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Daloki’s history since coming to Worlds’ Crossing and Hellifyno

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For those of you who haven’t seen it, I’ve posted 8 chapters of Dal’s story on my personal blog. Begin here. The rest of the pages are interlinked.

Part 1 – Arrival

Other chapters:

  • The Slayers
  • Elexin
  • The Nine Hells
  • Shattered Changes
  • The Sabbat
  • Hushabye (1 & 2)

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  1. Sarah Fortuna 6 years ago

    “Bother me? Sounds like every other merc here in this place. You are a merc aren’t you?” Smiles pleasantly as you lean in closer trying to be intense. I grin and look to your chin seeing some prickles. “Have you found any work around here?” 

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