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Counting the Heartbeats Until They End

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I am a revolution. I was made to touch the stars. To feel the surge of magick flooding my body. I am the bullet exploding into you. I am the healing touch. I am the life and the death. The wrong and the right. 

My heart will arise from the ashes and laughter will pull free of me like the ringing of gunfire. 

She couldn’t tell if her heart was slowing down or speeding up…If time was slowing for her to savor…Or speeding too quick for her to keep up…to rocket her to her end. Either way though..She knew she was losing it. Each second of Now was draining away in the rapid hammering of her heart..ticking away like a time bomb.

So she plans..and plans…and lays everything out..Grinding things down to the very last detail, just in case…Just in case…Better to be prepared, she told herself.

Finally, her feelers through the planet had come back with the information she needed. Everything else had been set in place. All she had to do, was gather up the last two ingredients. The first, was so easy..She does it without thought, without care. The second though…

Purgatory: God created Purgatory and sealed the Leviathans inside to contain them and their hunger.

The lithe and muscled woman stalks through the lands of purgatory. The patch she happens to be in is a towering land of trees and verdant growth. It’s horrifically oppressive, the greenery pushing in at all sides to incite the feeling of claustrophobia. As much as she hates it, feels the eyes upon her form, she continues marching forward. She’s waiting for one of THEM to spring free…She’s gorgeously enticing. Her divinity a beacon to send THEM all swarming to her…THEY’re there…hanging on the fringes of her vision.

And still, she waits…The longsword in her grasp used to hack her way through the vines and brush that creeped close to entangle…She could hear the screaming of the souls around her..writhing about her body in their agony.

She’d lost track of time. How long had it been? Time..those tantalizing heartbeats..Time was so bewildering here. Disorienting bouts of sluggish moments followed by seconds spent on fast forward. Not a clue how much time had passed since she’d stepped through the portal.

She’d done as much research as she could on the subject. Because of this, even as her powers dampen, as though someone had muffled the sound of her very soul, she doesn’t panic. It only means THEY were taking the bait.

THEY were getting closer and closer..It’s quick. A black, slimey tentacle comes lashing free of a clump of vines to wrap around her ankle like a barbed whip. She simply lets it happen. The hilt of her sword is kept tight within her grasp as she’s yanked visciously from her feet, upended into the encroaching mass of tree branches. The air rushes from her lungs with the sudden motion she’s forced into, gravity weighing down her lungs and trying to pull her back to the solid ground once more. When she reaches the peak of the ascension towards the mottled sky of blues and blacks…like a bruise…her free hand whips out, slapping to a ragged branch. She’s quick, curling her fingers around the slender, tough limb and dragging her body close to it, tucking her arm over it.

It’s then, that the tentacle jolts downwards, nearly taking her leg right off her body in the process..but she’s smart. Her leg folds upwards in the small moment of slack, reducing the tension that could have snapped her body like a toothpick, gritting her teeth as pain snaked up her limb like currents of lava…the barbs that were wrapped around the leather and metal of her boot slipped and screeched heavily, her ankle angled to let it go slipping free completely…leaving her dangling there with a numbed leg. 

Her teeth grit, grinding the edges of her pearly whites as she hauls herself up through the agony, clutching to the tree branch like it was her life line. Currently it was. Being around the Leviathan dampened and muted her divinity…effectively making healing impossible unless she used her other weapon.

Beneath her…the monster forms..Thick black goo condensing into a vaguely humanoid form. A male, fairly tall…too tall to be human. Black as pitch eyes leer upwards at her, while she stares back down…terror thrumming heavily through her chest like molasses…threatening to crystallize her into a statue.

His upper and lower jaw split abruptly, skin stretching taut and tearing apart with the sound of wet paper tearing…blood cascading down his cheeks to stain his shoulders and chest a gleaming waterfall of scarlet as rows upon rows of needle point fangs were revealed. Yellowed and so wickedly sharp. It’s terrifying…sending a rushing surge of adrenaline scouring through her viens and scorching out the fear. She doesn’t have time to be scared. 

More tentacles come whipping free of the being’s back, making her mouth go dry…hard to swallow..Her blood roared heavily within her ears in a pulsating throb, matching the tempo of her ever more swiftly to her demise. The beast’s jaws crack open so wide..nearly wide enough to swallow her it seemed…the head canted back so far that the top of his skull was touching his back…skin ruffled so deeply that it nearly seemed to be slicking off the bone completely. 

A shudder raced through her body at the sight of the sweeping tendrils racing around the area. A slow motion stutter of time that left her breatheless had her suddenly careening through the air once more as the whips ensnared her waist and sent her latex clad form flying. Her body torques mid-flight and she reaches for the tentacle around her narrow hips…barbs jutting through the slick leather to needle down at the prominent bones.

Her hand snags the slimy flesh, wrapping tightly her fingers about it while she brought the sword singing down through the air in a whispering whine of wind…sending the Borax coated blade through the disgusting filth that encircled her body. The creature screeched out in pain, black goo splattering every which way in a deluge and coating her front side as gravity grasped at her form and had her tumbling to the ground. Just barely she manages to tuck into herself, spine curving as she hit the forest floor heavily on her shoulder, rolling swiftly around and around…sword clattering to the dirt seconds after her. It feels like her arm had gone numb as well…rolling until her back abruptly slammed up against the trunk of a tree, knocking the very breath from her lungs in a crushing rush…coughing out a hiss of pain as bleary eyes searched for the creature and her weapon. 

Just so tired. Was it honestly worth the fight? He wasn’t  fighting for her, it seemed…It seemed…Could she survive clinging to the faint flickering hope that he hadn’t lied? Could she continue forwards, knowing that the next step would be her last?

She felt like she was spinning out of control.

Bloody, dirty fingers clutch at the piece of tentacle she held, the other scrabbling through the leaves and dirt for the hilt of her weapon as the creature approached in measured steps. It thought it had her cornered…That she was to be his next meal. 

But she has it. In a flurry of movement, she’s on her feet. A surge of time. Of heartbeats. The blade glints in the watery sunlight as it glides through the air…sweeping clean through muscle and bone in a glorious spurt of obsidian pitch that slicks her sword and crashes to the ground in a splattered line. 

She’s close to the body as it topples backwards, twitching violently…bloody goo gushing to caress the ground as she leans to pick up the head by the hair…She doesn’t waste her time checking to make sure it was dead. She knew it wasn’t. She hadn’t had the proper weaponry to truly kill it. But, the borax and beheading was enough to put it down for some time.

And the fact that she was taking the head…separating the body from the head into two different planes of reality would keep it away for far long enough to enact her plans. For good measure, her booted foot goes careening out to thunk heavily into the gut of the creature, sending it rolling away from her…

Leviathan: Called the Old Ones, pre-date the creation of humans and angels, as well as the soul itself. They would also pre-date any beings with souls, such as monsters. They are therefore among the first creations of God.

Covered in blood and goo…She lifts the head high..spinning in a slow, slow circle…displaying the grotesque nature of her kill to the rest of the beings surrounding her…Her lips peel back to expose her teeth in a snarling sneer…the sound scraping free of her throat savagely as a warning…And then, she’s quite simply gone from Purgatory.

She was a star…a star’s fire locked within ice..Frozen into something devastatingly beautiful, but exquisitely dangerous. Burning with a look, freezing with a touch…

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  1. Amelie Zagurian 8 years ago

    Hey if this guy you’re fighting is truly evil then I’ll gladly kill him for you..tis my calling after all

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