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Consequence Battle Royale: Fwuf #741886 vs Janey Belle

Fwuf vs Janey
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Fwufikins, the Maids™
12/17 10:41PM
Once more #741886 emerged from their office to get some air. Their mood seems as fowled a fish in a cactus, because despite the relative calm, the creature still has far too much on their shoulders. This maid being disconnected from the Fwuf Hive means that all the mounting stresses of their daily life is theirs means that there is no one to share their burden. They may have set out with a small collection of maids, but the many conflicts, face offs with Janey, and of course the Red Light District assured that they all died fairly quickly. Being a member of local government was enough to drive anyone mad, much less a carnivorous beast going through some serious imbalances. As they went to their usual table, a member of the high class district’s ‘fan club’ (i.e. a retired Californian with nothing better to do than ask to see the manager) came up and began their usual complaining. #741886 was fuzzy on the details, but next thing they knew the HOA lacky’s skull had been press-crushed into the table, and half of their liver was hanging out of the maid’s mouth…was this finally a good day? …No, only the start of a violent night. This maid knew better than to have hope of things going their way.
Janey Belle
12/17 11:07PM
Somewhere out there, there were people capable of a far amount of pity for all manners of people. Whoever wanted to pity Janey Belle was welcome to, for in her great and awful terrible bitchiness, she was ultimately a sad excuse for even an undead human. What did the others do? Toil away in their immortality and unholy state by either relishing the lack of risk involved once you were already dead by doing dangerous things. Maybe they indulged pleasures to their fullest most depraved state. Maybe they invested time into things they’d wanted to do in life. Maybe they just went crazy and hatched plots for world domination while serving dark masters. But what did Janey do? She just ate people and, evidently, hid in waiting with a horribly single-minded plot to torment less than a handful of people… or in this instance, one particular individual in a host of things she couldn’t stand. Which is why she was now emerging from a dark spot in the corner of the Tavern, as if her inky black hair was a portal through which she could slip from the shadows from whatever hole in the ground she hid in… And rather than just being dressed in next to nothing, she wore something… deliberate. Lacy fishnet stockings, tall black high heels that added another six inches to her height, with a poofy black tutu, a black corset with a frilly white trim, lacy white cuffs, and a black and white, frilly headband. A black bowtie was around her otherwise bare neck, and in her hand? A bloodied white feather duster. Yes, dressed like some horribly slutty French maid, Janey came creeping, oozing, slithering, prancing up to the Maid she’d sensed enter the Tavern. “Yooooooohoooooooo!” Her voice was like an awful bell as she waved her dripping, bloody duster at the maid, flicking droplets everywhere.
Fwufikins, the Maids™
12/17 11:26PM
By the time Janey had made her entrance the corpse they’d been feeding on was more or less deleted of soft tissue, what little remaining of the body was but bones. The maid had fed well, and it was an evident improvement to their constitution to have from proper fresh meat. What followed however, was a roller coaster of emotion that would’ve made Tatsu at 6 Flags look like Thomas and Friends. The ruffling of pitch black hair, the unnatural movement of something dead given life, the smell of decay and old blood and of course the cherry on top… a maid uniform. Lost in their gnawing hunger for a moment, the entrance caught #741886 off guard. From the corner of their eye, it almost looked as though their nightmare was over, that they could go home! So many familiar things that sent pangs of nostalgia through the poor isolated creature. They whirled around so quickly, that their hair and uniform flowed almost like a model’s… But when the abomination came into full view, the maid stopped. Every inch of their body, every ounce of mass, the very fabric of their being was frozen in abject horror. Before them was not one of their kin, not a Fwuf maid.. but Janey. The undead tramp, the antithesis of everything the maids valued. Her duster was making a mess with the blood, her displays were lewd and crass, and those awful O R B S were stretching the fabric of the uniform beyond what should be! The revelation of this trickery, this heinous crime, hit the maid like a runaway icecream truck. Suddenly, it felt as if the weight of their entire life came upon them at once. their knees buckled, their hand crashing through the table as they landed on their hands and knees, hurling what little remained of their meal up as they vomited at the sheer obscenity of it all.
Janey Belle
12/17 11:34PM
“HAHAHAHAHAH!” Janey couldn’t help but cackle in cruel amusement. The look on the people’s faces as she tore their limbs off, as she ate their loved ones, their children, their hearts after she tore them free from their chests… It was so good. So utterly perfect that, after a long life of having the pleasures of sex dulled and ultimately stolen from her after years of what seemed like unending servitude, it was the closest she ever came to climax… The horror and terror of everything she did to make the lives of small people worse and so much smaller? It was orgasmic. And to see something, even a shade of it cross over the face of a single Maid, as she took everything about life and ruined it before their very eyes… She relished in it. She came skipping up to them, everything about her BOUNCING as she went, and finally came to a stop mere inches from their side. “Aww, are you having a sicky-wicky? Well, have no fear! For Janey the Maid is here!” She slowly brought the bloodstained duster close to the vomiting maid’s face, trying to stroke that cheek fondly with the wet feathers. “I’ll make it aaaaallllll better… What should I SMOOCH to make it all better-wetter, honey-woney?” She used the most obscenely baby-ish voice she could muster… The worst thing was that when Janey was in the mood, she could put on an act at least worthy of a cheap soap opera, which was pretty bad, but not horrible.
Fwufikins, the Maids™
12/17 11:50PM
The maid was dry heaving, their coughing and gagging crawling up their throat like scorpions. The maid couldn’t muster the strength to look up. Even as Janey pestered them, smeared blood on their cheek, they were too busy hyperventilating. They’d never had to breath in their entire life, but now their short, ragged, panicked breaths seemed to be their only lifeline to the physical world. The blood stain from the feather duster was soon joined by another, as trails of hte black coagulated sludge that passes for maid blood ran down their cheeks. Tears. Something was horribly wrong. This confrontation of lewdness should have triggered their instincts.Yet they found themselves unable to properly lash out, and unable to find the sweet release of death. Was this the cost of independence? God, that voice….. that nagging, ear piercing voice. Like nails on a chalk board through a megaphone Janey’s words scraped against #741886’s skull. They felt like they could never get up… but then the maid looked around… no one else but Janey, themselves, and Harry… Loneliness. A battle against not only their foe… but their own fear. “So…” the maid half whimpered, half growled. “You wanted to show how much you endeared yourself to me? How much you idolize me? Dressing like me, mocking my words… it’s almost like a religion. It’s a shame no one else is here…” The maid’s head snapped to face Janey… “To see you DIE FOR ME!” And with a shriek, the maid swiped a claw for Janey’s throat, content to rip that bow and her blood vessels free.
Janey Belle
12/17 11:58PM
As the maid made those angry, pitiful sounds, Janey just giggled cheerfully. If she had enough functionality, her skin would’ve gotten the sweet chill and goosebumps would’ve popped up everywhere, head to toe, as she watched the maid struggle, and then lash out. “Awwwwwww!” Her throat wasn’t opened up, as Janey lunged back at the very last second, but the bow was shredded, along with enough of Janey’s dead flesh for her black, long-dead blood to slowly, awfully ooze out of her and start to cover the wonderfully supported and pushed up breasts she had on a display worthy of a buffet. She didn’t even mind, since she couldn’t even feel it, and she didn’t care enough for this trashy outfit to be upset about coagulated blood staining it. “Did I make it anguhweee?” She cackled viciously as she floated up into the air, retreating from the mad maid. “Is it maaaaaad that I wanted to be so kyooot and smeeeeeexy?” She turned in air until her bottom faced the maid, and she gave it a wiggle, tutu and all. She wasn’t even counter-attacking, just taunting. “What’s noooot to admire about such awwwdowable and HOT maids, strutting around, begging for attention!” The sad thing was…. maybe somewhere in her awful heart, Janey did resent the maids for being more popular. She was horribly petty that way.
Fwufikins, the Maids™
Fwuf #741886 was all but foaming at the mouth. Not only were they offended, not only were they being taunted and belittled, but now thanks to the upchucking earlier they were starving. Their death rattle rang out, as if their teeth that ran even down their throat imitated the sound of a rattler combined with the noise of someone drowning in their own blood. It was no active threat display, but their every breath. “Fine, I’ll take your attention. I want to watch the light as it’s snuffed from your eyes, just before they’re pulled from your head. If only your FAT ASS WASN’T IN THE WAY!” The maid shrieked, a noise enough to make an entire death metal festival blush, as they leapt like a raptor towards the floating bitch, teeth and claws aimed to pierce into her bones. Even if they missed, the maid didn’t care. The moment they touched ground, they’d be ready to readjust for the next strike.
Janey Belle
She was waiting for them to throw themselves at her. Turning around, Janey’s legs shot out, sharp high heels wanting to stab into the Maid as she attacked recklessly. What kind of bitch sharpened the ends of her heels into points worthy enough to make an ice pick killer happy? Janey almost couldn’t stop cackling. “I bet you LOVE fat asses! I hear on the streets that your ‘mistress’ as the biggest ass of them all!” Was she at all interested in whatever woman was behind these maids? No. But she knew just from observing that the Fwufs just about worshiped that Magicia woman… And for whatever reason, Janey was pulling out all the stops when it came to provocation. Maybe it was just because she was a provocative woman with too much time to kill… and she’d rather spend that time this afternoon to see if she could kill one of these infernal maids. “You’re a CHILD. I’m a GROWN WOMAN. And tonight, I’m the Head Maid In Charge.”
Fwufikins, the Maids™
The maid could take taunting, they could take the lewd displays and idle annoyances… but these blasphemies… they could not go unpunished. Even without the hive, Janey’s words brought tears of rage to #741886’s eyes. They made no attempt to dodge the sharpened heel, letting the impact sink the spike into their gut and bruise their flesh… if only to catch a piece of Janey and make her pay. The maid wanted to tell this woman that she could never DREAM to achieve what the head maid had in service force mistress, that Mistress is the daintiest and most wonderful of them all. Instead the maid simply let out a pained growl as they reached their claws to pin Janey’s leg close to their chest, and bite into her femur with all of the bone splintering might their jaws could muster. The pain they felt didn’t matter… only the damage they dealt.
Janey Belle
“You’re such a SMALL thing… Ruled by stupid feelings you probably can’t even understand!” As far as Janey considered it, the Maid was a fish, her legs had been the hook, and now she had the fish firmly on the line… It was time to reel in. The floating zombie tramp fell from the air and went crashing into the floor so she could drive her spiked heels further into the Maid, while bending forward with her bloody feather duster… that now lit itself with spectral flames of burning ectoplasm. She SHOVED the whole thing into the Maid’s face as they busied themselves with crunching on her rotten leg, the green, foul, evil flame not just searing flesh, but whatever amounted to a ‘soul’ and ‘mind’ to this creature. “What is PAIN to something as dumb as you! You make me laugh. Nothing more than some kind of INSECT some witch tricked into thinking it was something more. What are ANY of you? NOTHING! Servants of NOTHING serving NOTHING FOR NOTHING!” Were they even ‘alive’? Did they deserve Janey’s wrath at all? Did it matter?
Fwufikins, the Maids™
The moment their back made contact with the floorboads, the sound of crunching that couldn’t be distinguished as wood or bone filling their ears, #741886 realized their mistake. The maids clammy hands were now much less concentrated on pulling her close, but now shoving her away. Even with the most dulled sense of pain imaginable, suddenly instinct had taken over. Despite their feelings, their famished hunger, their rage, this maid was an individual among its kind. It had its own thoughts and struggles but more over, it had one key thing the standard maidlings lacked: self-preservation instinct. Using what flexibility they had left, the maid flung their leg upwards toward the inbetween of her shoulder blades, hoping to cripple or at least move her off enough to crawl to safety. This flame was the first warmth they’d felt their entire life, and it was too warm! They were used to the cold feeling in their flesh, but now as they felt their head swim with thoughts of doubt and pain, as they felt a crawling chaos in their lungs as they inhaled sparks, every muscle in the maid’s body had one goal: shove Janey off and retreat.
Janey Belle
The last thing Janey expected to get was a kick to the back, and yet… That’s what she got. She was so awkwardly placed at that moment that it sent her sprawling forward; it was hard enough to stand and walk in high heels even after years of practice, and at that moment she didn’t even have the luxury of standing on a hard floor, but on a maid. Hitting the floor shoulder first, Janey dropped her damned feather duster and growled. “What, can’t take the heat, you little shit? STAY OUT OF MY KITCHEN THEN!” Now it was Janey’s hands, her finger tipped with gawdy fake nails, that glowed with the horrible fire, and she raked them at the Maid. “You make me SICK! You’re a monster playing pretend! LOOK AT YOU! You’re a horrible little thing squeezed in a dress, and you think that makes you special? Different? BETTER?! YOU’RE A MONSTER LIKE ME!” This was definitely about resentment then.
Fwufikins, the Maids™
Their guts now free of that wretched heel, and their face now free of flame, despite the burns, it was a little easier for this one to think clearly. Rolling themselves so they could at least crouch on all fours, their spine crackling as it realigned itself, the maid readied their defense. They raised their arms to take the brunt of the fiery nail assault, taking any opportunity they could to swipe right back at her. All the while they tried to get to their feet, to back pedal, to create space. “Maybe you’re right, maybe we have more in common than we thought. My kind have always done what they felt is just, same as you. Despising the living and eating the dead to serve our purpose. Two unbeating, black hearts, one in a single body, another in many…” The maid was doing something unprecedented among their kind… reasoning, bargaining, admitting their wrongs. The number of other maids who had managed feats this close to resembling sentience begin and end with the Head Maid…
Janey Belle
“MAYBE? Of course I’m fuckin’ right…” Janey stopped in her assault to glower at the maid for a moment, clenching and unclenching her fists as she locked her cloudy eyes on them, her orbs glowing with unholy rage at… everything. She wasn’t happy, hadn’t been happy in quite some time, but tonight she was feeling particularly… bitchy. “Except I don’t do what I do because I feel it is ‘just’… None of us have any purpose out here…” She took steps towards the maid again, reaching out with her burning hands. “Except maybe to make each other miserable. Rip and tear and kill and die… The world is full of terrors and horrors…”
Fwufikins, the Maids™
The maid took two steps back, doing anything they could to avoid those burning hands. They seemed to… shrink a little bit. Like an animal in submission. “Yes, I see…” The maid perked a little at the mention of ‘Rip and Tear’. It was a trigger phrase in a way, but one with fond memories. “And what, may I ask, does it benefit us terrors and horrors to fight amongst ourselves, rather than bring the pain to those who can actually feel it?”
Janey Belle
“Never seen the movies before, have you?” Janey had a grin growing on her face. “When two big monsters come stomping over the city at the same time… sure, they bring the buildings crashing down, with all the tiny people buried in the rubble they crush into sand underneath their feet… But when they lock eyes on each other, they HAVE to fight.” Janey saw the maid back away from her, and it brought that rush back into her again. “Dracula VERSUS Frankenstein. Godzilla VERSUS King Kong… Even the evil shits that do come up at the same time and fight Godzilla turn on one another. Look at me…” She ran a burning hand over her bloodied, slutty maid costume. “Look at me and tell me you don’t feel the urge, the pull… Rip and tear and kill and die and leave the world bare.”
Fwufikins, the Maids™
“You’re right… I do…” The maid took it upon themselves to go a little lower, their claws flexing with the instinct to rip and tear, their tummy gurgling both from hunger and trauma. Their heart yearned for vengeance, retribution against this fowl undead woman who had made their life so hard. Yet, despite all their inner desires, they did their best to hold their palms out in front of them. “I’d love nothing more than you paint the walls with your brain and clean up the mess by using your skull fragments as chips, but…” The maid looked up at Janey from behind their hair.
Janey Belle
But? But? “But WHAT, you little abomination?!” Janey took one big step towards the Maid again, bringing her hands up again, reaching for their throat even as her’s still trickled out a stream of blackened, long-dead blood. “You’d LOVE to do it, so DO IT! DO IT, YOU LITTLE FREAK! END me if you can!” She was asking for it, literally. “Is it PRIDE? Dignity? Some kind of sick programming that witch you call a mistress bred into you? What?!”
Fwufikins, the Maids™
“Timing.” The maid hadn’t been shrinking away, they’d been crouching to pounce. The maid sprang forward, reaching to grab Janey’s wrist and pull her towards them. A shriek escaped as they lurched forward to crunch into her brain case.
Janey Belle
Eyes widening in surprise, Janey tried at the very last minute to pull back, and yet… The Maid had lurched forward just enough so that those horrible teeth could so perfectly clamp down on and crush her rotten head. It was a bit of a sickening sound, for sure, as the skull broke and the rotten brains inside rushed out to fill the Maid’s mouth. Janey’s foul soul, meanwhile, went flying from her body, her spectral tongue forming swears that shouldn’t be repeated ever again and would not be recorded here.
Fwufikins, the Maids™
The Fwuf swallowed the first bite of their catch. The maid had learned, it had picked up on Janey’s tactics, learned from their mistakes. Now, #741886 stood triumphant over their the limp body of their foe, being the sole example of a maid to best Janey in single combat. It had become better, and thanks to their self preservation… they were alive. The maid reared their head back and unleashed a mighty earth shattering roar befitting a creature of their status. Their status… as top predator. Knowing their time at the top will likely be short lived, #741886 dragged Janey’s corpse off to feast.

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