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Djinny in a bottle

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It was the night of the ball, the mansion empty and the vampires Augustus had ordered to set the spell in place standing int he middle of the great hall of his castle. “Ragazzi, ho un lavoro da fare per voi. Questi lupi sono state peggiorando ultimamente esembra che il nostro affare con il mio cliente principale non è stata all’altezza. Sto solo andando a peggiorare fino a quando ottengo ciò che voglio e stasera è il primo di molti.Andare là fuori e mi orgoglioso e forse quando si torna, ti darò gli eroi di benvenuto che simeritano.” ~Boys, I have some work for you to do. These wolves have been getting worse lately and it seems like our business deal with my main client has fallen short. I’m only going to get worse until I get what I want and tonight is the first of many. Go out there and do me proud and perhaps when you return, I’ll give you the heroes welcome that you’ll deserve…~ Like the mist off of a freshly pressure-washed home, the vampires darted away, shooting off into the night. Augustus’s eyes, pitch black and empty gazed on them as they left and eventually he gave a grin to himself. “I swear I’m surrounded by fucking idiots. Cazzo ritarda! ” It was only a matter of moments before Augustus turned on his feet and began making his way across the grand room of his mansion and to the kitchens where his human servants were working so quickly. He was already partially dressed for the evening, black slacks buttoned to his hips and his suspenders tightened around his shoulder.


He was, after all, the most famous mafioso gangster of the universe, having built his empire on the legendary Italian soil over a millenia ago. He rounded a corner not to far from the kitchens, ramming into one of the new Childer he’d decided to take on. This one was a female, golden brown eyes with blonde hair and an hour glass body, china doll like flesh with little to no color at all. She stuttered as she rammed into him, eyes widened with fear as her tray which was filled with glass after glass of blood came crashing into the ground. “I… I’m sorry, .. si… sir. I didn’t mean to do it.” She slammed herself to her knees, the ground beneath her knees cracking. “Maria, do you know why I chose you to be my next childe?” Gus asked patiently, wiping a finger over his chest where tiny droplets of blood had spilled. “No sir, I don’t.” she replied with haste, keeping her head low and eyes facing the ground. “I gave you the kiss because I thought that you might have a simple *lick* of common sense. You peek around a corner in this mansion because we are not the only ones who live here. Do you understand me?!”  “Yes sir! I do.” Her blonde head rose once or twice and Augustus gave her a solemn smile. “Stand up.” he ordered. “I want to take a look at you.”


In no less then three seconds, Maria stood up to her full height, head still hung low without a word. Her head tilted to the side as if she expected that Augustus needed a drink, or his fill of her blood. However, when he slowly pushed one of his hands to the bottom of her chin, gently grasping at the corners of her jaw and lifted her face so that she was looking at him, her glistening golden brown eyes locked onto Augustus’s void filled gaze.


“I love you, Maria. Just like I love all of my Childer. Some perhaps more then others. If you want to prove me wrong about you, then work your hardest to do as I say and act how I act. I’m the patriarch of this family and I’ll never do you wrong. Understand?” Augustus finished by pushing his lips into Maria’s, blocking off her answer before she could give it. Just like all of the other women Augustus had kissed, aside from Mora, Maria melted in his hands, pushing forward to place both of her hands against Augustus’s bare chest, her lips locked with Augustus’s in a never ending kiss of passion and love. When Augustus finally pulled back, letting go of Maria’s face, a hand patted against her cheek and she simply gave a nod and left the blood where it lay, running off to do another task while a house elf showed itself to clean up her mess. Augustus moved from his stand still spot and continued onward to the kitchen.


It wasn’t long before he’d reached his destination and pushed open the double doors that led into a room that was chilled with a never ending supply of dry ice and regular ice and blood ice, gathered from the planet of infinite frost way out in the galaxy. Hanging on several different meat hooks; humans, elfs, demons, dhampyr, vampires and other mythical creatures whose blood the Giovanni desired were held stiff in bags that covered most of their bodies, nudity spared from sight. Drilled into each of these were beds of needles which gave way to a tub underneath each one that were individually filled with blood and packed in the freezer bags that the Giovanni used all over earth. They’d never fed so well. He moved to one of these tubs, sticking a finger into the dark red liquid. For a moment, he held it there as if feeling for a temperature and then lifted it, the dark moisture of the lifes liquid seeping and dripping at its own expense. Quietly he pushed the finger into his mouth and sucked on the lavish liquid that burned into his system. It was only then that he took a peek at the body it’d come from.


“Ahh, so we finally captured one. Djinn galore.” He smirked again and bent over the tub, fingers curling around the edge. Without a word, he shoved his entire head into the foot or so of the dark liquid, submerging it completely till every last hair on his head was beneath. Bubbles sprouted from the air that had been locked inside his hair, and he drank deeply of it until there was simply three inches less then there had been. Finally his head lifted, blood dripping down his chest and over his clothing, or the pants he’d been planning on wearing. A few drops hit the floor and eventually Augustus shook his head, blood driplets and splatters lashing out about the blood sacks and tubs. When he finished, his eyes remained closed and he walked for his showers, leaving behind a dripping trail of Djinn blood all the way.

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