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Courser Chip: Mark IX (Dogma)

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[Initializing search]

[Keyword: “Project Miami”]





[File found]

[Entry level one: Courser Chip Mark IX (9)]

[Hacking and technologic manipulation through Psionic infiltration]

[Research Note: “It allows the Courser (Gen 4) to work more with lower Gen 2’s &3’s. By adding a cloaking device (Gen 2 exclusive) that replicates a holographic skin over the Gen 2’s of the Courser. Allowing the courser to throw its enemies off. The chip also gives control to the courser, allowing them to give orders and commands through psionic readings and encrypted waves.”] [End of Notes]


[Error Code 51355: Higher access is required to continue through notes. Please contact an administrator for clearing]

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