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Discontinued Ideals [World Of Vailsons Arc] Chapter 5:Part 4

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Chapter Endnote:This will conclude, Chapter 5 – “Grudges Lead Nowhere” ,    we will continue in Chapter 7

Following the betrayal of Vice Lady Kathy Vailson, The world recognized that it was the end of one era and beginning of the next, one where Kathy’s fears won’t be delivered

However Jasmine would not do much more but start to document her team during her reign, which she would have left records for future generations to find, however unfortunately, there time of viewing the events of the past had come to close

Sky IV and Shelly would be thrown out of the flashback and at there feet was a folder, with a rough draft of Jasmine’s Team, which looked like this

Shelly would look at the old black and white piece of paper, looking over it “Brother, do you know what a Barrister did?” She asked him and he shook his head 

“Ask your Cabinet, perhaps they may have the answers you seek my sister, in the mean time I will start looking through the Archives for leads on where our Ancestor, Skyla I, lived, so we can start looking into the next generation” He said and gestured her to leave the place too

However before departing, Shelly would’ve discovered that the 3 Sergeants, went south in early 199X, in search of there old life

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