals are the only things not affected. It is heavy and sinks into a thick blanket. It resists any form of spell that attempts to move it or affect it in any way. If any magical being breathes in the vapors of this gas, their body begins to break down instantly, and ultimately even the molecules, atoms, electrons, and quarks are utterly destroyed. There is no cure for the gas! There is no vaccine! Extreme caution must be taken around this substance!

High powered machine guns, rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, heavy artillery–These are the most dangerous of the normal quality firearms due to their blunt force impact and the resulting damage done to shields.

Laser weapons–All normal quality firearms have upgraded laser versions which fire beams hot enough to melt metal on contact. These are typically red in color.

Plasma weapons–All normal quality firearms have an upgraded plasma form, though most of the effect of these weapons is negated by the shielding bracelets. The blasts from these weapons are typically white.

Anti-magic Plasma–An upgraded version of the plasma weapons, these have been infused with anti-magic gas, thus rendering the shielding bracelets useless. There is not enough to kill instantly, but it causes immediate breakdown of the cells in the affected area. Anti-magic plasma is an electric green.

Particle Beam weapons–These highly advanced weapons use subatomic particles charged with high levels of energy to bypass magical shields. No magical shield is resistant to them, and the damage dealt is equivalent to that of something like a mixture between a laser burn and a plasma shot. The color is rather unstable, but seems to flicker between a yellow, orange, or white beam.

Gas Bullets–Most disturbing is the new development of Anti-magic bullets. These bullets are fitted into normal quality firearms or heavy artillery and explode upon impact. They have a concentrated form of anti-magic gas inside and on their coating, thus they will melt any sort of magical shielding or defense. If one of these bullets hits flesh, it will release the toxin immediately through the target’s bloodstream as it explodes and is potentially fatal with just one shot. They have yet to be seen on the battlefield, but sources say it won’t be long.

Mind Control–Darts tipped with mind control serum will make a target lethargic and steadily more and more suggestive to commands.

Anti-magic nets–These nets have been soaked in a liquid form of the anti-magic gas. They are not lethal but severely debilitating. Those who have been captured in these nets describe the sensation as “having the soul sucked out of your very being”

Exterminators–These special shock troops have tanks of anti-magic gas strapped to their backs. They use basically a wand like a flamethrower to spray clouds of lethal gas through the battlefield. Many of them are also equipped with bomb-packs on their chests. If they explode, the gas tank will spread its contents thoroughly.

Aerial Forces and Ground Vehicles

Bombers–Small ships that can blanket an area with anti-magic gas

Raiders–Combat ships equipped with any mixture of plasma and particle beam weaponry; regardless of the mix, heavy machine guns come standard

Jet-Pack Soldiers–These aerial assault teams generally carry anti-magic plasma and anti-magic nets. They are highly maneuverable but lightly defended.

Tanks–outfitted with high-power versions of each type of weaponry. Plasma tanks are most common, but each regiment tends to have a mixture.

Motorcycles–Highly mobile and manned by humans, motorcycles are fitted with laser cannons and their riders may also carry rifles or machine guns

Robots–Unmanned drone versions are available of each type of vehicle. There are also animal-replica drones such as vultures or mice that can take on the position of ground force or aerial force. Each animal-replica has been outfitted with dangerous enhanced qualities. Use extreme caution when confronted by large groups. Giant sized versions of robots have also been popping up, most recently spider-shaped creatures that were spraying an anti-magic goo, a liquidy, sticky form of the gas that coats skin and is difficult to wipe off, almost like a jelly.

All vitally important slayer facilities are flooded with anti-magic gas at all times. Any building that contains important documents or machinery has a constant flood of the gas flowing through ventilation systems.

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