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Darc Vrs. Queen Loana – August 29th – 30th 2009

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Posted 8/30.2009

Darc Vrs. Queen Loana – Moderated By Nathan August 29th – 30th 2009

23:45 Darc: what are the rules?
23:45 Queen Loana: well..
23:45 Queen Loana: πŸ˜›
23:45 Queen Loana: wtf is this πŸ˜›
23:45 Nathan: No deaths. Any weapons found can be used.
23:46 Darc: ok.
23:46 Queen Loana: wtf πŸ˜›
23:46 Queen Loana: now wait a minute πŸ˜›
23:46 Darc: Queeny you ready to fight me?
23:46 Queen Loana: nooo :O
23:46 Darc: you said you wantd to?
23:46 Nathan: There are swords, spears, dagers, and maces around the walls of the arena.
23:46 Queen Loana: ::drinks whiskey untill she’s drunk::
23:46 Queen Loana: yeah i’m rady πŸ˜›
23:46 Darc: ok.
23:47 Darc: what about my sword on my back can i use it?
23:47 Queen Loana: I have 3 swords πŸ˜›
23:47 Nathan: Yes, all weapons with you you can use.
23:47 Queen Loana: couplet grenates πŸ˜›
23:47 Queen Loana: ::trows a granate to darc:: hihi, gotcha
23:47 Darc: sweet. ::starts glowing golden::
23:47 Darc: =starts glowing golden=
23:48 Nathan: Call heads or tails loana.
23:48 Queen Loana: ::her eyes started getting red::
23:48 Queen Loana: hmmm
23:48 Darc: tails.
23:48 Queen Loana: heads
23:48 Nathan: Lady picks first!
23:48 Queen Loana: heads
23:48 Darc: yea yeah it worked out tho.
23:48 Queen Loana: i wanted heada allready:P
23:48 Darc: ok ready to fight!
23:48 Queen Loana: :P…
23:49 Queen Loana: I think so? πŸ˜›
23:49 Nathan: Heads. Attack is loana, first to 0 loses.
23:49 Nathan: Each fighter has 3 points.
23:49 Queen Loana: may I attack? πŸ˜›
23:49 Darc: how do we lose points again?
23:49 Nathan: Ready?
23:49 Queen Loana: dont know… ?
23:49 Nathan: If she attacks you and I thinks it hits you lose a point.
23:49 Queen Loana: how do we lose points?
23:49 Nathan: I will be fair though.
23:49 Darc: Ready!
23:50 Nathan: Loana?
23:50 Queen Loana: wait **** pc lagged
23:50 Nathan: Ready?
23:50 Darc: =unfolding his wings he gets Ready=
23:51 Nathan: We are waiting on loana to be ready.
23:51 Queen Loana: yes
23:51 Queen Loana: i’m ready
23:51 Queen Loana: stupid pc
23:51 Nathan: Fight!
23:51 Queen Loana: I start?
23:52 Nathan: yes. attack.
23:52 Queen Loana: :: Pulling out her 2-edged sword she’s been practising all day, then puts a magic spell on it… as she moves to fast for the eye can see.. she’s right behind him and hits him in the heart, to be weakened::
23:53 Queen Loana: ::pulls it out again:: mua-ha-ha!
23:53 Darc: =as soon as he see the sword he draws his own and catches hers in his defecting it back=
23:53 Nathan: Darc is defending.
23:54 Queen Loana: :: makes a scream bomb, so he would be slightly affected by my screaming in his head::
23:54 Nathan: Queen loana rushes in with her magic sword but Darc was just quick enough to dodge it. No points taken. Darc’s attack.
23:55 Queen Loana: woops
23:55 Darc: =he sneaks behind her and kisses her cheek then takes flight into the air bring a powerful wind down to force her to the ground=
23:56 Nathan: Loana’s defence?
23:56 Darc: bringing*
23:57 Queen Loana: :: as she teleported away she’s now again in the air levitated, and try to hit darc again, while he’s concentrated on his attack::
23:58 Nathan: Darc kisses loana, leaving her stunned then pins her to the ground with the force of his air wall. No points taken. LOANA’S REACTION TIME SLOWED DOWN FOR 1 TURN. Loana’s attack.
23:59 Queen Loana: : while she was screaming and attacking him again from behind, she puts the sword into his heart, forgot to use the spell, so he might get in serious pain::
00:00 Nathan: Darc’s defense?

=listening to the noise he moves just a bit from swying to it to avoid a direct hit but gets sliced on his right side he turns and aske her if she wants him at his best?=
00:01 Darc: swaying*
00:01 Darc: asked*
00:01 Queen Loana: I do not talk in a fight!
00:02 Queen Loana: I smell something burning…
00:02 Queen Loana: wooops, it’s your heart…
00:02 Nathan: The cut is affective. One point from darc leaving him with 2. LOANA’S SPEED RETURNED. Darc’s attack.
00:03 Darc: =a glow comes around him as he teleports behind her grabbing her he forces his blade to her wepon arm cutting it whilest bringng her down to the ground with tremendose speed notgiveing her anychance to move out of the way or flip him=
00:04 Nathan: Loana’s defense?
00:04 Queen Loana: :: transforms into bat, and flies away::
00:05 Queen Loana: and my pc is lagging :p not fair!
00:06 Nathan: Cut is affective. Loana loses on point so the score is 2-2. LOANA’S WEAPON SKILL IS LOWERED. Loana’s attack.
00:09 Queen Loana: he only feels a dark scream and a strong wind, As the bomb is going towards him, she stands behind him and puts her hand over his head, and mentally screaming in his head::
00:09 Queen Loana: woops..
00:11 Darc: =taking his hands from his head he grabs her and flips her infront of him, he kicks her at the bomb and flys towards the right awaiting the ignition of the granade, whiest charging his hands with a golden light=
00:12 Nathan: No points taken. Darc’s attack.
00:14 Darc: …………..bringing his knees up in a 90 degree angle he smacks into her lower back making a crater about 10 ft wide and 3 ft down=
00:16 Queen Loana: She turns around, and get hit real bad, *didn’t survived it *
00:16 Queen Loana: I have to go soon
00:16 Nathan: Loana’s defense?
00:16 Nathan: You lost?
00:16 Nathan: Fine.
00:16 Darc: =rushes to her side and a glow begings as he heals all her wounds=
00:17 Nathan: Darc wins.
00:17 Darc: better?
00:17 Queen Loana: No i’m dead:P
00:17 Queen Loana: well i’m going to general acc again πŸ˜› i’m going soon
00:17 Darc: raises the dead vampire and heals her fully.
00:17 Nathan: I wanted to fight someone though.
00:17 Queen Loana: NO; you cannot heal a vampyre
00:17 Queen Loana: well fight you guys, i’m out
00:18 Queen Loana: ^^
00:18 Darc: just did to bad.
00:18 Nathan: WE must feed to heal.
00:18 Darc: gives her his blood.
00:18 Nathan: Don’t!
00:18 Darc: a god’s son blood is the best right.
00:18 Darc: =
00:18 Nathan: *pushes him away*

Non Tournament Sparring Combat – Winner: Darc

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