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Death List

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1 – to Marana Momochi.     [Read Here]

         Cause: He was incinerated. 

2 – protecting Shikoba.     [Read Here]

          Cause: He was impaled several times.

                       Died of blood loss. 

3 – while pestering Skya.     [Read Here]

          Cause: He was incinerated, as well as

                       Crushed repeatedly afterwards. 

4 – At the hands of Veridia.     [Read Here]

          Cause: He was tortured and ripped to shreds.

                        …Literally to shreds. 

5 –  Lost against Qahnarrin     [Read Here]

          Cause: He was kept alive while slaughtered.

                        Passed out from pain, died of blood loss and trauma. 

6 –  “Silenced” by Naomi Shimura     [Read Here]

          Cause: Acute spinal trauma, fractures in a few different sections

                        ranging from the base of his neck to lower back. 

7 –  Executed by ?nubis     [Read Here]

          Cause: His spinal column was ripped from his body

                        starting from top to bottom. 

8 –  Mauled by Creo.     [Read Here] 

          Cause: Prior injury mixed with agitating the canine.

                        Countless Lacerations, ultimately bled out. 

9 –  Shot at point blank range.     [Read Here]

          Cause: He doesn’t quite remember…

                        He knows his death was almost instantaneous. 

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  1. Alton Flamebringer 5 years ago

    “That was………exciting.” Alton gasped, as though he had been holding his breath in the entire time.

    “Should we start the sparring match?” Cendon asked Draco while the golden dragon stretched his wings.

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