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Disciples of the Watch: Need some Space?

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Tsubame looked over the men and women under their command from behind their new visor. The lot of them stood together in their armor, shielded by advanced technology of the Watch and bonded by purpose, by duty.. by vengeance.

It had been a long time since they’d felt this secure, this clean. It was easier to venture out when concealed in powered armor. It was easy to talk to the day with confidence when you could put a .338 Norma round between the eyes of those that stood against you. All of this augmentation, all of the implants to pump them full of the chemicals they seemed near addicted to… it made them feel more human that they’d been in years.

Tsubame breathed easy knowing that in this place, in this steel safe haven hurtling through the endless dark, they had the advantage. Olde Watch controlled the aerospace around Hellifyno almost entirely. And now they were executing the next step in their plan… to extend their grasp even further.

Tsubame stood and called for their crew to do the same. “AtteeeeenTION! To your feet, all of you!”

As they stood up straight, salutes up high and eyes focused and ready… it was hard to tell that these men and women were in the charge of someone who but mere weeks ago looked and talked like a vagrant. In many ways, they still had that spark of madness, that purity of thought devoid of social conscience… perhaps it’s why they trusted her.

“As you know, we are traveling away from that filthy domain below, away from all those magical monsters on Hellifyno. We have them cornered, and we will be moving to make our dominance complete. It is not enough to have one planet free of them… we will make sure we are the master of every planet we land on!”

They pointed to the map on the wall, using their DMR as a pointer of sorts.

“So we will move to free this whole solar system of the tyrants’ grasp. We will take the farthest frontier of this solar system, so when our enemies are crushed…there will be nowhere to run. Pilot! Chart out course to Planet 9. We will be entering radio silence for stealth recon. The enemy won’t even know what hit them…”

Tsubame chuckled underneath their visor, drumming their fingers against their rifle anxiously. Their blue eyes had that crazed look to them.

“What’s theirs will soon be rightfully ours… we will make their industry our own, and usr their own technology and power against them. We…I…will have my vengeance. DISMISSED.”

And not long after, the ship went dark, falling from the map. They may seem lost… but the effect of their efforts with be felt very soon.


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