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Developments Of The Republic [Unraveling Lineage Arc] Part 3

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A/N:This is based off of everything, and ties into everything.

The Republic Of Everston

5th Prominent on Cadzenziera.

The Capital Town which is Vightivia Drop by the Gulp Of Bastet which comes from the Ocean Of Ash. 

The Government now has to build around the Singetail Places magically Telported to the place, Dirt Roads and Beautiful Scenery as the place as the Pyramids of Ancient Singetail Family (Before Raven, River and Alexandria)

The Roles are slowly being assigned to the Members Of The Council.

Shannon Everston [Formerly Red]

Canchelloress Of The Republic [Ruler]

The Ruler has control over the disruptive powers she/he posseses, over the names of titles and members of the council.

The Person who holds this title, is the highest member of the Senate Council

Hier:Amethyst Everston [Daughter]

Ari Krite

Canchelloress’s Hand [Kitsune]

The Hand manages the schedule of the ruler, seeing to the assigned tasks and protection of the children

Hier:No Current Line Of Succession

Fredrick Red

Head Of The Republic’s Loyal Guard

The Man controls the guard of the Republic, electing Admiral’s, General’s, Commanders, Elites, Guards and Soilders.

Hier:Derrick Red’s Child

Syvastienaos Cain Everston [Subject To Change If Needed]

Mercenary of The Republic [Head Of Hired Assests]

The Head Of This Title, whoever it maybe oversees the board of bounties of Cadzenziera.

Has the Power to Select People Of the Guard, with the constent of the Head of that.


Damien Angelang

The Republic’s Forgesmith

The Position created by the first Canchelloress [Stacy] was still being written out, by the time [Shannon] finished writing it..She selected him 

Hier: Gregory Vielfang-Singetail

Ivan Vielfang-Singetail

Head Of Divine Justice [Judge]

The Position was pre-created long ago, adapted to the Republic’s needs

Hier:Sage Vielfang-Singetail

Ilona Singetail

Manager Of Child Services

Handling Orphans, Adoptions and Hostpial Baby areas. They do most of it even assist with 

Hier:Lilac Moore

Kenize Chirstine [Formerly Red]

Management Of Food Suppliment

Choosen by the Canchelloress to handle livestock, farming and tree location aswell as the food of most of the members of the community

Hier:Hannah Chirstine

A/N-2:Sorry for not really a story, I just wanted to setup a development for this new named settlement

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