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NAME: Deathro

AGE: Unknown but looks to be in his mid twenties


RACE: Varies throughout his life

HEIGHT: 6’0″

EYE COLOR: Dark green and reptilian.

D.O.B: Unknown

D.O.D:  Unknown

HISTORY: Very little is known about Deathro. Like his sister, Deathro possesses powers to shape shift. No one truely knows how the siblings can do this but they can. Deathro’ s other form is a black dragon with silver main, horns, claws, and spikes. ((Very hard to describe because it is of my own design.)) As for a love life, only one child is certain to have come from Deathro and that child is the child of Larissa Volkov, the sister of Vadik Volkov. Rumours have it that Deathro and a demon did have a child but nothing is for sure. If so, the child did not get a chance to live long and was kept a secret by both parents.  No one is known to have seen the death of Deathro though, or so is said because no body had been found. Both he and his sister are also seen as ageless considering that traces of both date back to the Crusades. The traces of Deathro end by the late 1500’s and Archer is still seen to this day, as stated before. 


Miranda Lynn: This ‘lovely’ little demon was probably one of the few people that ever truly caught this dragon’s eye. The two of them fought all the time, went on crazy adventures together and eventually got as close to ‘married’ as a dragon and demon can be. Hell, they even had a screwed up child together. As messed up as it all sounds, Deathro loved it all. Unfortunately, Lynn’s father did not and ended the relationship by killing the child for good and ending Deathro’s life for a long time. While he was ‘dead’, Lynn moved on as would any normal being would, but that did not mean that Deathro saw it that way. He sees it as being scorned. After many, many years though, Deathro and Miranda have finally come to terms with each other. It took the demon going into a parallel universe and drag Deathro out of his loathing state. The two also managed to kill Miranda’s evil father, lifting a huge weight off of the demon’s shoulders and letting her and Deathro rebuild their bond. They may not be together any more but all poor feelings have been set aside. Now, Deathro can be found in his home world, a world full of magical beings. There, he has reclaimed his title as Lord of Dragons and has started to bring back he race after thousands of years with them being in hiding.

Archer: Archer, as it has been stated, is Deathro’s sister. Not only that but, the two have literally been together since for ever. 

Face Claim: Jake Gyllenhaal

((Again both Archer and Deathro are of my own creation. Copyright. Don’t even think about stealing them. They are my oldest characters and have been in my head since about 2008. Miranda does not belong to me. She belongs to her creator who is also on this website. So don’t steal her either.))


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  1. Lindsey Watson 8 years ago

    This upgrade turned out to be not as bad as I thought it was going to be. 🙂 It’s a lot easier to make your own profile now, and the preview just below is great! No more skipping back and forward on pages, making guesses if it will look right or not in the end. 😛

  2. Author
    The Winter Apocalypse 8 years ago

    That link was…AMAZING

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