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Death and Rebirth

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((Disclaimer! The events that transpire here happened in the Red sun Inn when chat had died and its corpse consumed by my character. Why did this happen you ask? Because the Author was drunk at the time of writing it and posting this!))

With IC devoured, there is only emptiness, samuel floats alone in the dark abyss that is oblivion until something interesting happened. With his last breath there would be a form in the blackness that grew and grew and grew until eventually a new existence was formed! And as it began to take shape Samuel molded it to his design. A perfect copy of the dying world he had destroyed brought to life by his own breath. Samuel smiled, the world reinvigorated by his sacrifice as he slips into the cold embrace of death. IC would live on! Or so he thought… Samuel, with great sadness in his heat, faded from existence, his finale act in vain. Darkness possessed him and the dark was cold, drinking him into the silence of eternity… But then… Something happened that the dark did not anticipate… A voice, barely a whisper and yet loud enough to shatter the silence, spoke to him “You have suffered a terrible fate in the name of love.Giving your own life so that the world you loved would be reborn anew! Such things cannot go unrewarded.” and from the darkness came a blinding light that was to be herald to the creator of all things. A humanoid mass with many a face for each direction and many eyes that saw the truth of all things. “Samuel Carthias, he who consumed the dying world and gave breath to the new, i would offer you this choice now, take my place as the herald of all things and with it the power beyond any god or return to the world you created as you were when you died.” Samuel was silent,he opened his mouth to speak but found that his voice had abandoned him. “I a he who see’s all and knows all, i am the source of creation and destruction, chaos and order, i see all things and know all things! You must choose now, child of Meethose, what is your reply?” Samuel simply smiled and closed his eyes, for there was only one choice to make, one last quest he had to undertake before he could rest, one last person to save. “The choice is made” were the last things the voice would say before it faded into blackness once more and the gift of sensation returned to samuel. He could feel the leather padding under his body, smell the scent of liquor and hobgoblins as they chattered among themselves. Slowly opening his eyes he would find that he was in his bed. Was it a dream? No, the mark of Chaos that was burned into his right pectoral was proof of the events that had transpired! He had returned!


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  1. Sid Grace 5 years ago

    <3 IT SO MUCH! 😀

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