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Tessa had grown to hate this cell. Loathe it and it’s oppressive darkness. She knew she had been in her at least for a full rotation, perhaps more. She did her best to not let on to how much she hated it in there though. She passed the time however she could, stretching her lithe body out through the same series of forms and acrobatics as she had every day of her human life. At times when the darkness was so heavy she started to feel like she couldn’t breath, Tessa sang to herself to pierce through the blackness and silence, bringing herself some relief. She’d sing the songs of her people and remember all those she left behind and lost.

The only time Tessa cried was when she made the mistake of singing one of the mourning songs that had been written after a particularly bloody battle in the War back home. A battle that her people had won, that she herself had led even, but they had paid a steep price for that victory. She had lost many friends, many brothers and sisters, that day. What hurt the most was the fear that some of those men and women might have ended up here, in this hellacious place. Either with no sense of themselves or having to face the ordeal the Angel had in store for her. That thought had been too much and she had wept hot, angry tears.

How could anyone believe this was right? That this was the way it was supposed to be?! It was unfathomable to her, but she had seen in the Angel’s eyes that he did believe in what he was doing. That created a mix of pity and hate in her heart and mind. Tessa vowed that as long as was here, no matter what he did to her, she would confound him at every turn, however she could. Before he was done with her she wanted to take a piece of him too. To do everything possible to erode that toxic belief he clung to. A monster like him shouldn’t be permitted the luxury of being able to justify his actions.

“How many of my kind have you broken, Angel?” Tessa quietly whispered to the darkness and herself. “Dozens? Hundreds? Thousands even perhaps? Well none of them has prepared you for one like me. That I can promise you. If this is to end in fire, then we will all burn together and you will never forget me…”

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