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Deadly Beautiful

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Allegra hurried back to her room and quickly stripped down, tossing her wet clothes in the designated dirty clothes corner. Pulling on a pair of her black pants that hugged her body like a second skin in addition to being soft as a goddamn kitten and keeping her warm, she studied the selection of shirts she had. All three of them that wern’t tank tops.

Remember when you had that closet filled with all that fancy, sexy shit that you never wore because you didn’t really care how you looked? Miss that yet?

She shook her head and pulled on a dark purple sweater. It left one of her shoulders exposed since the neck on it was huge, but it was warm enough and she liked the color. Allegra opted to leave her hair down for the moment, something that rarely happened but she just brushed it out and there shouldn’t be any fighting tonight. She made it to the hallway before she turn around and opened her door back up, grabbing a hair band off the table and putting it around her wrist. Elements knew that if she didn’t bring it they’d find themselves under siege from every sonuvabitch on Belladonna. That’s the way her luck ran, better safe then sorry.

The ‘roof’ as Jack and now she had taken to calling it, was really just an acre or so of soil that had collected in one of the mountains many niches and, by some miracle it was at just the right level to support conifer trees that provided cover for a small garden. It wasn’t easy to get to unless you had Jack to show you the way, but he had shared it with her and she remembered. Allegra wound her way through the wild trees till she came to the rows of herbs and other plants, enjoying the brush of tender leaves against her hand as she went. She had been on missions all over Earth. From the deserts of Syria, to the tundra of Siberia and then everything in between, but Vancouver had been her home and the sight of all this green was almost enough to make her nostalgic.

She stopped in front of one plant, reaching out to touch it’s purple leaves, careful to avoid the yellow stamin. A smile came to her lips. Of course. It didn’t come as a surprise at all to find Atropa Belladonna blooming in Jack’s garden. Looking past the row of belladonna, she saw some of the popular choices- digitalis purpurea and digitalis lanata, hemlock, elder berries, and even one small wisteria tree. Going to the wisteria, she reached down and picked up one of the blooms that had fallen off in the rain the other day. She’d always loved the scent of wisteria….

“I have never seen such a beautiful or deadly garden.” She told Jack, who was sitting on one of the benches he had assembled from the discarded branches of the conifers. His ability to blend in and disapear with his surroundings was impressive, she had only met a few humans who could do it with such skill. Had she of been anyone else, she doubted they would have found him in the dark unless he wanted them to. Only his heartbeat had given him away to Allegra. 

Joining him, she toyed with the flower, thinking about the sort of person who would pick the prettiest of the posions and then smuggle the seeds to a completely new world. “Every time I think I have a handle on all the ways you could surprise…..” She smiled, “something else appears. Only you could take something that was completely different and deadly from everything else around it and make it seem like it belonged.”

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  1. Jack Riley 4 years ago

    Jack scrambled to his feet the instant she paused.  Her sais fell from her hands and he caught her as she collapsed.  Jack gave Striker a baleful look.  “Dolphins.”


    Striker gave him a crooked grin.  “I didn’t say it was the whole dolphin.  Just that it was a dolphin.  I had to hit the dorsal fin while they’re moving about twenty-four kph and I’m in a boat going the same speed and that fin’s about 17 cm wide so … I figured I could hit a grown woman anywhere on her person from ten feet away standing still.”


    Jack stared at him in shock and then gave a dark grin.  “You’re an asshole.”


    “I know.  Sorry,” Striker said, still grinning.  He knelt beside Jack and checked Allegra’s pulse and then pulled out his first aid kit.  Jack laid Allegra on the mat and pulled off his slashed pants and shirt.  Striker cleaned and sealed the wounds and Jack dressed again.


    “Help me put the room back together?”


    They moved the exercise equipment back into place and then Jack gathered Allegra back in his arms.  “Can you give her something so she won’t dream?  I’m going to stay with her in her room.  I don’t want to leave her in med bay.”


    Striker nodded.  He picked up Jack’s staff and tonfas and Allegras sais, along with his bag and the tranquilizer pistol, and followed Jack to Allegra’s room.  “I’ll be back with that injection,” he said, leaning the staff against the wall and setting the other weapons on the floor as Jack laid Allegra down on her bed.  


    “Thanks,” Jack said, kicking off his boots and sitting beside her, brushing her hair from her face.  


    He was mad at himself.  She’d taken all of 6.5 minutes to nearly kill him.  He hadn’t stood a chance.  He’d completely and absolutely underestimated her.  And overestimated himself.  


    He leaned down and kissed her cheek.  “I told you I was a shitty handler,” he said, trying to smile.  


    Striker returned.  He gave Allegra a shot of anti-psychotics to quiet her mind.  “I brought a painkiller and something for sleep, if you want it,” he said to Jack.  


    Jack thought for a minute and then nodded.  “Yea, probably a good idea.”  He winced at the quick hiss and pierce of the needle.  “Thanks.”  Striker nodded and turned to go.  “Oy …,” Jack said.  Striker turned back around.  “I mean it.  Thanks.”


    Striker smiled at him.  “You’re welcome, Jack.”


    Jack laid down next to Allegra and pulled her against him, fitting her to his body.  He kissed her hair and apologized again before drifting off to sleep.


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