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Conversing Lovers ~Delilah and Augustus~ Part III

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                Augustus allowed himself the pleasure of looking over her for a longer moment, his brown eyes murky and sorrow filled. And with a slight frown, Delilah suddenly found herself staring into milky white orbs, the murky brown gone as a long stream of dominance finally began unraveling, He was unsure of whether or not she’d be able to sense the truth in every memory, every hidden smidgen of information that she’d been searching for for all these years and just as she reached toward the ring, toward the necklace, his eyes snapped back to normal. She’d find herself with a whole arsenal of memories. “I stole them so that you could live peacefully in the world without me on your conscience. I couldn’t live with knowing that you weren’t safe.”
                This wasn’t the first time, she realized all too soon. This wasn’t the first time she had felt this dominance. Because no other had been able to manipulate her into doing their bidding. As soon as the white filled his normally brown eyes, she sat back in her seat, staring as if entranced. As if she couldn’t look away. Yet…something about her own eyes screamed that she wanted to. That she wanted nothing to do with what this man was doing to her. “What…are you doing to me?” Her words were quietly murmured, murmured in a surely painful manner. And then everything came flooding back to her, leaving her wide-eyed and thoroughly confused. “I’m not doing anything to you. I’m giving back what wasn’t mine to take,” he answered sorrowfully, his gaze landing on her necklace, remaining there for the longest moment. “I gave those to you. You’re my wife.”
                “If it was not yours to take, then what reason have you for doing such? What gave you any right to take those things away from me?” Her voice had lowered, lost all sign of respect, of any amusement. Instead, it held a more controlled anger. Something that Augustus would’ve taken note of, picked up on all those hundreds of years ago. Learned to avoid, to keep away from at all costs. “And I am not your wife. If I was your wife, then when you died in the void, you widowed me.” He pauses as if that is a slap in the face, then quite suddenly lifts himself from the chair, to lean across the table and press a tight kiss into her lips. It’s so sudden that she may not realize what he’s doing till it was too late and because of that, a hand has also pressed against the side of her face, greedily pulling her closer before he simply ends it, slipping back to his feet.
                 Immediately, like wild fire, the remains of their bond ignited and spread throughout her body, reincarnating the hidden feelings that had been placed within them and locked away when she’d had the dominance placed on her.. “Delilah, I’ve always cared about you. This whole time. You’re my wife.” There was sarcastic and bitter quiet laughter. A sound that hadn’t reached his ears in quite a long time. “You’re holding information back, and you’re lying.” She allowed him to kiss her, but her lips felt dead. Like a chill rushing through the both of them. And though it was reciprocated, it felt like he was kissing a corpse. Little images passed through her mind, an image of her daughter. And as he pulled back, “Eurydice..” Was whispered, only to have her eyes lock on his in a steely glare.
                For a moment, he simply watches her through shocked eyes, wonder licking at the foremost front of his gaze. He didn’t hear her when she spoke a name. It’d skipped his senses which was probably for the best, at this moment. He shifts in his seat. “I did this to protect you from Japeth. I knew that night that you’d figured it out, when you cried while I held you. You didn’t expect me to figure it out, or you didn’t care if I did, but you knew. Even the next day,” he murmurs silently, the last hint of dominance wearing off, showing her their last moments together. The things he’d said. What he had done. “Look back at the past, Delilah. Japeth was scary as hell. I knew you’d figured it out..” He repeats, as if it were a safe line. 
                “It doesn’t matter if and what I figured out. You left. You could’ve stayed. We, you, whoever that was with you, could’ve stayed. Whatever is going on, she could’ve helped you. But it…” She was confusing herself, but there was no masking the betrayal she felt. No masking the pain coating her eyes, nor the accusatory tone she used with him. Deep down, she knew it had been herself with him all those years. “Why did you do it?” She spoke these words the second he mentioned Japeth, standing rather abruptly and knocking some of the china off of the table. Anger, infliction, internal frustration, frustration at both him and herself. Him for locking everything away, and herself for being unable to remember without his assistance. He quivered slightly at her anger, at the frustration that seemed to boil over when she slammed some of the china ware from the table. Blood splattered against the ground, blood red and sweet scented before he looked back to her.
                 “I left. I did and I wish to hell that I didn’t, but Delilah, I had to for your own safety. The fucking wraith was older then me, stronger. He could have killed me with a snap of his ghostly finger. You, I’d hate to think what he could do to you.” He admitted finally. “I sent others looking for you, hoping, praying for the life of me that I’d find you so that I could explain everything, make things right.” From his standing position, he’s definitely angry. “You don’t know how much I hated myself, how much I shoved myself into my studies,” he adds with a slight breath of hidden angst. “I sold my soul to stay behind so that maybe I’d see you again. I wouldn’t have been able to protect you. And you wouldn’t have wanted to be with me in the years after. I was intolerable. I drove everyone away.”
                 “You left, Augustus.” It was the first time she said his name truly knowing who he was. And it was snarled, not whispered sweetly, not spoken of lovingly as it had been in the past. “You left and you ran, cowardly. If you wanted to make things right, you shouldn’t have erased every memory I had of you. You’re a selfish bastard. You could’ve let me keep them. You would’ve been able to find me through that. So don’t you dare tell me that you attempted to find me when you didn’t even do that much.” They were both angry, which definitely wasn’t a good sign. And the way Delilah completely ignored that blood on the ground spoke for something. Gave him a better knowledge of just how pissed off she truly was. “Why the hell should I want to be with you now? You’ve betrayed me, more so than any other has dared to.”
                Augustus cringed when she spoke with him on this level, when she quite frankly told him to his face that he’d betrayed her more then any other in the world could have. But she’d said something wrong, something that gave him the feeling she was holding back from her feelings, that she was too angry to comprehend how her body was reacting to him. He smiled cockily for just an instant before he rounded the table, moving around so that he was directly in front of her. In an instant, he moves close enough to where his fingers could brush over her necklace and the ring, his eyes examining them for every crack, every hint of misuse. “Because I’m your rightful husband. And you’ve been mine for over a millennium.” His words didn’t sound possessive. More then not, they seemed genuine, like he couldn’t just let her get away from him again, even after their argument. He silenced himself then, to listen to her reply. He knew she’d say something along the lines of what she did. 
                “You. Left.” Those were the only words she spoke, shying away from him in a way that spoke she was clearly uncomfortable about being so near to him. The ring and necklace held no signs of misuse. Instead, they looked like she had received them yesterday. Obviously, they actually meant something to her. The only thing processing in her mind was that he left her. He left her completely alone, again. He steps closer as she moves away, that emotionless facade of him slipping in and out. Within moments, their bodies have pressed into each others, him leading the whole thing and in one vibrant moment, his arm curls around her waist and his forehead presses against hers. “I left, you left. We both left. But Delilah, you’re my wife, my mate. Giovanni only get one of those that means a damn and the fact that even after all this time, I still love you, should be enough for you to realize that the past didn’t dictate my true feelings on the matter. I wouldn’t have left you if I’d seen any other way.” His words spoke the truth more then he could realize, his feelings sewn within their fabric.
                Augustus’ words made her flinch away from him, though she didn’t move out of his arms. In fact, she felt trapped there. Like she couldn’t more. “And Lamora? The others you married? I didn’t leave. I wasn’t the one to run off. You left. You took everything away from me. Even our da…” But the word cuts off there. and she doesn’t dare to continue. She never probably would. Instead, her jaw locked and she refused to finish her sentence, head turning away from Augustus with a look of disapproval. “I had no other wife other then Lamora. And she and I dropped contact and have been out of contact for the longest time. Since before I died. She was there but a moment while you were with me for centuries, for nearly a millennium.. She’s my childe, which is only natural. She was my mate for but a short while. We share a strong bond, but ours was stronger at one time. Don’t you remember?” His words lull out to her silently, as if he barely get them out. Ignoring the fact that she’d started on a sentence not to even finish it. “She didn’t love me like you did and neither did I love her in the same manner. Had we loved each other, she wouldn’t have gotten married to my grand father. Don’t you think that stands for something? If you turn down my affection, my love, you’ll regret it for as long as you live. Not because I’m threatening you, but because you know it’s the truth.” His lips brush against the side of her face, just beneath her eye. 
                “I thought the Giovanni only took up one mate?” The word one had excessive emphasis placed on it. She practically sneered the words, jerking back from his kiss to scowl at him. In all honesty, she wasn’t buying into any of his words. “How many ladies have you attempted to woo with that talk? She didn’t love you like I did, then why, or more like how, could you even attempt to do as you had? Would you have done the same for her? Did I really mean nothing to you? Or was it all a false game within your mind, a way for you to manipulate me and use me as a chess piece on your black and white memory checkerboard? And in a way, you are threatening me. Or you wouldn’t have said anything along the lines of such.” Her words were moving rapidly and smoothly through her lips, her hands slightly shook with how much anger was being pent up at the moment. How much of it was soon to be unleashed. Augustus let a sigh drift from between his lips at her words, despite the anger that was beginning to boil over the edge, despite the love that she obviously felt in order to be this angry. Finally he leaned forward as if to explain. “You have to understand that I didn’t think I’d ever see you again. That was over two centuries ago. More then a lifetime. And I didn’t even come across your path once.”
                He pauses to see if his words hit her correctly, as they should. “Lamora was temporary. Not even a seconds notice of help. She didn’t cure the pain I felt from losing you. Only caused more pain at every turn,” he answers, turning around as if a hot coal had been placed underneath the front of his foot. “Do you love me, Delilah? Can you honestly say that you do not?”
                Delilah ignored his question. In fact, she didn’t even move to follow him, to chase after him as he had her so many years ago. Instead, she stared after him, like he was betraying her again. Walking away, yet again. And he had already turned his back on her, a clear sign of his intentions to leave. “You didn’t even look for me, did you?” He didn’t go to leave as she thought he might, instead he shook his head but it was obvious that it wasn’t to her question. In fact, he’d looked for her for years, for every day that lasted of those two centuries, despite his best intentions not to. He’d hoped for days, for years… for all that time that she’d show up in front of him.. “I looked for you that whole time. Every time I thought I’d found you, you disappeared again. So I went looking for Michael. The slick bastard always slipped from my grasp before I could get him. Even ended up assassinating John F. Kennedy because we thought that maybe he’d gotten changed in order to rule a large country.” He silences himself. 
                “Then why, out of all the places, didn’t you check Tuscany? And why didn’t you find her when you were chasing after Michael?” The first question wasn’t a question at all. In fact, it was a statement. And she flinched at Michael’s name, hissing it between her clenched teeth. Her beautiful image had some how been disrupted. Because now, she was violently angry and it showed in her vibrant crimson eyes. He had messed up somehow, along the way that is. With her snapped words, he shook his head once again. “Because I believed that you’d never go back there. Considering that was the place where your…” He quite literally stops mid-sentence, something he’d rarely ever done, his body turning so that he could look at her again. He frowned just slightly at the look of betrayal that hung within her eyes and moved toward her again. “I know you’re hurt. I know you’re longing to do something to me, to snap me from your life in an instant, and that you want revenge. But isn’t it enough that we’re here now, with each other? Can’t we make the most of it and forget the anger?”
                Delilah laughed, thoroughly unamused with all that was happening. Thus, she grabbed his arm, a death grip wrapping around his well muscled body. “Considering that was the place where my what? Hmm?” Her tone indicated that she was daring him to continue his sentence. Pressing him forward like she’d murder him should he speak the words. Her hand yanked him forward, so that they were at eye level, her eyes glaring magnificently into his own. There was enough passion there for him to know that this wasn’t false, that this was reality, and that what was happening now would dictate the rest of their lives. “Really, Augustus. Do you find me that blind? That idiotic? If I wanted my revenge, which I assure you I am higher than that, then I would’ve taken you back by now and crushed you coldheartedly without a second of hesitation.” And then, as if to make his words seem even more conflicted, to turn them around on him, her voice softened. Became more alluring, more loving, sweet, kind, yet there was a bitter and menacing appeal behind them. With her true tone hidden, it hurt just as much, if not more to speak the words through her sultry lips. “Isn’t it enough that you left? Does that not speak for anything?” 
                “It speaks for everything. I left to protect you but you can’t see that right now.” He’s yanked forward as she decides and even so, the grip on his arm is solid. There’s no getting free unless he truly wants to. He steps closer and soon their bodies are crushed against each others, Augustus’ free arm curling around her body, his face within millimeters from hers… and he leans down closer. “But I can see that I’m going to have to prove it with another, stronger bond.” Augustus’ words were met by a snarl of hatred, a hand roughly grabbing his chin and jerking it so he was forced to stare into the eyes of his beloved.
                “It speaks for nothing. You left to protect yourself. You ran, ran from the last of your humanity, from your masculinity, from myself. You ran from everything you believed us to be, and to better fit your needs. You erased everything I ever had. Everything I lived with. For almost a thousand years I was by your side. And you took all of them away for your own benefit.” Those eyes of hers were stone cold, unforgiving, uncaring, and spiteful. “You’re full of it, and you know it.” He only answers with that stoic gaze of his, full of emotion, yet so unfeeling. There’s that small hint though, that he truly believes everything he’s said before he glances toward the group of Giovanni who have gathered just outside the garden to look at Delilah and Gus. From the very top of the mansion, speakers roar and soon Delilah finds herself listening to the sounds of the band that they’d first met to. “I am full of it most of the time. I’ll admit that, but you just don’t understand.” 
                He sighs lightly before the sound of music fills his ears as well. “Dance with me.” His hands slide from her sides, over the delicate ridge of her spine and then right back again to her hips, the one still caught within her grasp. Her head tilts slightly, just as the music reaches her. It’s enough for her to roll her eyes, backing slowly away. “If you’re trying to play mind games with me, it’s not going to work. I’m not some chica you’ve picked up in Mexico. I’m not some servant girl that will swoon just at the sight of you. So why you believe I’d want to go through everything all over again, proved to be utterly ridiculous.” She stood absolutely still even when his hand wound around her waist, pulling her closer to him. She was unwilling, that much was noticeable. Augustus quite literally had to force Delilah to step towards him. Her words brought a slight shake to Augustus’ head and before she knew it, he’d pulled her as close as she could be to him, his breath ghosting against the side of her ears.
                “Then who are you, Delilah? I’m not playing mind games. I’m trying to win you back.” His words may come as even more of a shock when his hum drifts passed her ears, into her senses. A hum she remembers, even now. He closes his eyes and without intending to force her into a dance, his feet push off and their dance begins. A slow, steady rhythm that seems beyond time, a step here, a step there, the lights around them fading as dusk takes hold of the landscape. If Delilah wished to speak, she didn’t. Or more likely, she couldn’t. Her jaw tensed, eyes narrowing, body growing rigid. Even as the melancholy music wafted around her, she didn’t loosen even a bit.
                “Why, why are you doing this now?” Instead of angry, the voice belonging to the woman seemed drawn and tired, weary, careful, like she’d just slightly given up. The humming seemed to fill her thoughts, the breathing against her flesh drawing a shiver out of her terse body. “Why can’t you just stop?” Overwhelming sadness dripped in every word that was barely audible, barely murmured. “Because I love you. Because I’m in love with you still, Delilah. Love is greedy, overwhelming all. I have my past descrepencies, but that doesn’t matter because now I have a chance to make you mine again.” He answered silently, the hum still in the back ground of his throat. It drifted around the two passionately, entangling within their minds. More then not, it seemed to hold power just like it had all those years ago, a hum that could put an angel to sleep, that could push the age old love of two vampires back together, even if he wasn’t exactly a vampire any more.
                “Delilah, if you can’t take me back right now, at least forgive me.” His words ghost against her flesh again, but he doesn’t stop dancing. His hum cuts between his words, only to start back up right after. As if sensing her sadness, he slowed his steps, allowing her to press against his body with a single soft squeeze of his arms. Delilah’s head shook very subtly, barely a movement at all. But considering her cheek was pressed just slightly against his chest, the movement would jostle him, just by a bit. The words he spoke seemed irrelevant, but like a dagger slicing through the purest of beings, coldly, unearthly…
                “Love is patient, love is kind. Greed is not a part of it, Augustus. Even you should know that from all of your studies. Your illusion of what love is, is completely false. I do not understand how you could fathom greed and love together as one.” The fact she ignored his remark of making her his showed that neither was she rejecting the thought, nor accepting it. Both which could be considered. Her body felt heavier, weighted. And her eyes gazed up to his to see if he noticed, if he noticed that her movements were becoming slower, like the energy was being drained out of her through the humming. Her eyelids felt heavy as well, but she was staring up at him clearly and with slightly widened eyes, eyes of an innocent falling under the spell of a satanic man. “Forgiveness isn’t something acquired after mere moments.” Those words were ghosted through pale lips, her body pressing closer to his, like there was no other option. His eyes had long sense trained down at her face so that the instant she looked up to him, the instant those eyes of hers locked with his, his head bent more as if to move himself closer. Indeed he felt her lock under the pressure of his.. feelings and the more so she did, the slower their dancing seemed to go.
                Her words about love seemed to send a shock coursing through his body, despite his best judgement to not be moved by her words. But she hadn’t rejected him, not in the slightest and this hum, this otherworldly hum seemed to want more of her for itself. It sent shockwaves through her mind, the beginnings of a daze locking firmly around her will. Around their bond to slowly but surely strengthen it. “If I can’t gain your forgiveness in moments, allow me to gain it from now until my death.” He uttered silently, dipping his head toward her face. Without a sound, he pressed his lips against hers, allowing the warmth of his body to seek refuge within her coolness. Even should she turn away, even should she back off away from him, his actions showed his feelings this time. May it be corny or not, he’d meant what he said. Love was greedy and once you loved someone, you never wanted to let them go. He wouldn’t let her go, not now when he had her within his arms. Instead he allowed himself the honor of catching her scent, even while his kiss ebbed against her paled lips.
                Those soft eyes of Delilah’s bore into Augustus’, with a clear effort, like she was trying to stand her ground. Or even attempting to not fall within the depths of his emotions. But something was holding her still, may it be the hum or anything else. Something held influence over her, possibly even her memories. Yet, the moment his head bent to hers, she turned just the slightest so that they were breaking eye contact, taking that brief moment to gather her sanity. She felt the shock she had caused him, yet there was no smile, no smirk of satisfaction. Instead, she felt the daze taking over her mind and she was forced to stop dancing altogether, the room and walls beginning to spin for her. “Death arrives sooner than you wish. It’s already claimed you once, has it not?” The question was left hanging while he kissed her, yet again for the countless time that night. Except the way she responded was slow, despite the emotion that was shrivelled into the darkness of their lips meeting as they had so often in the past. She didn’t even make a gesture to move away from him, to stop him. It simply…happened.
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  1. Raiden Seiji 9 years ago

    He snorted.  “The only thing I feel is the storm of your denial.”  He stood and joined her at the window.  He looked at the manicured gardens and smiled.  “Why would you want to destroy that?” he asked in genuine surprise and curiosity.  “It’s perfect the way it is.  Why would you want something less?” 

    Crossing his arms he turned from the view he knew all too well and looked at her.  “And no, I do not teach women how to knit.  I have Elohim for that,” he said pointedly, cruelly.  “If you’d prefer I take a more violent approach I’m not opposed to that.  I just realized quickly that it wouldn’t work on you so why damage the goods unnecessarily?”

    He turned, hiding his grin as she bristled, and pretended to peruse his titles, as if he didn’t know every single one already.  “Let’s pretend for a moment that you actually have a choice in all this, which you don’t, but hypothetically … since perfection isn’t good enough for you … what would YOU like to see?  And don’t think you’re off the hook on the domestic chores because you’re not.  I wasn’t asking if you wanted to do them.  I giving you a choice as to which one.  Your suggestions do not fall into the category of ladylike or helpful.”

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