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-Thud. Thud. Thump. Instinctively Ana covered her mouth. Dooley was /terrified/. The building in shambles as /It/ continued it’s relentless pursuit of Stark. As the massive threat rounded the corner, the Mutant Woman got up. Popping her neck, she stood before it. Forcing her fear aside, Ana looked at /It/ levelly.-

“Hey, pineapple ass… Stark isn’t available for comment…”

-No more had her words finished and /It/ charged. Taking a massive, yet slow swing at the woman, Ana saw the attack coming with more than enough time to respond. Smirking, the Woman ducked and delivered a devastating uppercut to the hulking thing’s kidney. One. Two. Three. Ana’s movement so fast, /It/ had no time to counter. The force of her blows literally forcing the being to /stumble/ back. Not letting up, Ana continued her barrage of strikes. Most hit their mark, a couple blocked, but not enough to make much of a difference. Putting all her weight into it, Ana let loose with a powerful front kick. /It/ went flying into the damaged wall. Mis matched eyes scanned the area. “/Where/ is Mr. Stark?” Ana wondered. Turning, she went to try and find him. The sound behind her like an explosion. There was just enough time to turn and see /It/ charging her. No time. No time. In an instant it hit the woman, Picking her up and throwing her like a rag doll. As she was hurled out the shattered 15th story window, some how, Ana had the presence of mind to grab the sill. Glass stabbing into her hands, Dooley kept quiet. Listening intently as /It/ lumbered off. Many moments later, movement from inside the building. Ana held her breath.


-Stark’s familiar voice a huge relief.-

“Here… I’m /here/!” 

-Ana yelled. Almost instantly, there, before her, on his belly, was Stark. Battered as well, a large black eye and cut on his face, but alive. Tony was trying to reach his assistant.-

“Christ, Mr. Stark! It’s /still/ here… GO! Just leave me, GET OUT!” 

-Ana pleaded with the doe eyed Man. Stark simply shook his head once in defiance and stretched more-

“I… I can’t reach you Honey… You’ve gotta try and get to me!”

-Hiding his terror reasonably well, Stark’s tone anything but calm.-


-Ana sobbed. She was going to die and Tony would as a result of her. Belligerently, Stark kept his dark eyes focused on her mis matched orbs. Despite the danger to himself, Anthony slid further out of the window, desperately trying to reach Ana.-


-Stark bellowed as his eyes began to tear up. Christ. She was going to die. And he was going to have a front row seat.-

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  1. H??????? W. S?????? 4 years ago

    “I blackmailed him.”

    He’s joking.

    “He wanted to feel special, that’s why.”

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