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CWA-01 E.I.R.A

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CWA-01 ‘E.I.R.A.’ Electronic Infiltration & Recon Android

Species: Android

Electronic Infiltration of Computer systems. (Can hard wire herself if need be.)
Electronic Warfare : Scramblers, EMP, Data Packet Injection systems.
Back up Quantum Entangled short and long range communications.

Shape shifting: Both organic and synthetic targets. Outside layer of skin consist of a polymorphic nanite composite, over the inside layer of adamantine hexagon mesh. Polymorphic metal bone structure with a light field captured in a magnetic bubble for processing and powering of all systems.

Light to Hard light Converters: Can create objects out of light to mimic any crude tool, object, weapon, or barrier across a distance.

Quantum Processor Unit: Capable of hosting a 7th generation A.I or better. Electronic synapses configured in a complex weave to better suit the unit’s overall need. Currently configured to Infiltration Specialist.

Miniature Slipspace Generator: Capable of sending and receiving a constant information to and from Slipspace. Also capable of generating rips into Slipspace for short amounts of time, shunting things away or bringing them back.

Height: 6′
Weight: 230 lbs
Blue and black alternating configuration across a female frame. Orange holographic visor over her cybernetic blue eyes.

Pistol and Submachine gun weapon proficiencies

Integrated Mk. 4 Omni-tool ‘Cybernetic Overlord.’

=It is a high-explosive plasma round fired from the user’s omni-tool that inflicts damage over time to all nearby enemies and permanently stops their health regeneration.
=A concentration of EMP waves around the targets, happens instantly.
~Defense Matrix
=Reinforce the users nanite reconfiguration with a defensive current, active energy shielding.
=Bend light around the unit or on its location to give the appearance that nothing was there.
=You become Invisible at the same time that an illusory double of you appears where you are standing. The double last for as long as the unit is immobile. It can move up to double normal speed, make gestures, speak, or behave in her normal way. It even makes tracks and ripples in puddles. Fails to physical inspection and damage causes the image to falter.


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