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Culling Voices [Prologue]

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The sins of the past strengthen you.

The blood of the dead runs through you.

Your body does not tie you down. You’ve come to exist outside of it.

You have unimaginably large amounts of power.

Yet you still choose them. Reality. Existence.

You are meant for so much more than that, Tempest.

…and yet here you are, wasting away with the others.

She wakes in a small state of shock. She stares at the ceiling of her bedroom, trying to piece things together.

They contacted me this time, but why?

She looks to her left to find Lily still fast asleep. Good. She was worried she might’ve woken her.

With a small sigh, Zoey teleports out of the bed and in front of the dresser. She pulls out a pair of shorts and pulls those on. In doing so however, she notices a scar on her right thigh. She runs her fingers across it. It seems to be from a deep wound, possibly a knife, but from when? It wasn’t stitched closed, so she knows it wasn’t treated. Shaking her head, she pulls the shorts the whole way on and exits the bedroom. She navigates the dark living room towards the balcony, silently sliding out it’s door to see the bright city lights below.

She takes a deep breath.
“Your body does not tie you down. You’ve come to live outside of it…” She repeats to herself.

What does that mean? Maybe it has to do with her ability to come back from death?

”I see you got that message too.” Desmond says, appearing in front of the balcony door. She glances at him, but doesn’t take a good look at him. Her attention remains on the city lights.

So they’re coming for Desmond too. She turns to face him now, though before any words can be spoken they both immediately fall to the ground. By the time they hit the floor they would have vanished.

Ignorance is not your ally.

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