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Crazy Makes You Crazy

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Six hours after Allegra had taken the hit from the Seraph Sedative, she was awake, captured by a hypnic jerk, that strange feeling of falling, clouding her senses for a moment and bringing her bolt upright with a gasp. Allegra let out a shaky breath as her heartbeat stabilized, her conscious brain once more secure in it’s command. It surprised her to see that she was in her own spartan quarters, Jack still sleeping next to her. Thank everything good between land and sky. He looked fine. Better then fine. He looked peaceful. 

Brushing his hair back from his forehead, she placed a soft kiss there and slooooowly eased out of the bed. Trying not to wake him. She stripped down, setting her ‘work’ clothes aside she’d wash those herself because if someone made a mistake and put any sort synthetic detergent on them she could end up glowing like a fucking christmas tree under FLIR. She always maintained her own gear. Only way to make sure it was done right.

Instead of jumping right in to the shower, she went and looked at the weapons, neither noticing or caring that was naked as the day she was born, apply the word born loosely of course. She handled both sets, hers and his. They told a grim story of what the fight had been like. He’d taken one fuck of a beating. Allegra ran her fingers over the nicks and dings along the surface of his tonfas and sighed. That couldn’t have been good for his ego and self confidence. She shouldn’t have let this happen. Damn it all to hell. They had meant well. She had meant well. Allegra had been holding back and it gave them a false baseline for what her skills were. The first time he saw her fight against the bandits, she’d barely broken into the Haze. Then with the Seraphs, she’d only done as much as she had to, not wanting to scare the colonists. 

Wrapping her sais in a soft cloth, Allegra set them aside on the table. She’d sharpen the nicks out of their edge later. She walked into her bathroom and turned on the shower letting the water soothe her tense muscles and wash away the day. When the water started to turn cold, she turned it off and got out. Slipping only a pair of black bikinis on, Allegra grabbed the book she had asked Rick to find for her and returned to her bed, crawling back in beside Jack, doing her best not to disrupt him as she made herself comfortable and began reading the illustrated Mahabharata, or more specifically the Bhagavad Gita.

A ghost of a memory from years ago, visiting Divya in Bangalor, was bothering her and she wanted to know why her brain kept traveling back to the memory of visiting an old temple, thousands of years aged. It took her a moment to adjust to the sanskrit it was written in, but before long she had no trouble processing the swirling script and was reading comfortably, perfectly content to stay right where she was until either Jack woke up or something else called her away.

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  1. Author
    Allegra Gliss 4 years ago

    “Wow, really? Striker Bane?” Allegra winced but fell quiet. No wonder he had to learn to fight so well. If he hadn’t he’d never been able to survive other kids. Rika brought over a plate that had enough food to feed the whole table and set it in front of her with a look that practically dared her to argue. Allegra didn’t. She’d learned her lesson earlier. Grabbing a fork and starting with the iced cake, she listened to Striker and Juliet talk while watching Jack with Turri-san.

    She smiled in between bites. Rika and Rick were playing games with Marie to get her to eat her vegetables, Scotty and his crew were talking about their latest projects, Juliet was speaking to Striker and the kid looked practically entranced, Jack looked relaxed and happy, Mizagi was the same… Right in this moment, Allegra was happy. This is what a community should be. This was her family.


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