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Death or Slumber?

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Hey there! My name’s Tyler Blackthorn, formerly Tyler Brooks and you’re about to read the story of how my awesome vampire parents adopted me and considered me as one of their own. They actually took place in 1791 but I wrote them in the present day, still fresh in my memory. 


January 9th, 1791

“Hear ye! Hear ye! There’s a vampire lurking around our neighborhood! You all must heed my words and seek God’s protection from this creature spawned by Satan!” Says the guy clad in a black cassock wearing a necklace with a figure I didn’t want to see. He’s speaking to everyone, in front of a building I myself won’t even dare to enter. Yeah sure, I brought about that preaching because the only way I can sate my thirst is by drinking someone’s blood at night, causing him or her to become a lifeless and pale husk in the ground blanketed with snow. 

What I thought as awesome, turns out to be a curse. I wanted to look like Elizabeth Harris, one of the famous girls in high school so bad because she had glowing red eyes and pale skin, and she gladly gave it to me. Little did I know that she was actually a vampire. You know, those evil creatures that lurk in the dark and they feast on human blood aside from regular food. I may drink water and other fluids but they won’t sate my thirst that well unlike the crimson fluid that has a palatable blend of salt and copper in my tongue. Now the guy wearing a cassock whom everyone in town calls as “Father” is now preaching against me. 

January 10th, 1791

I was walking alone one night searching for prey as always. Even if the snow’s there and summer’s at rest, I still feel thirsty for human blood. Little do I know that the priest or Father is after me. “Okay, just be calm, Tyler. And you’ll find your prey in time…” Father along with other villagers who want to hunt me are there, waiting for me. Attacking a priest would prove that I’m strong. I can taste the nectar like sweetness of their blood as I approached them, waiting for the right time to strike. “There he is! I can see his red eyes!” Father cried out, causing everyone’s eyes to turn towards me. Great! The vampire boy’s in the house and they’re ready to attack me! I felt like I’m being doused with boiling oil as Father splashed a bottle of sacred water which he typically uses during exorcisms at me. It was goddamn painful. “AHHHHHHH!!!!” I screamed as the water which is cool to the touch to those who are living burned right into my pale skin. For me it’s hot. Hot like oil. The pain continued to torture me until everything went black. 

March 24th, 1791

“Now this is a good spot. Perhaps we can find a fresh body in here.” That was the first voice I heard when my consciousness started to return. It was the voice of a man, perhaps in his 40’s. A fresh body in here. Wait, are they going to eat me!? Everything around me was dark and quite narrow. I can’t see much except pure darkness. I was lying down in what appears to be a bed of velvet. Quite smooth and comfy. Dig. Dig. Dig. That’s what I’m hearing at that moment. I can hear someone digging above me. I tried reaching out my hand, only to realize that I’m touching solid wood. There’s only one logical explanation for all of this. I’m not in the netherworld that’s for sure. I’M BURIED ALIVE!!! “Did I just hear a thud from below?” The man said this time. “You might not be digging for a corpse. It’s blood we’re feasting on if the so called corpse is alive.” The second voice was that of a woman’s. I tried to act dead like what I usually see in funerals as they slowly pulled the coffin that imprisoned me out of the hollow grave. 

“There we go.” The man said as my coffin finally touched the surface. Prying off the lid, the man closely examined me until my red glowing pupils revealed itself as I woke up. He was about to sink his fangs at my neck the moment my eyes were off the latch. The man suddenly stopped. “Lydia! He’s one of us!” He then yelled. “What do you guys want?” I asked them. Turns out, they were vampires like me. Both the man and the woman had the same glowing red eyes as me. The man’s donning a black coat and breeches while the woman a black gown. They both had black capes that flowed from their backs which is somehow interesting.  “Considering you as prey, I’m about to feast at the cold blood that still runs inside your body since I heard a thud under the ground, thinking that you’re alive.” I am indeed alive. However, I wonder… how did I end up inside a coffin contained within a dug up grave? Was that because of… the water that Father doused me with when he attacked me? 

I failed in trying to gather my thoughts as the man suddenly asked me if I’m a vampire because he can see my red glowing eyes. “Y-yes… I am. Why?” I answered in a manner similar to a little boy who’s being questioned by a stranger. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Azrael?” The woman remarked as her eyes gazed at the man. From what I just picked up, the man’s name is revealed to be Azrael while the woman’s is Lydia. Azrael gently took hold of my hand as he helped me get up from my coffin. “Say, we’re also vampires like you. We are looking for someone who’s young and willing to help us search for prey. Would you like us to adopt you as our son?” 

What a surprising question. I know my biological father died in the Revolutionary War and I killed my own mother when she attacked me after finding out I’m the fiend that everyone in Boston fears. Everyone in town doesn’t like me and is in constant alert because I’m a vampire. But here’s someone who’s willing to take me in and we’re both monsters. I had no choice but to agree. Awesome! I have new parents who are also like me!

At the dark of night, Azrael and Lydia decided to flee from Boston with me as the villagers are cautious and on the hunt for vampires after the murderous feedings I committed in order to simply survive. They taught me how to turn into a bat and fly. Being a small and innocent bat is totally awesome! I transformed into one along with them and then we flew as far away as possible from Boston until we landed in Los Angeles, California who’s currently occupied by the Pobladores. “We’re staying in my house.” Azrael said as he led me and Lydia I mean stepmom to a house built in the style of Hispanic architecture. Turns out we’re not living in the house itself but in the basement. It’s a habitat perfect for vampires since it’s dark, cold and musty like we’re in a crypt or something. So until this day when Los Angeles is filled with celebrities, bustling cars, towering buildings and amazing attractions, I still lived in that basement which my stepparents constantly kept clean and renovated as time passed by. We always spend dinner time by going out in the woods at night or in quiet neighborhoods, sinking our fangs on the necks of those who unluckily run into our dark presence, sucking that succulent warm, crimson and salty fluid out of them until they become dry, pale and lifeless husks on the ground.

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