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Consequence – A Rough Plan

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This blog is from the Chaos War circa 2011 (?)

Okay, so it’s a VERY rough plan. I never said I was a graphic arts major. The castle is bigger than it oughta be, so I ran out of room and couldn’t make the other circles the same radius.

BUT – as you can see, Consequence – what’s left of it – is not real big. A half circle 2 1/2 miles in diameter is all we’ve got. The castle takes up a lot of that space since it’s huge, which is all to the good. The castle grounds are crammed with buildings, and so is about half of the outer city. In both of those areas we have broad roadways for troops that are billeted in the castle to get out in a hurry, and much of the half mile inside the perimeter defensive wall has to stay cleared for staging of troops and other military needs.

The tavern sits halfway between the castle wall and the defensive wall – meaning a half mile from each.

The defensive wall is 30 feet high and ten feet thick. To get out of it you have to go a ten-foot tunnel that has heavy gates at both ends. These gates take 6 humans, 4 centaurs or two trolls to open and can’t be opened by a single person. If an outer gate is breached, impaling spikes can descend on enemies advancing through the tunnels while they are trying to get through the inner gates. LOTS of spikes.

That’s all I got time for now. Hope this clears a few things up for people.


    1. Thanks Dal! ^w^

    2. Dragon Teers 10 years ago

      and why do phoenix teers get special powers? What makes a chicken teer more powerful than lizard blood, or eye of newt, or a mixture of penguin poop and goat liver?

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