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Day Two

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Slowly Flint’s Eyes opened. He looked around to find himself in a wide open room, it was pretty plain. Just grey walls, lights every 15 feet or so. Flint found himself unable to move. He looked at his arms and legs they were chained up. “This is very bad” He thought to himself, then he felt a shiver go down his spine. The ice cream man was walking to him, With what looked like some type of mask. Flint looked to his left, there was a girl there and she was also chained up. She could not be more older then sixteen. Her clothes was all torn up, and she had wounds at least five days old. “Now will be a good time for discord” Flint thought.

Flint was trying to turn discord when the man put the mask over his face. Flint heard the girl said, “No please oh god no”. Flint was still trying to turn discord. “Now now, I will not be as rough as last time.” the man said. “Just let me go!” She cried, she was more scared then Flint. Then Flint felt hair started to grow. It was not much but it was a start. There was the sound of wheels moving. Flint knew he was taking her, he was going to Rape her. He remembered reading about five people disappearing, said the FBI was called in. The paper was two weeks old.

—————————————–4 hours later——————————————————–
The man came back, so did the girl. She was crying, her clothes even more ripped up. He was trying to turn into his discord form, Sadly there was no luck. Flint felt the mask come off. The man left. “Hey lady” Flint said. She looked at him still crying. “I will get us out, trust me I will.” He said. “Yo-your not the first per-person to say that” She said sobbing now. “I will be the first person to do it though.” He said then smiled. All he needed to do was turn into a discord. He tried for the rest of the day, till sleep over came him.

(To continue into day 3 of <hopefully> around 750

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  1. Rocky Montagne 7 years ago

    Love you both.

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