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Documetation on the Nameless one. Spoiler alert!

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Documentation on the Nameless one.
What is Nakhtrendsensesenaidairiaphos Furf’fonnyalwaldalsonsonmesis?
Warning, spoilers ahead.

The mother. The nameless one. The father.

To many this is something they know not of, and wisely so. To some, it is an evil entity, that aims to destroy all that is holy. To few it is a matron, a god. To some, it is a close friend. To a handful – their worst nightmare.

But what exactly is the nameless one? Well, whilst no one can provide an answer, a discussion I had, led me willing to make a monologue about this peculiar entity, that has dug it’s figurative claws within the reality, that is Hellifyno.

“Forget worshipin’ that ball of noodles in the sky or givin’ all the glory to a googly eye amphibian. You should praise the Nameless One! It’s like having that little voice in yer head that agrees with whatever yer thinkin… unlike a certain blue haired killjoy I know.” – Hasira Edvardas

Let us start from the point, where first one comes in contact with this anomaly. A dream. Dream, that is connected to this entity, usually has a specific name, given mainly by the priests of nameless one. A dreamscape. Dreamscape occurs whenever a certain subconsciousness is trying to reach out for the character. It can happen at any time, and appear out from nothing, however, it is bound by strings of fate. They say, that usually dreamscapes naturally occur to those, who are suffering from deep trauma, grief, unfulfilled yearning and similar mental conditions.

Thus, healthy minds usually do not experience this phenomenon, and many have indulged in dreamscapes as a drug. One particular case studied this anomaly deeper. One of which could be seen as the “Origin of nameless one”, or in less poetic words, when the concept was introduced to Hellifyno.

“W-what that big worm thingy? Well…i-it was large, like a caterpillar almost…a-a huuuuge jaw like a Fwuf too. Umm, it gave off green FaE gas when attacked, and….i-it kept shouting ‘Mother’…weird” – Kaler Eland

Known to some as a witch, but mostly seen as a well respected magician, who had a keen mind in alchemy, an elderly woman had made it well in Hellifyno. Her name was known throughout local community as Nana. Nana had a family and a business. Needless to say, she made it pretty well for herself. Sadly, in a war torn world, that is this land, her husband and children left for war, leaving her with two grandchildren. It didn’t take long, for these children to fall victims to famine themselves.

Now that did make Nana fall in deep grief. Losing her children to war, and grandchildren to famine, despite her being well advanced alchemist, did put her in deep mental turmoil. That was when she herself witnessed the first dreamscape. Whilst usually it leaves the dreamer more traumatized, and has mixed results, the old woman saw it as a possible tool. A tool to bring her family back. How? The key to hidden potential. If one could tap deep into own source of power, aspect of reality could be changed itself.

And so her journey began. Nana passed the lands, seeking for, well, sleeping spots. It later occurred to her that certain locations gave more specific dreams. Due to mental instabilities, surely the idea of the true being came in play for her. That dreamscapes is not the mind wishing to speak to her, but a higher force, trying to guide her. A force that was sure to reward her for her efforts, if the requirements were met.

In these travels, she met a man. A man, whose name we are yet to learn, for now known as the masked man. Let us tap into his story as well.

The masked man served the militia for Consequence army. One of the many foot soldiers, that had sworn their oath to protect the capital city of Hellifyno, and protect the great ones. Young in spirit and strong in mind, he saw the heroes, as bastions of hope. Gods as their fathers and mothers. A truly devoted individual, who cared for nothing more, but to grand peace and stability to the land, be it through bloodshed or otherwise.

With orders of the great generals, that were changing as frequently as one may change socks. But one battle in particular, a battle of which he dares not to speak much, left him scarred.

The battlefield was filled with blood, soaking into springtime leaves, as foot soldiers clashed with spears and shields. Equipped to the teeth to best serve their abilities. Seas of halberds and spikes, dripping with blood. The battle seemed hopeless, but there was yet hope. Gaining magical favor from the saints, that they prayed for, the first line of paladins were holding stead fast against the hordes of abominations, that had came from the abyss…

Then… Then it came.

The most dreadful weapon that one could use, was falling from the skies. Lords, that had decided without discretion to sacrifice the lives of tens of thousands of foot soldiers to “End this quickly”. Then there was only light.

As his yellow eyes had opened, he saw, that he was not blessed, but surely he must be cursed, as the bodies of blessed paladins, and abominations melted before his eyes, gurgling and gasping for lives. At this point, they were all the same to him. With terrified glance, he looked up at the hill, to see the figures sitting on horses, guided by their protectors. That moment something ticked in him, as he fell face first on the ground.

Left alone, and disposed of, like they were nothing. These people cared not for the fate of Hellifyno. They cared only for themselves. This was the foot ground for masked man’s first dreamscape. And with that, he too began to seek the source of it, hiding from public, especially those, who he saw as guided ones. Beings of strange presence. Beings, that always made his skin crawl, when he saw them. The dream had promised him, a world, which can be rebuilt. A world, where everyone gets another chance. And those who deserve it, shall become the lowlifes of that world.

It was in the southern continent, where he found the abandoned altar, and ultimately, he found Nana.

This was the beginning of the entity called as the nameless one. Learned had they that name from ruminations on the altar. Months and even years had been spent sleeping in the dangerous forest, trying to find answers. They sacrificed to it. Brought new blood, and with it, they learned the secrets of potential. Guidance was bestowed upon them. And it was then, when Nana discovered the Resonance.

Throughout the lands, there are strong magnetic spots, that would act with similarity to Bermuda triangle and etc. Whilst the masked man, devoted himself to keep the altar maintained and protected. Safe. Nana devoted her life towards researching this Resonance. This brought them hope to seek their dream fulfillment. Not long after that, she bode farewell to her friend and traveled north and east, seeking for more answers.

It was then, when she actually met some, who would later become the first kin, and followers of mother outside the high priest rankings, but that is a story for another day.

It was a day like any other, Nana, posing still as an alchemist, hiding her true affiliation, had decided to finally test her new substance, the blood of mother. But it would require a tarnished being. A being, which undoubtedly would be human. As luck would have it, a child was dragged by a woman, nearby the inn of the Red Sun. With her talent as a mind weaver, she lured the girl towards the forest, and gained her trust. Learning, that the girl herself was bullied and even sullied by her aunt. Having lost her mother recently, she was a prime subject for testing.

It wasn’t long before the young girl found herself covered in her own aunt’s blood. It was then, when the first kin was born. The first kin to reach the high priesthood, by awakening from a blooded dreamscape. Nana brought her discovery back to southern continent at once, and showed her fruits of labor to masked man.

And it was then, when another discovery was found. The man had ascended to a high priest status. Giving him a very specific task, that he was bound to fulfill as the protector of the altar. That day, he guided Nana to be rewarded for achieving the blood, upon which they feasted on, and doused the land in it, so that animals may feast with them as well.

And so they learned of the three paths. As a warrior, and man of blade, the masked man had chosen the path of valor, which rewards those, who strike with their whole being, not sparing a moment for their enemies. And thus he picked the high gift of light. Nana, as an inventor, chose the path of wisdom, which rewards those, who delve within the darkest chambers of hidden potential of mind. And rightfully so, she held onto the high gift of mind, serving now as the scout for the nameless one. The girl, who had no name, was given the honorable name of “The dark eyed Heir”, seen as the first daughter of nameless one. She had chosen the path of shadows, for she struck her aunt in cold blood, murdering the one, who had wronged her. In hopes to bring her parents back, she had chosen the high gift of life. She serves as the messenger of the nameless one.

Needless to say, the gifts act strangely, and their talents were defined by them. With this came the concept of the blood. The thing that had bound the idea onto this land, and made it that much real. Either it’s true or false. Delusion or vision of truth, that remains to be seen, but since then, slowly but surely, new devotees had come to join the ranks of kin, wishing to ascend towards the priest hood, to become masters of their hidden mind, and ultimately, become masters of their new world.

The study in Resonance grew exponentially after that. The resonance, which awakens the inner voice of the dreamers. The voice that guides them, and serves them as the eye that sees beyond reason. The voice they serve without question. This resonance is apparent within the certain spots of magnetism, nearby other beings with the blood within, as they hold the same wavelengths, and, naturally within the shattered dreamscapes. A subject I will turn to shortly.

The blood soon did spread, as the priests willed for as much beings as possible, to be awakened. To see through their darkest parts, and admit their lesser existence, towards their untamed nature, that constantly tries to break through the fragile line, that is their superego. This has lead to many waves of irrational behavior among the natives and caused waves of local disturbances. A chain of events, still remains unexplored, due to the countless sabotages and disturbances to those, who have either gained their kinsman-ship, or have become insane and unaware vessels of their own demise.

This also leads to rogue believers. Beings who manage to gain a certain rank, and unlocking the ability to lucid dream within their being. These believers reside in very specific locations, that hold the said resonance, and build their empire, thralling passer biers, and laying out traps, feed upon the minds and energies, in whatever way they had chosen to do. Mostly, using them as material building blocks, to their temple of dreamscape.

“Be aware of the Nameless. The nightmares of Paroxysm pale in comparison to the horrors I have seen. If you consume the black blood you are sure to slowly lose your mind as well as your soul.” – Jemini Jindrich

What is a temple of dreamscape, then?

To an extend it has a partial ability to that of a beholder, to daydream certain elements into reality. With sufficient resources, anything that the individual can imagine can form within the outer plain of existence, becoming a potential object of permanent summoning. However, thus far, all of the witnessed temples are known as the shattered dreamscapes. Why? No mind is capable to withstand the vast reaches of limitless possibilities without a certain trauma. This leads to certain derangement. In case of poison and snow, it was an utterly broken mind of a dying historian. In fire and oil, it was the deranged artist. In wind and water, the twisted mind of ambiguous village elder. And so forth.

This is where things get a little complicated. Entering a dreamscape isn’t as simple as entering one’s mind. As you enter a dreamscape, it melds with your own mindset, formulating new structure. It is said, that the more people enter a dreamscape, without the ability to lucid dream, the more hectic the location becomes. More dangerous as well, since it is always partially linked to reality, hence certain dreamed items and traumas remain. Death in temples of dreamscape is, indeed, death in reality of Hellifyno.

This also leads to certain, interesting advancements, some of which have already been experienced. These advancements are called derailments. A dreamscape derails in few situations, and usually does one of the following. First possibility is that for a moment the dreamers awaken. Whilst seemingly a harmless notion, remember, that the dreamscape is connected with reality, and thus your metaphysical state is traversing in something of an ethereal form. Meaning, that being awakened would lead you to find yourself merged within a wall, or ground. The second possibility is as dangerous. The dreamscape becomes unstable, and for many it is an inhospitable ground. This raises the level of danger by a large margin. While serving as an effective way, to seek out the source of the temple, it is usually ill advised, unless you have a team of lucid dreamers of great capability.

These derailments happen when someone tries to connect to a mind of a dreamed entity. Firstly it breaks the mind reader and stunned him or her for a while, as it would mean to connect your own mind, mind of a twisted perception, minds of your party members, and the mind of the deranged temple master at the same time. With lesser risk there is teleportation. Whilst not used in a dreamscape, usually the portals would fizzle, however, with enough attempts, or case of bad/good luck, a derailment may happen due to the wormhole of mind and reality. The risks are as before, adding the risk of certain elements of dreamscape to escape into the material plain. So far, no other cases have been studied.

There are many beings and lost dreamers who find themselves in dreamscapes, and can be found. Summoning appears to be a safe way to call backup in times of need, but this serves as a one way ticket for the summoned. The downside is that the summoner must have a pre-existing contract of sorts with the one he or she wished to summon. However, spirits and ethereal beings that otherwise would have a certain time limit, are able to stay indefinitely within a dreamscape. The toll on the summoner, however, remains, if there is a such.

With these explanations, it now is clear, that a temple of a dreamscape weaves with reality, and no longer can be seen as a delusional praise of self serving priests. But the question remains about the nameless one. What is the nameless one? Is it a grand power, that grants abilities to beings, creating warlocks? Is it a god, how others have deemed it? Is it truly the suppressed will of all that is alive? Perhaps the nameless one is the resonance itself?

“When most crave silence and solitude, they don’t realize how truly suffocating silence really is.” – Zaire

So much is left to learn of. The origin of the altar. The summoning of mother, that the priests aim for. Their connection to the green eyed vessel.

To what ext.. w…w…end that goes….w..ois.. is un. Unknown unknown unknown unk.. w … I am here to help yoU! Just a… If any question…s…s as.. I am your friend! I wil… will help you you you you you. Sto… No. I am. Whatever the nameless one is, it is friend. You should drink the blood and be happy happy happy happy. You should drink my blood, and be reborn. Defy your destiny, and bu…. build your own on… one oen oen….. Be careful.l.l.l.l.l.

thh…ttHTHTtaat concludes the do…s.s.s.ssssier.. S>>S…QW…wq S

Are you listening?

Hello. My name is. Well… It isn’t that important, you know. See… This land is dying, It craves the blood more and more, and more. I could give you the peace it deserves. I could give you the wildest riches, the most immense power and let you meet those, you miss so much. I could love you like no one else would.

All you have to do is:

Love me back.


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