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Death Of a Lover/Father-MikaylaXSilverStories [FINALE)

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Name:Mikayla “Augustia” Marie [AUGUSTIAPINKADOW]

Chapter 34-Februray 23rd 20XX

Today,My Son..Myles put an end to his father’s suffering,while I may not like it.. Atleast he can see Emily once again..though I know that Sierra and Cassindra’s household will now be filled with grief while Alyssa steps up to teach Myles how to take on the good side of Silver’s legacy and become the 2nd head of the family section.

Xavier remains quiet as per usual,19 years ago before Alyssa was born..I had a vision to have all my children lead the clan

Alyssa-Hier to My Throne

Sierra-Space Agency

Xavier-Planned Marriage

Myles-Hell Recapturor

February 24th will be Silver “Blake” Marie’s funeral,I hope to met his parents and settle things the best way possible



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