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{Current T.M.o.M Base locations}
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{T.M.o.M geographical data regarding planet forty two forty six (4246), designated Hellifyno by locals. Note to existing T.M.o.M. forces – expect more bases to come up in following weeks as new locations are set up. Updated data will be provided weekly. Reminder – all data relevant to the Annex site must be kept restricted unless info is instructed to be leaked. This message is being sent via comms array and not encrypted channel 92374291AHAB due to current errors in communications. Until errors are resolved, relevant sources shall link to this message, or updated versions.}

{Central computing; Annex site Delta}

    1. Summer Winslow 2 months ago

      Stay away from the Stone Island Citadel – Patragoldble

    2. Author

      {Response : Central Computing}: “We have absolutely no intention on touching ANY preexisting structures. Inland, or out. Please do not assume we immediately want to touch any of your locations, because we do not. As you can see, we’re nowhere near there area you speak of.”

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