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Does it anger you? what emotion…

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I pissed a lot of people off today.

I returned happy...


Nobody understands anybody. When will people know that? When will others learn that what you know is right is also wrong?

I write for the first time here today. Maybe to console myself..maybe cause im bored. Or maybe because when im gone i’ll have left something physical of myself.

But enough of that..

I’ve been using my creativity to somehow show myself that life is a magnificent thing..or am i? Maybe im showing myself it’s a horrible thing. It’s probably both. So many things that contradict each other constantly run through my head everyday.


I’m such a bastard you know? They think im a tough guy..ain’t that funny? They all Think the same thing. They’re all alike. They don’t see what i really am only what they want to see.


y’know how i found love? ..He’s the one and first person to see what i am and why i am the way i am. I know he didn’t. I also know he didn’t like what he saw..

I love that..

…All these creatures. Same existence, but different faces. I think the next day i should do something new. Freak them out. They all think only what’s inside their zone. None of them are thinking outside..they think they are..







Insanity has become a trend.

Ain’t that sad? everyone apparently finds interest in being ‘crazy’…mock us why dont you? That’s’s entertaining. Watching them all outside the window..All those fake emotions. The voices their minds have created. Are they having fun? i bet they are without realizing at all.

Well i hope they enjoy it. All things come to an end eventually..


I tagged it insanity,dark,evil because it’s the trend here. Enjoy though none of em will read this or if they do they wont care or understand any of it.

That’s my point.

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  1. Raiden Seiji 9 years ago

    He reeled.  What was happening?  He felt as though he was caught in a nightmare from which he couldn’t wake.  In truth, he was.  But this felt so surreal.  His world was being turned upside down and he could do nothing but flail and tumble about with it.  He was confused.  It’s not that he thought himself on a par with the Seraphim but hadn’t Gideon and he always been friends?  So who was this sadistic and cruel man before him now? 

    He bowed low before Cerusa.  “I know not what I’ve done to deserve your wrath but please do not inflict it upon Gemini.  They are children.  They have done nothing wrong.  I will accept whatever punishment you deem fit but do not involve the twins.  Please,” he added with reluctance.  He shouldn’t have to beg to these people.  Did they really think he was a breath above an Elohim?  He was a Breaker!  A born angel.  A bred angel.  An ancient.  How could they … do this?

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