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Dissolution of a Pride

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Korinna wasn’t sure how she ended up at the cave again. She had been testing out the abilities she had, cycling through her forms. As she reached the cave, she was in her Dragon form, sunlight glinting off of midnight black scales. Crimson eyes fell on the cave and she entered. Talons clicked against the stone, and seeing the cave itself broke her heart. Why was she so upset? She was certain /he/ would return. He /had/ to!


Each and every pink vein in the stone, the nest of pillows in her chamber, every last inch of stone made her let out soft growls. She wasn’t angry. She couldn’t be. She was /sad/. She was broken. She thought she had found her Pride. Found those who would never leave her. But…. here she was, alone once more.


As she pulled herself onto the pillows in the center of the chamber, she began to shimmer and shift once more. This time, the figure on the pillows was humanoid. Half of her hair was black, the other half white. Crimson eyes squeezed shut as she curled herself into a ball. Black scales covered her forearms from elbow to fingertips, a long black scaly tail extending behind her and wrapping around her legs. Curled horns rested on top of her head, and she was dressed in a simple black, Grecian style dress.


Her small frame shook as she sobbed. She didn’t like feeling all alone. She /hated/ this. She had been alone before, had been left before. But somehow this cut deeper than even that. She couldn’t remember how to speak. The only thing she could do was whimper and cry out, fists clenching her two-toned hair.


She didn’t want to be here in this cave. But she had nowhere else to go. Perhaps she would leave again. Perhaps she would return to the cities and try to make herself blend in. Even with her horns, she could manage. Slowly, she pulled herself up from the pillows. Her legs nearly gave out a few times, her body still reacting to all of the tears that had been shed.


It took her a few long moments to make it to the entrance to the cave. She crouched once there, shifting once more into the black scaled dragon and lifting herself into the air, heading back to Persistence. It was the only place she could think to go. The only place that seemed…. better than this.


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